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70+ Happy New Year Wishes for Son 2024

Son and Parents

Sons are the center of parents’ all hopes. If you are a mom or a dad, here are some beautiful wishes for your son to welcome the new year 2024. Find a big bunch of greetings, quotes for son-in-law, son and his family, and more.

Let’s foresee upcoming successes, and prosperity for your son on the arrival of 2024.




Beautiful images for wishing your son a happy new year.

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New Year Wishes for Son in Law
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Happy New Year Wish for Son from Dad
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Happy New Year Wishes for Son from Dad

On the occasion of new year eve, you can share any of these wishes with your son, as a father.

from dad

  1. I wish each day of the coming year bring marvels to you, making you rise and shine in your career path.

  2. May the new year 2024 bring achievements, prosperity, and a stream of steady successes. A very very Happy new year my son!

  3. May you find hope and peace in the new year to come. Happy New Year, my Son.

  4. Cheers to last year’s successes. May the new year bring you many more. A very Happy 2024.

  5. May the New Year bring good friend and good memories for you to treasure. Love. Dad.

  6. I hope your resolutions become your successes, and your dreams become your realities.

  7. Grateful for the man you have become each and every new year, my son. Blessings of the upcoming year to you.

  8. I hope this year brings you lots of happiness, success, and good health. You are such a special son and I am so proud of you. I love you so much!

  9. Wishing you a very Happy New Year! I hope all of your dreams and goals come true this year. You deserve nothing but the best!

  10. May this new year be full of joy, love, and happiness. You are always in my thoughts and prayers, my son. I wish you a wonderful life ahead!

  11. As we begin a new year, I want you to know that I will always be here for you, no matter what. You are my pride and joy, and I love you with all of my heart.

  12. Happy New Year! I hope this year brings you everything you’ve ever wanted or hoped for. You deserve it all!



Happy New Year Wishes for Son From Mom

A mother is the most loving person for a son. Mothers are wary of occasions when they could wish and support her sons. So here are some special new year wishes from a mom to her son.

Happy New Year Wishes for Son

  1. New Year. New Moments. New Memories. New mountains to conquer, my son. Happy New Year.

  2. When I see you, when I talk to you, every time I thank God to bless me with a son like you! My heartiest wishes for the new year 2024 🙂

  3. Countdown to a new year with new opportunities, my son. I wish you all the best.

  4. May the lessons learned this past year bring you nothing but greatness in the new year, my son.

  5. Cheers, Son. You have nothing but fresh opportunities ahead of you. A very happy coming 2024.

  6. Each new year is a blank story filled with 365 pages for you to fill. May you have a happy blessed and prosperous new year. Love from Mom.

  7. I’m so proud of everything you’ve accomplished this year, and I know that next year will be even better.

  8. I hope that the coming year brings you good health, happiness, and lots of love.

  9. I’m grateful for having you as my son, and I wish you all the best in the coming year.

  10. May all of your dreams and goals come true in the new year.

  11. I love you so much, and I hope you have a happy and prosperous new year!


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New Year Greetings and Quotes for Son from Both Parents

from parents

In this section, you will find new year quotes to son from both mom and dad. The message will address the son like ‘from us‘ or like ‘we‘ or ‘our wishes‘. So here are some special ones for your beloved son.

  1. Be confident, stalwart and committed to your goals. Our sincere wishes will always be with you. Greetings for the new year. From mom and dad. 🙂

  2. Dear son, on this new year eve, we wish you a healthy and wealthy life. We assure to be with you till the whole of our lives. Happy new year 🙂

  3. Children are reflection of their parents. Seeing you makes us grateful to the God. Happy new year dear son 🙂

  4. The years passed and the years to come, our heartiest wishes will remain with you. Celebrate the new year with a mix of hopes and passion to be a success. From your mom and dad.

  5. We hope this year brings you all the happiness, success, and good health that you deserve.

  6. We are so proud of the young man you have become and we can’t wait to see all the great things you will accomplish in this new year.

  7. May this year be a stepping stone to an even more amazing future for you.

  8. We wish you loads of love, laughter, and happiness in the year ahead.

  9. Happy New Year! We love you from the bottom of our hearts.

  10. We are grateful for everything you have accomplished this past year and we know that you will only continue to grow and thrive in the year ahead.

  11. We wish you all the best in the coming year and we know that you will make us proud.

  12. My son, may you always do what is right. May you find happiness, success and wealth – but above all else, may you always know the love and pride I have for you, every day of your life.

  13. May this new year be a fresh start for you, my son – a time to make new beginnings and chase your dreams. Wishing you all the best for a happy and successful year ahead.

  14. Wishing you a wonderful new year, full of all the good things that mean the most to you. May your days be happy and your heart be full, my son.

