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Here’s a collection of funny memes that capture the essence of Black Friday – from the thrill of grabbing that last item on sale to the quirky experiences that only this day can offer. These images are not just about laughs; they reflect the unique experiences we all share during this annual retail event.

Black Friday, a day synonymous with bustling stores and unbeatable deals, is more than just a shopping spree; it’s a cultural phenomenon. As we gear up for Black Friday 2023, falling on November 24th, let’s add a twist of humor to this shopping extravaganza.

After all, amidst the rush to snag those big discounts, a good laugh is always welcome.



1. Black Friday Shopping Gear: Helmets and Shoulder Pads Required!

1 - Bought-Helmets-Shoulder-Pads-Black-Friday-Shopping
Designed by UpnNext

Portrays Black Friday shopping as a contact sport, showing shoppers gearing up with football helmets and shoulder pads. The image of two football players embracing on the field, suggests the level of strategy and protection needed for the intense Black Friday shopping battles, where being fully geared up is both a humorous and almost necessary approach to navigating the chaos of the sales.



2. Black Friday Chaos: No Rules, Just Rush!

Designed by UpnNext

This meme humorously highlights the chaotic and rule-free nature of Black Friday shopping. It captures a scene of unbridled frenzy, where the usual norms and order of shopping are thrown out the window in the rush to grab discounted items. The image conveys the intensity and urgency that grips shoppers as they navigate through crowded stores, each person singularly focused on snagging the best deals.



3. A Contrast to Thanksgiving Calm

3 - People-Trample-Others-Black-Friday-Shopping
Source: Pinterest

Captures the essence of the Black Friday shopping phenomenon, particularly highlighting the rush, hurriedness, and sometimes careless behavior of shoppers just after Thanksgiving Day. It illustrates the contrast between the gratitude and family-oriented nature of Thanksgiving and the consumer-driven frenzy of Black Friday. Shoppers, driven by the lure of significant discounts and limited-time offers, often become focused on their own goals, sometimes at the expense of courtesy and mindfulness towards others.



4. Sale First, Questions Later: The Black Friday Mantra

4 - Dont-Know-What-It-Is-It-Was-On-Black-Friday-Sale
Designed by UpnNext

Perfectly encapsulates the impulsive spirit of Black Friday shopping. It features a man with a credit card, humorously inscribed with “no I don’t know what it is, who cares, it was on sale.” This light-hearted take on the often irrational buying decisions made in the heat of Black Friday sales hilariously highlights the ‘buy now, think later’ attitude that many shoppers adopt amidst the frenzy of discounted deals.



5. The $300 Tent for a $50 Discount

5 - Bought-300-Tent-Save-50-TV

It shows a man who has set up a $300 tent on a city sidewalk, all to be first in line for a mere $50 discount on a TV. This humorous scenario highlights the often absurd lengths shoppers will go to for Black Friday deals, underscoring the quirky and sometimes counterintuitive nature of the holiday shopping frenzy.



6. My Perspective to See the Year’s Biggest Shopping Event

6 - black-friday-funny-images
Source: Reddit

How others see Black Friday and how I do see it.



7. Feelings after spending a lot in shopping

7 - Pants Look Dumb After Wasting Money on Some Shit

My trousers’ empty pockets after wasting money on shit things.



8. Pay Your Bills First

8 - Pay Your Bills First

Better pay your electric bill first, or next Friday will be Black Friday too.



9. A Pooch’s Guide to Black Friday Savings

9 - You-Save-Even-More-Money-If-You-Dont-Buy-Anything
Designed by UpnNext

Featuring a content dog lounging on a lavish pile of money. The caption, “You save even more money, if you don’t buy anything” playfully suggests that you will save more money if you don’t buy anything during the shopping season. 🙂



10. Biggest Shopping Season: The Expedition Starts

10 - Black Friday Shopping Meme

It playfully suggests that the Black Friday shopping craze knows no borders, with people from all walks of life and possibly different countries, converging to snag the best deals. The diverse mix of shoppers, from the business-suited man to the woman in the red hat, highlights the wide-reaching allure of this shopping phenomenon.



11. The Right Equipment to Have for the Shopping Battle

11 - Black-Friday-Battle-Shopping-Cart
Source: Humornama

Ready to rock with Black Friday battle cart 🙂



12. Training During Black Friday Season

12 - Black Friday Training Meme Treadmill
Source: Humornama

Training for Black Friday be like.



