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5 Short Speeches on Father’s Day

Heartfelt Short Fathers Day Speeches

Short Emotional Speeches on Fathers DayFather’s Day is the second largest day celebrated for a family member, after the Mother’s Day. It is observed all around the world mainly in the US, Canada, UK, Australia and in many European countries. There are certain events and parties organized to mark the day. Different activities are performed to pay a special tribute to fathers. Following this, we are here offering 5 short Emotional Father’s Day speeches for students and public speakers. These heartfelt speeches would help you in participating and expressing your sentiment for the dads.



How to Give a Speech?

  • First of all, start your speech with a strong introduction of yourself.
  • Before delivering the speech, you must read your audience. Ask yourself the following questions:
    • Who are they?
    • What age group they belong to?
    • Which other demographic groups they lie in?
    • What speech tone and gesture and posture you should adopt while delivering the speech?
  • Read all five speeches given and choose the most suitable one to speak.
  • Include a couple of heart-touching Father’s Day Quotes in your speech.
  • Finish your speech with a powerful and heart-touching conclusion.
  • You can also find another example of Father Day Speech for more ideas.


Heartfelt Short Speeches for the Upcoming Father’s Day

Here you get five short emotional speeches on the topic of Fathers or Father’s Day. Express your feelings, the point of view and your inner sentiments for fathers with the help of these amazing speeches.


1. Father’s Day Speech No. 1

Listen to this speech:


Good day everyone, my name is anonymous and I’m here to briefly talk about my father on this special day.

Attention Getter

Who is a father? Billy Graham (American evangelist) said and I quote “a good father is one of the most unsung, unpraised, unnoticed, and yet one of the most valuable assets in our society”.

Speech Body:

Today, we are celebrating father’s day and I have a million things to say about him, but time will not permit me. I can go on and on about my father and we still wouldn’t arrive at a conclusion.  Over the years, my father has been extraordinary to me, I can proudly say with total conviction, that he is more than just being my father. He is my muse, my personal superhero, and my friend.

He would always listen to my problems and proffer solutions, he knows when I’m happy and when I’m not and in the case of the latter, he puts a smile on my face faster than anyone in the entire universe.

Being a father is not an easy task, it’s a big responsibility and I hope to be a good father to my children, just the way my father was good to me.

On a final note, I feel like the luckiest person in the world to have you as my father and words alone can’t express how grateful I am for your priceless love and care and for being there for me all these years.

Thanks everyone, for your time and attention.


2. Father’s Day Speech No. 2

Listen to this speech:

Short Fathers Day Speech


Hello everyone, my name is anonymous and this speech is aimed at talking about the greatness of fathers on this special day… father’s day. But before I begin, let me quickly share this quote with you.

Attention Getter:

According to George Strait (American singer), “daddies don’t just love their children every now and then, it’s a love without an end”.

Speech Body:

A father’s love for his children is never ending and a good father is always there. He is there to help shape his children’s childhood and guide them through life. A good father is there to catch his infant with open arms when he or she takes the first steps of life and stumbles. He is there to educate them at the youngest age, even though they might not comprehend half of the word he is saying.

He is there to drop the child off on the first day of school and prepare him or her for high school. A good father is there to guide the child through teenage and everything that comes with it. He is there to watch as the child graduates from college and become a working-class man or woman.

I can keep talking about the role of a father in a child’s life without coming to an end because that’s just how awesome and great fathers are.

In conclusion, the importance of fathers cannot be overemphasized. So, happy father’s day.

And thank you for your time and attention!


3. Father’s Day Speech No. 3

Listen to this speech:


Good day everyone, I’m here to talk about fathers, as a pillar of support in families and an embodiment of love and affection, amidst the strictness of most fathers.

Attention Getter:

A man once said and I quote “when I was younger, I didn’t understand why you were so strict with me. Now that I’m an adult, I realize that it was all to protect me and to make sure that I don’t commit the same mistakes that you did”.

Speech Body:

Many people, most especially children, are more at ease when sharing their fears, dreams, and aspirations with their mothers than their fathers and this is because a father acts all strict and stern with children.

But deep within the tough exterior, there is love and care. Fathers are the pillars that keep a family standing, whose love and care we often fail to recognize. Behind the stern disciplinarian attitude, there is a soft heart that speaks volumes of warm love for his children.

Father’s day is a very special day and I think fathers deserve to be celebrated every day for their love and awesomeness. Fathers make endless sacrifices and we fail to recognize them most times.

If you want to see something living with a tough exterior but soft interior, just walk up to your father. I want to use this medium to say, I love you dad and happy father’s day.

Thanks everyone, for your time and attention!


4. Short Emotional Speech on Fathers Day No. 4

Listen to this speech:


Hello everyone, my name is anonymous and I am here to talk about the person who gave me the greatest gift ever…the gift of life. Fathers play a special role in our lives, but we fail to realize it until we grow older.

Attention Getter:

According to Margaret Truman (American author), ” it’s only when you grow up and step back from him or leave him for your own home, it’s only then that you can measure his greatness and fully appreciate it”.

Speech Body:

As we celebrate father’s day, I want to use this medium to express how blessed I am that I have a father like you. You have a unique place in my life that no one can ever replace and I want to thank you for all the time and commitment that you put into the family every single day.

You have helped me to identify my skills and talents and taught me how to develop them further. You were my first teacher, you helped me identify my weak areas and gave me tips on how to strengthen them.

You have always believed in me, more than I even believe in myself, thanks for your words of encouragement, you made me who I am today. Your love, care, and support are priceless to me.

Happy father’s day to all the amazing fathers all over the world.

Thanks everyone, for your time and attention!


5. Speech on Fathers No. 5

Listen to this speech:


Hello everyone, the sole purpose of this speech is to express my appreciation for the love and care I have received from my father.

Attention Getter:

According to Clarence Buddington Kelland (American writer), “my father didn’t tell me how to live, he lived and let me watch him do it”.

Speech Body:

I’m glad you are my father and there are a million reasons why I’m happy that you are my father.

First and foremost, you taught me a lot of things by leading by example rather than words. Through you, I learned the principles of honesty and the need to always stick to the truth, no matter the situation I find myself.

I’m glad that you are my father because you made my childhood memorable and I couldn’t have asked for something better. You nurtured me and watched me grow into a youthful age and you taught me the words of God and to always seek the will of God in everything I do. That’s the most valuable lesson you taught me.

You raised a high standard for me to follow and it has really helped me to be determined in the pursuit of my goals. You are my role model and everything I have learned from you is invaluable. Thanks for everything you have done for me, thanks for always being there when I need you the most.

Happy father’s day,



Ending Notes

Father’s Day comes as an occasion that allows us to return the favor to our dads. This is the day when the whole world is celebrating the father, so why don’t us? Some stuff you can do for your father is to present any of the given short speeches on Father’s Day. Moreover, you can dedicate a poem, quote, card, gift or simply send a wish to your dad on the upcoming occasion.

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