Father’s Day Poems for Deceased Dads from Son

fathers day poems for late dads from son

Father’s Day is a bittersweet occasion for sons who have lost their beloved dads. As this special day approaches, the absence of their fathers is keenly felt, and memories of their time together become even more precious. To honor the enduring bond they shared, these grieving sons seek solace in heart-touching poems that evoke the essence of their dads and bring forth a flood of emotions. In the spirit of remembrance, these poignant verses serve as a tribute to the memory of their deceased fathers, allowing them to relive cherished moments and find solace in the enduring love they still hold in their hearts.



15 Father’s Day Poems for Deceased Dad from Son

Short Poems – 6 Lines

Poem #1

In memories deep, your love still resides,
A guiding light, forever by my side.
Though you’ve departed, your spirit remains,
Father, your presence, my heart sustains.
On Father’s Day, I honor your name,
Forever grateful, your love I claim.


Poem #2

Through laughter and tears, we shared a bond,
In my heart, your love will correspond.
Though you’re not here, your spirit is near,
Father’s Day reminds me, I hold you dear.
With each passing year, your memory grows,
My father, forever, this love bestows.


Poem #3

In dreams, I see your comforting smile,
Guiding me through life’s journey, mile by mile.
Though you’re not here, your love carries on,
A father’s legacy, forever strong.
On Father’s Day, I remember your embrace,
Cherishing moments, time cannot erase.


Poem #4

Though you’ve departed, your love endures,
In my soul, a flame that forever assures.
On this Father’s Day, I pay homage true,
To a dad who shaped me, through and through.
Your lessons and wisdom, forever I keep,
In my heart, your love runs deep.


Poem #5

From childhood days, to adulthood’s grasp,
You were my rock, in each moment that passed.
On Father’s Day, I remember your care,
The strength you bestowed, always there.
Though you’re gone, your spirit prevails,
A father’s love, an eternal tale.


Poem #6

i feel your embrace

In quiet moments, I feel your embrace,
A father’s love, transcending time and space.
Though you’ve departed, your presence lives on,
A bond unbroken, even though you’re gone.
On Father’s Day, I hold you in my heart,
Forever connected, even when we’re apart.


Poem #7

Through the years, your love carried me,
A father’s strength, my guiding decree.
Though you’re not here, your legacy’s bright,
On Father’s Day, I honor your light.
In my memories, you forever reside,
A cherished father, in whom I confide.


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8 Line Poems

Here are eight line poems for Father’s Day from a son who has lost his father:

Poem #8

My dad, now gone but never forgotten
In my heart, your love will remain
Though you may no longer be with me
Your teachings, they still remain
You taught me right from wrong and to be strong
And showed me how to be a man
Though you’re no longer here with me
In my heart, you’ll forever stand


Poem #9

your spirit soars

In the shadows of my soul, your spirit soars,
A beacon of love that forever adores.

Though you’ve departed, your essence remains,
In my heart’s embrace, where eternity reigns.

Memories twinkle like stars in the night sky,
Whispering melodies that will never die.

Through the depths of sorrow, I find solace in thee,
Beloved father, your presence sets my spirit free.


Poem #10

In the depths of my heart, your presence lives on,
Though you’ve journeyed beyond, your love’s never gone.
Memories woven like stars in the night sky,
Guiding me forward, as the years roll by.

Your voice echoes softly, a gentle embrace,
In each cherished moment, I feel your grace.
Though you’re not here, I still hold you near,
Forever, my dad, I’ll keep you so dear.


Poem #11

I still hear your voice, and it’s like a song
And it always brings me comfort too
You always knew just what to say
To get me through the day
You taught me to be brave and strong
And now, I try to carry on
In your honor, dad, and make you proud
Forever and always, I’ll shout it loud


Poem #12

You’re gone, but your memory still shines
And in my heart, it will never fade
You showed me what it means to be strong
And to never be afraid
I’m grateful for all that you’ve done
And I will always be your son
So here’s to you, dad, up in the sky
Forever loved and never goodbye


Poem #13

I miss you, dad, and the laughter we shared
But I know, you’re always near
You taught me right from wrong, and how to care
And to always have no fear
Though you’re gone, your love still lives on
And I’ll always sing your praises, dad, in song
So here’s to you, my father, up above
Forever loved and forever in my heart


Poem #14

Your smile, your laugh, I miss so much
But I know, you’re in a better place
You taught me what it means to be tough
And to always show my face
Though you’re gone, your love still shines
And in my heart, it will always remain
So here’s to you, my dad, in heaven above
Forever remembered and forever loved.


Poem #15

A special 10 lines poem

In whispers of verse, a son’s love does unfold,
On Father’s Day, emotions tender and bold.
Through ink-stained pages, memories arise,
Recalling the bond that never truly dies.

Each line a tribute, a heartfelt embrace,
For a father departed, in a heavenly place.
In poems, we find solace, a gentle embrace,
Echoes of laughter, a smile on their face.

Though absence may linger, their spirit remains,
Forever in our hearts, their love sustains.
On Father’s Day, with each word we convey,
Our love for our dads will never fade away.


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Frequently asked questions

What do you say to your dad on Father's Day when he dies?

Dear Dad, As Father's Day arrives, my heart yearns for your presence, for the warmth of your embrace and the sound of your laughter. Though you've journeyed beyond this earthly realm, your love and influence remain etched upon my soul. Today, I want to express my gratitude for all the priceless moments we shared, the lessons you taught, and the unwavering support you gave. I miss your comforting words, your unwavering strength, and the way you made me feel invincible. Your guidance shaped me into the person I am today, and I carry your wisdom with me as I navigate life's challenges. Your absence is a void that cannot be filled, but I find solace in the memories we created, like threads woven into the fabric of my being. On this Father's Day, I want to celebrate your life, not just mourn your passing. I want to honor the legacy you left behind, the love and compassion you bestowed upon our family. Though I cannot physically hand you a gift or share a meal together, I offer you my words, spoken from the depths of my soul. I hope you can hear my heartfelt words, resonating with gratitude, admiration, and unending love. Though you may be physically gone, your spirit lives on, forever interwoven with mine. Happy Father's Day, Dad. Until we meet again. With eternal love, [Your Name]

How do you wish Father's Day to father in Heaven?

Though you reside in Heaven, your presence in my heart remains unwavering. On this Father's Day, I send my love soaring on angel's wings, knowing that our bond transcends earthly boundaries. Your spirit continues to guide and inspire me, and I honor you with every beat of my heart.

How do I write a tribute to my late dad?

1. Reflect on your dad's life and the impact he had. 2. Determine the purpose and tone of your tribute. 3. Brainstorm and make notes about memories and qualities. 4. Organize your thoughts in a logical structure. 5. Start with an attention-grabbing introduction. 6. Share personal stories and vivid memories. 7. Express your feelings and gratitude openly. 8. Incorporate meaningful quotes or passages. 9. Conclude with a powerful closing statement. 10. Edit and revise for clarity and coherence.


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