13. Capturing the Chaos

13 - Let-The-Insanity-Begin-Black-Friday-Funny-Meme

This meme humorously captures the intense energy of the annual shopping extravaganza. The scene depicts a sea of eager shoppers, alive with excitement.



14. Black Friday vs Thanksgiving

14 - Oh-You-Are-Going-To-The-Black-Friday-Sale-Meme
Source: Pinterest

Oh, you’re going to the Black Friday sale?

Didn’t you say you were thankful for everything you had yesterday?



15. A ‘Walking Dead’ Scenario

15 - When-Somebody-Gets-The-Last-Flat-TV
Designed by UpnNext

Features a man in a defensive stance amidst a desolate landscape, reminiscent of the TV series’ survival theme. The caption, “When Somebody Gets the Last Flat Screen TV on Black Friday,” humorously compares the intense competition for deals to the dramatic, survivalist scenarios of the show. This meme captures the frenzied atmosphere of Black Friday, likening it to a post-apocalyptic battleground over the last coveted items.



16. The Joy of Snagging Your Favorite Item

16 - When-You-Finally-Find-Buy-What-You-Want-Black-Friday
Designed by UpnNext

This meme captures the sheer satisfaction and joy of a shopper who has successfully purchased their favorite item during a Black Friday sale. This image perfectly encapsulates the sense of achievement and happiness that comes from navigating the chaos of Black Friday and emerging victorious with the exact item you’ve been longing for.



17. Black Friday Rush: The Spotlight on Shopping Frenzy

17 - Go-Black-Friday-Shopping-They-Said
Designed by UpnNext

This meme humorously depicts the moment when the Black Friday sale is announced, triggering a mad dash among shoppers. The scene shows a crowd eagerly gathered, suggesting that the shoppers themselves are the main event, watched by others on TV. This image captures the excitement and urgency that grips consumers as they rush to take advantage of the sales, while also poking fun at the spectacle of the shopping frenzy, as if it were a televised sport or entertainment for viewers at home.



18. Overwhelm: The Dark Side of Shopping Season

18 - First-In-Line-for-Black-Friday-Trampled-To-Death

This meme strikingly portrays the intense and sometimes overwhelming nature of Black Friday shopping. It shows a crowd of shoppers, depicted in a dark and almost suffocating manner, engulfed by an expansive blackness. The caption, “First in Line for Black Friday trampled to death,” adds a grim and ominous tone, highlighting the extreme and sometimes perilous situations that can arise in the midst of the shopping chaos.



19. The Superhero Style: Iron Man’s Ready for Action

19 - Black-Friday-Bring-It-On
Designed by UpnNext

Humorously captures the excitement and readiness for the shopping season, featuring a man donning an Iron Man helmet with the bold declaration, “Black Friday Bring It On.” The helmet, covering his face, gives him a superhero-like appearance, symbolizing the intensity and determination many shoppers feel towards the event.



20. Pomegranate One, and a Hundred Sick: The Ultimate Show and Tell

20 - Welcome-Hunger-Games-24-Shoppers-1-Sale-Item
Designed by UpnNext

A man holding up a cell phone captures the crowd’s attention, symbolizing the allure of the latest gadgets on sale. Around him, shoppers with expressions of curiosity and excitement embody the typical Black Friday scene. The woman in the purple shirt, energetically waving her hands, adds to the lively atmosphere, illustrating the infectious enthusiasm that sweeps through stores on this day. This image is a playful nod to the frenzy of activity and the communal spirit that defines Black Friday shopping, especially when it comes to scoring the best tech deals.



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21. Paws for Deals: A Pug’s Black Friday Adventure

21 - I-Dont-Usually-Go-Black-Friday-Shopping-Meme
Designed by UpnNext

Captures a charming pug, mid-action, with a tongue-in-cheek caption that reads, “I don’t usually go Black Friday shopping, but when I do.” The pug’s mischievous expression and playful demeanor add a humorous twist to the popular meme phrase, embodying the excitement and occasional impulsiveness of Black Friday shoppers. It’s a delightful and light-hearted portrayal of the shopping frenzy, as seen through the eyes of our four-legged friends.



22. Black Friday: Survival of the Fittest Shopper

22 - People-Trample-Others-for-Cheap-Goods

A frenzy of shoppers trample over boxes and each other, eyes glued to the latest deals. This meme hilariously captures the wild, survival-of-the-fittest nature of Black Friday shopping, where every bargain hunter is on a quest for the ultimate find.