  15. I hope that this new year brings you everything that you’ve ever dreamed of, my dear son. You deserve only the best that life has to offer – may your year be filled with joy, love and happiness.

  16. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you, my son – so I hope that this new year brings you everything that your heart desires. Wishing you a happy and prosperous year ahead.

  17. My dearest son, as we step into another year I want you to know that I will always be here for you, no matter what life throws your way. Wishing you a happy and healthy new year ahead.

  18. May the coming year be one of good health, happiness and success for you, my son. You mean the world to me and I want nothing but the best for you always.

  19. Wishing my amazing son a very happy new year! You bring joy to my life every single day and I am so proud of the young man you are becoming.

  20. To my dearest son, may this new year be full of happiness, laughter and love.

  21. May this new year bring lots of joy, happiness and success into your life!

  22. Hey youngster, eat well, live well, stay blessed and happy. That’s all I wish you on the eve of 2024. Love you my child!

  23. Wishing my one and only son a very happy new year! You are my everything and I love you from the bottom of my heart.

  24. Here’s to hoping that this new year is even better than the last one!

  25. Wishing my dear son an incredible start to a brand new year!

  26. Sending lots of love to my amazing son in this new year!


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New Year Wishes for Child Son Who is Studying in School

    1. Every new year sun comes with bright hopes. On the arrival of 2024, we associate all our hopes and faiths with you. From school to doctorate, there is a long journey to go. Keep proceeding and succeeding!

    2. I remember when it was your first day at school and now it’s your high school! I wish you ultimate success with every coming year. Happy new year my son 🙂

    3. From primary to grade 10, you have been moving ahead. Remember, stay confident and determined with your goals. I wish you do. Happy new year son. From a loving mom <3!

    4. Education makes you self confident and a better person. I wish you achieve highest of qualification. Start a great year 2024. Love. From Dad.

    5. Keep learning,
      keep moving,
      stay focused,
      stay ahead,
      vivid vision,
      is the key to success!
      New year greetings!


New Year Wishes for Son in Law

New Year Wishes for Son in Law

  1. May the new year brings you all the blessings, delights and benefits. May the strokes of luck come your way.
    We love you a lot!
    Happy New Year 2024.
    MOM and DAD or

  2. Son, besides our continued prayers for you, on the arrival of the upcoming year 2024, we have some special wishes for you. We wish your dreams come true, you achieve your goals, and all successes be on your way.

  3. Dear son in law, we wish you all the harmonies, delights and everlasting prosperities to you. May you continue to make accomplishments in your life.
    Yours very own.

  4. Hey SON IN LAW or [NAME], live your life with full energy and liveliness so that every passing moment would create a beautiful memory. Warm wishes for you, [DAUGHTER’S NAME], and kids for the new year eve 2024!
    Have a great one!

  5. Son, new year is the time to set new goals and visions. On this occasion, we wish you keep prospering and succeeding in all your life endeavors. Love to all family. Happy new year 2024 🙂


Happy New Year Messages for Son and Daughter-in-Law

  1. On the new year eve, we bring most heartful wishes to our son and daughter in law. May the every coming day in your life bring you bunch of delights! Happy new year 🙂

  2. We are so much delighted to have a son and daughter in law like you. Wish everlasting smiles sit on your lips. Stay blessed. Enjoy the new year eve 2024.


For Newly Married Son and Daughter in Law:

  1. A heartiest happy new year to the young couple. Enjoy the newly wed life. We wish you a never-ending jolliness and prosperity.

  2. Dear son and daughter in law, new year is the time to start a new era of life. We wish you both to have this era filled utterly with love, joys, and comforts. Happy New Year 2024.

  3. While a son is a son, daughter in law is also the daughter of the family. A warm happy new year to you both. Have a beautiful year 2024 ahead.

  4. A very blessed happy new year to my beloved son and daughter in law. May you both keep flourishing and making the good time.

  5. Wish you both a wonderful year filled with fragrance of roses and shine of the stars. Have a great 2024!


New Year Wishes for Son and His Family

  1. Dear son and family, may this new year comes with all cheers, delights, and festivities. Have a blessed 2024!

  2. Warmest new year wishes to my son and family. Lots of loves to my cute grandson and beautiful little granddaughter. Enjoy your time!

  3. On this new year eve, we wish you, [our daughter in law NAME] and kids all the joys of life, smiles and fortunes. May you live healthy, wealthy and flourishing in all the years to come. Love. Mom and Dad

  4. Hey son, may all of you stay in good health, safe and protected. May the new year come with more prosperity for your family. Greetings!

  5. As the new year is arriving, I raise my hands for prayers for you and all your family. You are like a bunch of flowers. Keep fragrancing. Happy new year 2024!





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1 year ago

Beautiful wishes. I chose one to greet my 11 years old son for new year 2023 😍