Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Mom

Homemade Gifts for Mom from Daughter

Whether it is Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving Day or Happy New Year, show your love with these best holiday gifts for mom from a daughter, son or daughter in law.

Family and Friends give presents to each other all over the world. Selecting gifts for our mom is one of the most challenging and confusing things one can literally experience!

Does anything feel more down than knowing that a gift you chose to give to your mom isn’t what she expected???

So if you’re looking for something great and not only one of a kind but unique too, then focus on “making something for her with your own hands. If there’s anyone in this entire world that can appreciate a simple gift, it’s Mom.

Best Holiday Gifts for Mom

Here’s the list of top 15 gift ideas for your mother.

15 – Tea Cup Candles

homemade gifts for mom from daughter easy

Saw the idea for Tea Cup Candles on a book cover in a bookstore on vacation, and thought it was a cute holiday gift idea for mom? You can make a cheaper candle by re-using leftover wax. Things that you need to make this are Tin cans, Wax (either from leftover candles or in a bar form), Wick, Teacups, Tape, Scissors and Essential oil (YES, it is essential!). This will be easy to make, and your mom will love it for sure. Put chunks of wax in the tin and mix some of the new wax with the scented + old leftover wax. Place the tin can in the center of a saucepan of boiling water. This will melt the contents correctly and does not make a huge mess in your cookware. Cut a piece of wick slightly longer than the teacup and tape an end to the bottom of the cup and wrap the other end around a pencil or a pen maybe. When the wax melts, pour it into the bowl. Let the wax cool for at least 2-3 hours and then cut the wicks. And your tea cup candles are ready !!! Tadaaa!


14 – Movie Night in a Bag

birthday gifts for mom from daughter ideas

A film night bag is a relaxing holiday gift idea for mothers. Seems to work each and every time too! Time is of the essence, and mom loves every second we spend with her! Everything you need for a relaxing movie night like popcorns and hot chocolate should be in the bag with your mom’s favorite Movie’s BluRay or a USB maybe. Tie the top shut with a ribbon or with a beautiful gift card holder and write a Sweet Christmas Wish for your cute mommy! Yayyy!!!

If you want to make a bag yourself, here is step by step thorough guide for movie night bag.


13 – Popsicle Stick Frames

homemade gifts for mom from daughter

One of the simplest and low-cost holiday gift ideas for moms is to make Popsicle stick frames. Although saving should not be in mind here, because it’s our mom in question, but anyways! With some great pictures and a little time, you can give your special mom a special something to remember. To make a popsicle stick frame you just need popsicle sticks, glue, magnets, tape and ribbons (if you want that is). Decorate four sticks with ribbons and stick them in a square fitting the picture that you have. Make some edgy-cute frames with you, and your mom’s favorite photos.

Step by step tutorial for making popsicle stick frame for your mom.


12 – Mini Book

easy diy gifts for mom

To surprise your loving mom on Christmas make a Mini Book about (Ten) things that you love the most about her; this will for sure bring happy tears in your mom’s eyes! All the material that you need to make a mini book is cardstock to print the cards on, a hole punch, jump ring or a ribbon, a pen to write with, and of course, adorable pictures!


11 – Friendship Bracelets

creative gifts for mom birthday

These funky and cute bracelets are perfect holiday gift ideas for mom who is the first friend we ever have! All we will need to make these bracelets is some embroidery floss, tape, and scissors. It’s easy and cheap too, and you can thread some charms or small beads onto the strands and then maybe tie them in a knot to secure them firmly. It will add to the beauty of these friendship bands! Mom is a friend remember?!

Learn how to make friendship bracelet for mom step by step


10 – Chalkboard Coaster Set

homemade gifts for mom from daughter

Chalkboard Coaster Set is not difficult to make; you only need plain tiles, chalks, chalkboard paint, tacky glue, buttons, ribbons and gift tags for packaging. They sound a lot but are not in reality! Start by painting the tiles with chalkboard paint, and you will need at least three or four coats of paint. Let the layers dry for a while and then decorate them with buttons and ribbons as your mommy would like. Stack four together once the coasters are completely dry, then tie with a pretty ribbon, piece of chalk and a gift tag. Now you have got the perfect gift for your super mom!

View step by step guide for making chalkboard coaster set


9 – A hand-drawn Portrait

things to make for your mom's birthday

I believe that everyone should, and can draw. Everyone has a distinct style and of course, we are not all on the same artistic level, and that is what makes our drawing rad. It’s uniqueness. Draw a portrait of your mom from a photo that she likes. You can make it even more superior by using black and white, to take away that color distraction if the picture is digital. Everybody loves getting drawings of themselves from the people they love, even if they are utterly childish. Sometimes this type of effort captures more of the essence of a person. Your mom will treasure it no matter your age. TRUST US!!


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8 – Colorful Dipped Utensils

homemade gifts for mom from daughter

These colorful utensils make the perfect holiday present for mom. When you paint each one with gradually lighter paint, Trendy dip dye looks even better creating an ombre effect! Apply craft paints on the handle of each utensil and add more coats if necessary and let it dry. Use a high-gloss, sealer, and food-safe shellac to give handles an enameled look once the paint has dried. These customized and chic utensils make the perfect gift for adorable moms.



