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Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

very last minute mothers day gift ideas

Looking for very last minute gift ideas for Mother’s Day? Here are the top 10 cheap-priced but cute ideas for presents for mom.

1) Custom – Made ‘’Reasons’’ Book

custom reasons book for mothers day

If you’ve got at least 5 – 3 days of preparation before mother’s day then this is a wonderful solution. You can create a beautiful booklet with all the details and reasons of why you love and value your mum so much, plus everything that’s special about her. You can get the cover customized and even engraved to suit her style. This is a sentimental gift that is sure to touch her in a very special way.


2) Special Bathing Gels/Bath bomb

bathing gels for mothers day

This is perfect if you’ve really run out of time and options. Bathing gels come in so many fragrances and some even have organic ingredients that are sure to make her happy. Most cosmetic shops and salons sell exclusive ranges of bath gels and even have hampers with a host of other products in them that mum is sure to love.
Here are a few bath gels to consider:

  • Gin and Tonic
  • Camomile
  • Tea tree and Peppermint
  • Strawberry and Mango
  • Lime and Kiwi
  • Cinnamon and Rose
  • Aloe Vera

Bath Bombs are very popular to now and can be found in a range of shops. This is an amazing little surprise and you can even add tiny trinkets in there like a pair of earrings or a ring that will explode out of it when dropped in water. This, however, has to be customized and will need a couple of days to get done.


3) Liberty Design Necklace

Liberty Design Necklace for mom

This necklace is perfect if your mum has some boho vibes going on. It has a long cylindrical shape with a myriad of colors and it comes in a choice of single shades too.

Getting your mum a necklace is a lovely idea and if you do have around a week to spare you can get one custom made from most jewelry stores. You can choose a simple design maybe even with special embellishments added that reflect your mom’s personality. The options with jewelry are endless so choose wisely.


4) Vintage – Themed Candle Collection

vintage themed candle collection for mom

Mum’s love candles so what better gift than a whole collection of them. This is a vintage – themed set making it perfect for a mum who appreciates a more regal collection.

But that’s not the only option as candles come in just about any shape and size. You can also get ones with different scents to suit your mom’s personality and even have special labels printed for each candle making it very memorable.


5) A Beautiful Array of Flowers

Array of Flowers for Moms Day

Flowers can brighten up just about any day, which is why it’s an ideal Mother’s day gift especially if you’re running late on looking for one. You could get her a bouquet of her favorite blooms as the selection to choose from is great. Lots of florists have lovely ways of doing flowers up that doesn’t require much time at all.

Looking for what to write on the bouquet card? Get a big collection of Mother’s Day Notes for flowers or card.


6) Box of Chocolates

box of chocolates for mom

Chocolate is a delight for most people and it’s a smart option if you don’t have much time to get something customized for Mother’s Day. Most supermarkets, malls, and special chocolate stores have a wide assortment of chocolates to choose from. You can find the usual blend and even rather unusual varieties too. The best part is it comes wrapped up beautifully and ready to deliver in no time.


7) The Lux and Useful Slippers

mahabis luxe slippers for mother's day 2017

These are very fancy slippers that can be a bit expensive, but if you want to splurge on mom, this is perfect. They are extremely comfortable and have a very lightweight feel to it. It is great for those busy mornings around the house when you want a little comfort and soothing. You can buy them online at Mahabis where it’ll be delivered to you as well.


8) A Mother’s Day Cake

mother's day cake 2017

Getting a cake done does take time but luckily most bakers have an array of readymade cakes just for the occasion. You can choose from different flavors to various designs and shapes. Some bakeries even do last minute piping if you want to get a special message written on the cake. If by chance your mom doesn’t particularly like cake, you could maybe get a pie or tart that has already been baked and ready to be beautifully packaged. Just keep in mind that if you need a certain message piped on it will be charged separately.


9) Scented Wardrobe Hangers

scented wardrobe hangers for mother's day

If you’re mom likes hanging scented ornaments around, this is perfect for her. They come in various fragrances and shapes, so your mom can hang them not only in her wardrobe but the bathroom, drawers, cupboards and just about anywhere really.  Some stores also sell exotic scents that might leave her surprised and you can even get them packaged in her favorite color to make it more unique. can be found and ordered here.


10) Gift Vouchers

gift voucher for mother's day 2017

This is a wonderful option not only if you’ve run out of time but if you’re not quite sure what to get for your mum as well. Gift vouchers can be purchased at different prices so you’re sure to find something to suit your budget plus most come with no expiration date or a rather long period before it expires leaving her ample time to decide what she wants and when she wants to use it. You can write her a personal note and attach it to the little pouch making it more sentimental.


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