Father’s Day Quotes

Fathers Day Funny Quotes

Grab some Father’s day quotes with funny tone and dedicate to your beloved dad. You can also use them as funny fathers day messages to text them through your cell phone.


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  1. Dad spelled backwards is Dad, Dad spelled upside down is Pap, Which is good, since when you are a real father you are often turned upside down and backwards.
  2. Every child has a father, happy children have dads.
  3. Real Dads play with dolls.
  4. How many Dads does it take to assemble a toy? Just one, but it takes a roll of tape to put the instruction sheet back together.
  5. Why is it Dads are experts at the most difficult tv remotes but can’t figure how to put a toilet seat down.
  6. Amazingly most Dads can figure out how to run the most difficult mechanical devices, except the dishwasher.
  7. Father’s deserve a day off when they don’t do anything at all around the house. For some, that day is called “Every.”
  8. If a Dad got a dime for every time he tied a shoe, he’d be able to retire at the age of thirty two.
  9. There are Dads that can change a tire in the middle of a blizzard, but are clueless how to change a diaper in the middle of the night.
  10. A new movie released, “When Dads Attack.” A story about a Father’s reaction when his daughter’s prom date keeps her out too late.
  11. The difference between a Father and a Dad can be measured by the length of their outstretched arms.
  12. A Dad does not need to be a carpenter to build a relationship with his children.
  13. When you play “catch” it is perfectly fine to “drop” once in a while.
  14. Fathers can build a model airplane, but struggle to change a roll of toilet paper.
  15. Real dads allow themselves to get buried in the sand; Daddies allow themselves to get buried in slime.
  16. Real dads know every verse of the “Wheels on the Bus.”
  17. Once in a while a real dad wears a tiara and princess dress, and doesn’t care if the guys from the office see him.
  18. Some Fathers are in the Republican Party, Some are in the Democratic Party, but the best daddies spend time in the “Tea Parties.”
  19. A scary moment in a father’s life, is when his daughter is no longer grossed out by boys
  20. Some Fathers can win at anything, great Dads know how to lose, and Daddies let their kids beat the living daylights out of them.


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I’m glad to serve these Fathers Day funny quotes to the readers of my websites. I’ve managed to gather 20 crispy and funny dad quotes from daughter and son. Enjoy the dad with your dad!


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