Father’s Day Poems from Daughter

Fathers Day Poems from a Daughter

Father’s Day comes once in the year and every child whether waits for it eagerly. Among the many ways to celebrate our fathers, one decent way is to wish him a lovely poem that would cheer him up. So here, we came up with 10 beautiful Father’s Day poems from a daughter that’d make him proud of you.

Let’s get ahead.


10 beautiful and bit funny Father’s Day poems from a daughter


Poem 1

Some say a prince to whisk them away

To fairytale endings and grand displays

But that’s not the man I need.

I’ve got a King who I can look up to and know

He’ll be there to guide me and help me grow

And show me I’m a princess indeed.


Poem 2

Stories and lessons I’ll never forget

Experiences I’ll never regret.

Tears that you wiped away when I was sad

Grace that you gave me when I was bad.

Dad, you’re the man who I’ve known to be true.

I’ll always be your little girl.  I’ll always love you.



Poem 3

At six, I was a Disney princess.

At ten, I was a dance machine

At twenty one, I was a wild woman.

And even now I can be a drama queen.

But one thing you did, Dad

That will always stick with me.

You raised me to be your daughter

And you treated me like royalty.


Poem 4

You’ve watched me walk for the first time

And you watched me walk at graduation.

You watched me on my first date

You watched me on my wedding day.

You watched me as a child

Now you watch me with children of my own.

Dad, thank you for always being there.


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Poem 5

I love you for your corny jokes.

I love you for your embarrassing stories.

I love you for your wacky dancing.

I love you for your loud snoring.

I love you from bottom to top.

I love that are my dad and never will stop



My Superhero, My Dad Poem #6

If I was asked who I thought was the greatest man.

It wouldn’t be Superman.

It wouldn’t be Batman.

It wouldn’t be Ironman.

It wouldn’t be Spiderman.

I’d point to my dad.

And I’d say, “It’s that man.”



Poem 7

A pillar that stands tall.

A shelter from all storm.

A door that’s always open.

A blanket that always warm.

You’ve always been my home, Dad.

For that, I love you so much more.



Poem 8

Everything I am today, I owe to you dad.

Though I don’t say it much, I’m forever glad.

You’ve been my teacher and my friend.

You’ve seen me cry. You’ve made me grin.

I thank God that you were mine.

And I am yours for all of time.



Poem 9

Today isn’t Father’s Day to me.

Father’s day was when I skinned my knee.

Father’s day was when I got really sick.

Father’s day was when I didn’t get picked.

Father’s day was every time you said I’d be okay.

So, really, Father’s day to me is every single day.



Poem 10

For every guy that asked me if there’s ever been other. The answer’s ‘yes’.

Please don’t be offended because he’ll always be the best.

Please don’t get jealous because he will always have my heart.

Please don’t try to catch up cause he’s got a big head start.

Please get used to it because he’s always in my life.

Don’t worry. He’s my dad.  And he’s already got a wife.



When is Father’s Day?

Celebrated on 3rd Sunday of June every year, Fathers Day 2024 is falling on June 16th.


If you found a superb poem for your super dad, share your thoughts in the comments box. And don’t forget to check out another collection of short dad poems from son and a bunch of some nice dad birthday poems from a daughter.


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