23. The Pepper Spray Encore

23 - Puts-Xbox-in-My-Cart-Pepper-Spray-Again
Designed by UpnNext

This meme humorously captures a tense moment in a crowded store during Black Friday. It shows a young woman pointing accusingly at another who is quickly putting an Xbox in her cart. The drama escalates with the mention of “the pepper spray” for the second time, suggesting a previous encounter. This scene playfully exaggerates the competitive and sometimes extreme lengths shoppers go to secure the best deals during the Black Friday sales.



24. A Wallet’s Tale of Woe

black friday deals and empty pocket

This meme humorously showcases the aftermath of Black Friday shopping, depicting a shopper’s realization of their now-empty wallet. It’s a light-hearted take on the common experience of overspending during the frenzy of holiday sales.



25. Grumpy Cat’s Dark Take on Black Friday Crowds

25 - How-Many-People-Got-Trampled-This-Black-Friday
Designed by UpnNext

In this meme, Grumpy Cat, with its trademark sullen expression, sarcastically inquires, “How many people got trampled this year on Black Friday?” Upon receiving a number, the cat’s response drips with sarcasm: “Not enough.” This darkly humorous take on the sometimes chaotic and overcrowded nature of Black Friday shopping highlights the cat’s cynical view of the event’s madness, making it a comically grim commentary on the extremes of holiday consumerism.



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26. Ooops….

26 - Shopping Black Friday But Owed Some Money

When you hear someone says they are going to Black Friday shopping but they owe you money.



27. Scenes of a Shopping Store before Opening

27 - Black-Friday-Shoppers-One-Minute-Before-Store-Opening
Source: Pinterest

Black Friday shoppers one minute before the store opens



28. Grumpy Cat’s Guilty Pleasure: Black Friday Mayhem from the Couch

28 - Black-Friday-Shoppers-Violence-News-Next-Day
Designed by UpnNext

The meme humorously suggests that the cat’s favorite part of Black Friday isn’t the shopping, but rather watching news reports about the chaos and shopper scuffles the next day. It’s a playful take on the hectic and sometimes over-the-top nature of Black Friday, as seen through the eyes of an amused, yet grumpy, feline spectator.



29. Black Friday Balloon Bonanza: A Celebration of Savings

29 - Discounts-Discounts-Everywhere
Designed by UpnNext

A vibrant scene in a shopping mall during Black Friday, where a crowd of shoppers is surrounded by colorful balloons, adding a festive air to the occasion. The image shows people with their arms raised in excitement, embodying the joy and enthusiasm that comes with the pursuit of great deals. The lively atmosphere and the sea of balloons create a sense of celebration, highlighting the festive and communal spirit that often accompanies the biggest shopping day of the year.



30. Black Friday as the ‘Hunger Games’: A Koala’s Whimsical Wish

30 - Black-Friday-Televised-Hunger-Games-Meme
Designed by UpnNext

This meme brings a humorous and imaginative twist to the shopping expedition, featuring a playful black and white koala against a colorful background. The bold text humorously reads, “I want Black Friday to be televised just like the Hunger Games,” suggesting a satirical desire for a more dramatic and competitive shopping experience. The addition of a whimsical bird and a stuffed koala bear adds to the playful and quirky nature of the meme, creating a lighthearted commentary on the consumer culture and excitement surrounding Black Friday.



A Brief History of Black Friday

Did you know Black Friday originated in the 1950s in Philadelphia? It marked the start of the Christmas shopping season, with “Black” referring to stores moving from the “red” to the “black,” back when accounting records were kept by hand, and red ink indicated a loss, and black a profit. Today, it’s a global phenomenon, with its own quirks and memorable moments, often captured in the memes we love to share.


The Social Phenomenon of Black Friday

Every year, as stores and malls overflow with eager shoppers, we witness a range of emotions – excitement, frustration, joy, and sometimes, the comical absurdity of it all. These memes offer a light-hearted reflection of these moments, allowing us to laugh at the shared experiences of shoppers worldwide.


Share the Laughter:

As you browse through these memes, remember to share them with friends, family, and colleagues. Spread the joy and humor that Black Friday brings, and don’t forget to check out our funny Black Friday quotes for more laughs.


Your Favorite Black Friday Meme:

Which one resonates with you the most?

Is it the early bird getting the best deals, or the online shopper avoiding the crowds?

Pick your favorite and share the laughter. Black Friday is not just a day for shopping; it’s a day to celebrate the lighter side of life.


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