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Happy New Year Poems for Husband

NewYear Husband Poems

Permeated with hopes, memories, past joys, future plans, a poem allows you to say your heart to your life partner, especially on the arrival of New Year Eve. If you’re a wife, here are 10 special happy new year poems for husband, just to wish the upcoming year 2024.


Poem #1

Time for the old year to be gone.

May the new one bring hope along.

The memories of yesterday

Yield forth to the new.

A new year means

new possibilities for me and you.

Happy New Year My Dear Hubby!

Happy New Year Poems for Husband from a Wife
Happy New Year Poems for Husband (2024)


Poem #2

I want to be with you at midnight on New Years Eve.

To hold you in my arms and feel you next to me.

Because this year will be the best. That is for sure.

Because I have you. I need nothing more.

Happy New Year my love. My everything.

Together we will see what the new year will bring.


Poem #3

We stand here waiting for the new year.

The last one was filled with so much.

Some memories good. So memories okay.

Some memories, we will never again touch.

But we look forward to a better year yet.

To live and to love and to never regret.

A Very Happy-New-Year Dear Husband!


Poem #4

Oh what will this new year’s resolution be?

To lose weight. To find love. To be a better me?

I have such a hard time trying to decide.

Should I be more outgoing or do more with my life?

I know. I will resolve to be more decisive…

Next year.  Yes, Next year. That will be fine.


Poem #5

Tick Tock. The seconds move by

Tick Tock, closer to midnight.

Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six.

Goodbye to the old. Soon out of sight.

Five. Four. Three. Two. One.

A New Year brought in right.


Poem #6

Today is the end of this year’s book.

Tomorrow is a new year, and a first look.

At a blank page of 365 fresh days

A new beginning in 365 new ways.

Shake off the past and embrace the new.

The new year has come.


Poem #7

This year has finally come to an end.

But do not fear or fret my husband.

For new things await and promise to be.

Greater and bigger than what you can dream.

So cheers to the new year and let’s celebrate.

The goodness to come our way.


Poem #8

Happy New Years to you my dear!

Raise your glasses and let out a cheer.

Why should we worry?  Why should we fear?

We should be excited for the newness that’s near.

Let’s countdown the seconds as we await.

What promises to be good and great.


Poem #9

I stand here with friends and family.

Waiting to ring in the new with those closest to me.

And I know that this year will truly be missed.

But the new one is anticipated with the joys it will give.

Let us be happy for more beginning

And to be with people with love never ending.


Poem #10

Happy New year to my life companion!

Let’s turn up the music and have fun.

Let’s wish for each other a new year

Fully of hope and void of fear.

Full of good and void of bad.

Full of more love than could ever be had.

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