The Days Celebrated in USA throughout the Year

Each year comes with days that are celebrated in the United States and for good reason. The traditions that have developed for each of these days are performed by families across the US. From family gatherings to the giving of cards, gifts, and the like, a considerable amount of money is spent in celebration of these wonderful days.

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Happy New Year’s Day – January 1st, 2024 (Monday)

The traditional New Year’s Day celebration starts with the aftermath of the New Year’s Eve celebrations on December 31st that culminate at midnight. While New Year’s Eve remembers the year that is ending, New Year’s Day is dedicated to the year that is arriving with celebrations that include family gatherings, college football games, and being together with friends to honor the upcoming year.

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New Year’s Day celebrations go back to the time when the Gregorian calendar was first created centuries ago. It centers on looking forward and making commitments for self-improvement to make the most of the upcoming year. It is also a time of personal reflection and one that is often celebrated with friends and family. While gifts are not traditionally exchanged, there are greetings, memes, poems, and the like that often accompany the celebrations that happen during New Year’s Day.


Presidents’ Day – February 20th, 2023 (Monday)

The third Monday of every February is celebrated as President’s Day, although that is not its official name. While many people believe that Washington’s birthday and Lincoln’s birthday celebrations were basically combined into President’s Day, the truth is that the official designation is Washington’s Birthday, to celebrate the first President of the United States and whom many consider the father of the country.

There are no formal celebrations, as you might find with other federal holidays, but Presidents’ Day is recognized for those who have served as president of the United States. This is a day of remembrance for those who have served as president.


Mother’s Day – May 14th, 2023 (Sunday)

A day that honors motherhood, Mother’s Day is celebrated around the world in over 40 countries. The most common days for celebrating mothers comes in March or May with the United States usually recognizing the day as the second Sunday in May. In the US, Mother’s Day was founded by Ann Reeves Jarvis, who intended the day to be one of celebration and reflection for the work that mothers do in raising families.

The celebrations mostly include flowers for mothers from their children and spouses. Many will add cards, memes, and poems to the flowers in celebration of this remarkable day. For those who are not able to visit their mothers, a phone call is usually the next best choice. For many, calling mother on Mother’s Day has become a strong tradition.

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Memorial Day – May 29th, 2023 (Monday)

Sometimes called Decoration Day, this national holiday which occurs on the fourth Monday in May, is for remembering service men and women who died in battle. Founded after the US Civil War, Memorial Day is a solemn remembrance of those who fought for our country. Most family members will gather and place flowers at the gravesite of loved ones who served our country or simply to remember those who have gone on.

Of course, Memorial Day is also a time of family gathering and friends enjoying each other’s company. Gifts are rarely given on this day, but messages and even poems are exchanged that reflect the occasion. For the most part, you will see families purchase flowers for the gravesites and perhaps add cards or remembrances.


Father’s Day – June 18th, 2023 (Sunday)

Similar to Mother’s Day, although arguably not as entrenched in terms of a celebration. Over 40 countries recognized Father’s Day in some form with dates that stretch from March to June. In the US, Father’s Day is recognized on the third Sunday of June. However, in Latin American countries, March 19th is the day set aside for Father’s Day.

The traditional Father’s Day gift is a tie, although socks are also commonly given. Usually there are cards and well-wishes that honor this day with humor and remembrance. It is also common that poems and messages that speak from the heart are given by children to their fathers on this day.

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Daughters Day – September 24th, 2023 (Sunday)

Daughter’s Day is dedicated to daughters of the home. This day is observed not only in the US but also internationally. Both parents mark the day by spending time with the daughter, buying gifts for her, dedicating poems or greetings to their daughter. See some heart-touching international Daughter’s Day wishes to put a smile on her face.


Columbus Day – October 9th, 2023 (Monday)

This is a national holiday in most of North, Central, and South America. It is also one of the oldest holidays celebrated. In the US, it is recognized every October 12th, which indicates the day Columbus arrived in the New World in the year 1492. Since 1730, the landing in the New World has been recognized by at least some Latin American countries.

Columbus Day is also a holiday with few, if any traditions among family and friends in terms of gift-giving. This is because the holiday itself is more of a recognition, such as President’s Day, of a specific person, rather than something broader, such as Mother’s Day or Christmas. Still, for those who do want to recognize Columbus Day, a card or small gift is usually appropriate.


Halloween – October 31st, 2023 (Tuesday)

One of the oldest holidays which is recognized around the world, Halloween is believed to stem from the festivals held by the ancient Celtics during harvest season. The Gaelic tradition has its pagan roots, but it became a part of the Christian tradition over time. The act of trick-or-treating, dressing up as ghosts or goblins going to parties, carving pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns and many other traditions are part of the annual Halloween lore held on October 31st.

Gifts in the form of treats are commonplace, but there are also cards, poems, and messages which help convey the Halloween spirit. For many families, this is one of the most celebrated of all holidays and one shared with the community.


Veterans Day – November 11, 2024 (Monday)

Previously called Armistice Day, Veterans Day celebrates those who served our country in the military. It is separate from Armed Force Day, which recognizes those who are currently serving and Memorial Day, which recognizes those who died while serving. Veterans Day is held every year on November 11th, recognizing the end of World War I which was on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918.

Recognition for those who served on Veterans Day usually comes in the form of parades and gatherings, although many will send cards which thank those who have served our country.

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Thanksgiving Day – November 23th, 2023 (Thursday)

This national holiday is celebrated in the US, Canada, a few of the islands in the Caribbean, and in Liberia. It is a day of thanks and recognizing the blessings from the harvest and happy memories from the year so far. In the US, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, but in Canada it is the second Monday of October. Although Thanksgiving has its roots in the US with the first settlers and Native American tribes, it was only in the mid-20th century that the holiday became formalized nationally.

Thanksgiving is a gathering of family and friends who eat turkey, dressing, cranberries, and vegetables that reflect the food prepared for the first feast in the 1620s. Thanksgiving is not considered a gift-giving holiday since the meal itself is what brings people together. However, cards are quite common along with poems and messages which reflect upon what the day means for so many.


Black Friday – November 24th, 2023 (Friday)

Black Friday is not an official holiday, but you would not know that if you were standing outside a typical retail store on that morning. Black Friday is held the day after Thanksgiving, which is usually a day-off for most working people in the US. The name is derived from the fact that this is the most profitable single day of the year for retail stores and outlets because most people go shopping for Christmas gifts on this day. While internet shopping has caused a modest drop in the number of people going to the stores, it is still quite the popular day to go shopping.

Black Friday is not a formal holiday by any means and there are no traditions that revolve around it. However, it has become the center of many jokes and gags in which some cards are given or messages delivered to poke fun at this annual shopping spree.

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Other Holidays and Celebrations

There are, of course, many other days of celebration which include Christmas where family and friends gather every year in a time of love and gift-giving. Valentine’s Day, which is every February 14th, is another day when flowers and cards are given.


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