For a Smile: Funny Black Friday Quotes and Wishes 2022

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Find here some funny Black Friday sayings and quotes to wish your friends, social media circle and cousins. Let’s enjoy these naughty quotes on the biggest shopping event (November 25, 2022).


    1. Motto for “Black Friday’: Shove me once, shame on you; shove me twice and you’ll be looking for your tooth.


    1. Black Friday wishes to all the brave souls, may your bags be heavy and your wallets full.


    1. Black Friday has grown from a few great hours of deals to two hectic days of ordeals.


    1. It is the most rewarding and most demanding day for retailers far and wide. Give a smile to your cashier!


    1. You did not pay for that spot of real-estate, so please be kind, and go to the back of the line.


    1. If you see someone struggling with their bags for a while, offer a hand and watch them start to smile.


    1. It used to be after a large thanksgiving meal that all would take a nap. But now the sales start so soon that everyone acts like crap. Naps are good and smiles are better, but if that special doll is on sale, I’m still gonna get her.


    1. Merchants try to lure you even before Black Friday comes, but everyone knows the very best deals come with only one. So if the item you really want is no longer available, please don’t get too upset and knock over the tables.


    1. One more Item on my list I hope it is still there is my only wish. I’m still not sure how to wrap it though, do they make bubble wrap for a tropical fish?


    1. Waking up at 4 am seems a bit crazy to save five or ten. But then again “Tis’ the Season”, so come on everyone it is time to do some people pleasin’.


    1. I’m not sure why they call this “Black Friday?” It is year most colorful day of the year. Colorful lights, colorful decorations, colorful wrapping paper, and the most “colorful” language I have ever heard.


    1. This year I have a Black Friday game plan: Store one at 3:00 a.m. and husband walks to store two, where he throws his body on a parking space. I arrive at 5:00 a.m. and send husband to store three, where I hope to arrive around 8:00 a.m. When I get there around noon I thaw husband out with a cup of cocoa and send him to store four. I really do not understand why he hates shopping so much?


    1. Black Friday is now 36 hours long. So which day of the year is only 12 hours long?


    1. Black Friday has become more like an “event.” Maybe, to get even more people together, shopping centers should plan huge “Tailgate Parties,” with big screens in the parking lot to watch the parades and football games.


    1. Whoever invented “Black Friday” was probably a fitness genius. It makes people run around all day, starving themselves after they have eaten too much for Thanksgiving.


    1. Happy “Black Friday” may your lines be short and your tempers too.


    1. Black Friday wishes to my wife, yes I’ll do the dishes for the rest of my life. To keep me away from the malls and crowds I may even tell you “I Love You” outload.


    1. On a day when we just want to push and shove, it’s good to know we’re doing it for all those we love.


    1. Black Friday wishes to all the stores owners, you really are some of the best donors. We wish you the best and continued success. So, you won’t have to get a big loaner.


    1. Black Friday’s coming and everyone’s ready, to put away the turkey and eat spaghetti. You’ll want to “carb-up” for those bursts of speed, so you’ll get that Item that you really need.


Hope you liked it and if you really enjoyed these Black Friday Quotes and Sayings, just share one with your closer ones.


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