7 – Keyboard Message

easy diy gifts for mom

Use old keys of your computer keyboard to spell out a cute message for your loving mom! This keyboard key craft is perfect for showing someone just how much you care about them and how important they are for you. All you need is Keyboard Keys, Screwdriver, Glue and a Frame. Use a screwdriver to remove the keys from an old keyboard that you no longer use and spray-paint the keys. Use a pen to write whatever you like with the letters, remove the glass from the frame and hot glue the keyboard keys to the back of the frame. AND ITS READY !! Your mommy is going to love it!


6 – Fingerprint Jewellery

homemade gifts for mom from daughter

Fingerprint jewelry is a one of the best holiday present ideas for mom. The first thing you need for this is Polymer clay, bake it a little so that its polymers combine properly. Gently wipe off any water droplets if there are any; then press your thumb, gently but firmly into the clay. Just press straight down and do not rock back and forth. When you see the clear impression of your fingerprint, add a small hole near the top. Highlight the ridges, only flood the print with ink of your mom’s favorite color. Add a jump ring at the top to the hole, and thread onto a chain for instant jewelry. It’s one hell of a unique gift for your mommy bear !! YAYYYY!!


View complete tutorial for making a fingerprint jewellery for your great mom this Christmas.


5 – Neck Pillow

things to make for your mom's birthday

Neck pillow is one of the most useful holiday gifts for mother.

Providing support for your mommy’s neck and upper back is the most important role that the pillow needs to fill when she is asleep. Make a neck pillow for her this Christmas; she will adore you whenever she uses it. It is easy to make, and you just need a sock, one unseasoned pack of rice, Needle, Thread, Lavender Oil and Dawn for cleanup. YAYY!! Fill two third sock with dry rice and add some drops of lavender oil in it. Using a thread and needle, sew the end of your sock shut. Use a color of thread that will look nice with the socks. Your beautiful mommy can warm the pillow in the microwave for instant relief. Gift her this pillow and collect blessings from her whenever she uses it!


4 – Photo on Wood

homemade gifts for mom from daughter

Transfer the happy moments of your super duper mom on wood. ITS SO EASY!! All you need for this is any photo printed from a laser printer and make sure your photo is printed on regular computer paper, Smooth piece of wood, Gel medium with a gloss finish, Paintbrush, Embellishments, Straightedge or any Ruler. Paint a thick layer of the gel onto the front of your photo and make sure to coat the paper thoroughly. Lay the photo face down gently onto the center of the wood and use a ruler to smooth out any wrinkles in the picture carefully. Let the image dry completely so that the wood can soak in all colors. Use a wet cloth to scrape off the paper from the wood and rinse if there are any remainings of paper on wood. And it is READY. WOOHOOO!!

Here is step by step tutorial for preparing a photo on wood gift.


3 – Painted Tea Set

things to make for your mom's birthday

Moms usually love a cup of tea, so take the opportunity to design a Painted Tea Set for her during the CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS. You can paint this holiday gift for mom in a customized way so that you know your mommy will enjoy instead of buying the same old sets with boring patterns. There is no better way to show how much you adore and care about her than by making an entirely customized Christmas present that she can use every day of the year. You just need a Small everyday teapot, cup, milk jug, China Paints, Paint Brushes and an old plate to act as your palette. After deciding your design – you can sketch it on your crockery with Chinagraph pencil. You can draw snowmen, angels, bells, hearts or whatever your mom likes. The China will need 24 hours to dry properly, and your next step is to bake ‘China’ for 35 minutes at 150°C. Your washable China Pots are ready, and we are sure your mother is going to love it. It’s Tea Party Time, YAY !!


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2 – Lotion Bars

homemade gifts for mom from a daughter

Lotion bars are great gifts for mom on holidays, birthdays or for Mother’s days as well. What is a lotion bar you ask?? Well, I am glad I am not the only one who didn’t know. Lotion bars are exactly what the name implies, they are solid at room temperature, but when you hold them in your hands for some seconds, your body heat will soften it allowing you to quickly rub it on those much-needed areas such as hands, heels, elbows, and cuticles. All you need to make cute lotion bars is Coconut Oil, Beeswax, and butter. Combine ingredients in a boiler, melt, stir well and pour into molds(molds can be metal or plastic). Allow lotion to cool down in a freezer and your beautiful mommy can use it to have a flawless skin in winters. Feeling happy? You are welcome !!!



1 – Pop-up Cards

things to make for your mom's birthday

Last but not the least, these “Mom! I Love You” cards never fail to impress parents. The present cards are more meaningful to the recipient and just as attractive and charming as any store bought cards are. They are unique, not mass produced, one of a kind and very personal because each of these cards is a work of art. Moms love getting cards from their children, and she treasures them like it’s a piece of her heart. The Internet is just one click away; you can youtube videos and make a pop-up card for your dear mommy. I always make cards by watching videos on the internet. So it is super easy. Make a cute card to surprise your mom and thank me later !! Hurrah !!


Holiday Gift Guide for Mom

She’s the one that supports you and is always by your side no matter what. When you choose to make your presents rather than purchasing them, you can choose colors, flavors or fragrances because you know your mom will enjoy and appreciate the EFFORTS.

Such celebratory events come once in year, so the best way to reflect affection is by presenting holiday gifts to your mom. You can make all this happen for your special mommy who will be getting the gift so do something great on upcoming Thanksgiving Day, Happy New Year or on the Mother’s Day to come.


Your Thoughts?

Hopefully, you have made your selection from these 15 holiday gift ideas for mom from daughter or son. Now present it to your sweet mother, observe her feeling in her eyes, how happier she would be!
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