Fathers Day Poems for Deceased Dads from a Daughter

Fathers Day Poems for Deceased Dad from Daughter

Father’s Day without a dad is so sad and depressing. Obviously, departed souls can’t be back to us. We miss them and sometimes cry in their memories.

If you are a daughter, here are some emotional poems to say for your deceased dad.


11 Father’s Day Poems for Deceased Dad from Daughter

Poem #1

This is the best one, a big 20 line poem for a departed father.

Though you’re gone, Dad,
you’re always in my heart,
The memories we shared
will never fall apart.

You were my hero, my guide,
my shining star,
A constant source of comfort
no matter how far.

I miss you dearly,
especially on this day,
But I know you’ll always
be watching over me in every way.

Your love and your wisdom
will never leave me behind,
And I’ll always cherish
the moments that we’ve left behind.

So here’s to you, Dad,
on this Father’s Day,
I hope you hear me when I say
I love you more than words can ever say.


Poem #2

This is a 8 line poem.

Dear Dad, on this Father’s Day,
I miss you more than words can say,
Though you’ve left this world behind,
In my heart, you’ll always find,
Memories of your love so true,
And all the special things you’d do,
I wish I could hear you say,
“Happy Father’s Day, my daughter” today.


Poem #3

Dad, you may be gone but not forgotten,
Your love for me will always be unbroken,
I remember how you held me tight,
And chased away my every fright,
I wish I could hug you once more,
And tell you that I still adore,
The way you cared and smiled each day,
Happy Father’s Day, in my own way.


Poem #4

I’m thinking of you on this Fathers day,
Knowing that you’re not far away,
Your memories are forever mine,
A treasure that will never decline,
I miss your laugh, your voice, your touch,
But your love will always mean so much,
So, Happy Father’s Day, dear Dad,
I’ll always be grateful for the time we had.


Poem #5

Whose diary is that - fathers day deceased dad poem

Whose diary is that? I think I know.
Its owner is not here though.
It really is a tale of woe,
I seek for him. I cry hello.

His clothes are pressed, and neat,
But he lied in bed with ducts that weep,
He had some promises to keep,
But alas! he has gone asleep.

Today, he didn’t rise from his bitter bed,
Left us all sorrowed and sad,
Where did you go? dear dad,
I will miss you, my dear dad.



Poem #6

When I Thought

When I thought of deceased dad
While I pondered, lonely and sad

That moment my soul grew sleepless
I crave the listless, lonesome loneliness

Back into my memories exhausting
Through which came draining, draining, draining

Deep into that darkness consuming
Long I stood there unfolding, looming

Missing you dad!



Dear Dad Poems from Daughter:

Poem #7

Dear Dad I miss you

Dear Dad, I miss you!
Since you left us,
I realized,
Time is precious,
as reality slips away,
the anguish afflicts,
as I clasp my hands and pray,
Keep smiling in the heaven!

Dear Dad,

I miss you!


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Poem #8

you live for us

you lived for us, not for yourself
you always sacrificed, you were selfless

all worldly things have a simile
but your integrity is utter matchless

as you went away, many mourn today
since you stood by all the fortuneless

I recall your caring smile
it gives me a fresh sturdiness

heart is heavy, tears in my eyes
I pray, in heaven, you live with bless!



#9 – Poem for father who passed away from daughter

dear dad we grieve today poem

We grieve today that we have you lost,
you lived and would live in our hearts.

My heart says you will be back,
But you are now on heaven’s track.

Its gloom, despair, after you.
Nevertheless, one day, death is due.

Live there blessed, rest in peace.
We have now nothing but your memories.


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Poem #10

you will leave its hard to believe

You’ll leave, its hard to believe
You’ve gone papa, you see I grieve

For all folks, your life is to inspire
Today we’ve nothing, but your name to admire

Your laughter and love, now all is grayed
Your smile and care, now all is grayed

But hundreds today, walk with your coffin
In the hearts of many, your memories are green



Poem #11

dear dad didnt you sulk so soon

Dad, didn’t you sulk so soon?
I was too young for this misfortune

I had to play in your lap
My palm had to have your clap

Papa, you left me, am still incomplete
You know, I miss you with every heartbeat

I ponder, on this third Sunday of June,
Father’s Day without you, what a misfortune!


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