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Short Dad Poems for Father’s Day

Let’s read a bunch of short poems for dad crafted with utter love and admiration. Explore heart-touching poems for father and dedicate him on the upcoming Father’s Day on June 19, 2022.


Poem #1

Happy Father’s Day to the greatest Dad,

Who always loved me even when I was bad.

I want to thank you for always being there,

It showed me that you really cared.

So, on this day I honor you,

And hope to see you very soon.


Poem #2

There are “good” Dads and “bad” Dads, but deep down they all care.

Some shine in a tux, others sitting in their underwear.

Whatever the occasion or event they come to,

Makes others happy and especially you.

So don’t be too hard on any dad at all,

Especially when they volunteer to chaperon the Ball.


Poem on Father #3

Happy Father’s Day I hope you enjoy,

The greetings you’ll get from each girl and boy.

You do so much every day of the year,

But on this special day we all give you a cheer.

Dad’s all come in many shapes and sizes,

And we kids always look forward to your wonderful surprises.


Short Dad Poem #4

Here’s a thought on Father’s Day,

Thank you dad, for teaching me to pray.

Sometimes you were on your knees late at night,

Wondering when I’d be safe and back in your sight,

Now with my own children coming soon,

Is there room beside you in that prayer room?



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Short Father Poem from Son #5

Father, Father how did you do it?

All those times when I surly blew it.

You kept your temper when I lost mine,

You somehow got me back in line.

I’m so happy that you cared so much,

To show amazing, unconditional love.


Poem for Fathers Day #6

A fun father is called a dad,

And you’re the best the best I ever had.

You may say, “I’m the only dad you ever knew,”

And although that statement might be true,

You made me happy when I was blue,

So that’s why I still say, “I Love You.”


Poem for Father’s Day #7

A Father’s wish for every child,

Is health and success and to live in style.

To have a better life then they had known,

And that their kids have a warm safe home.

My thoughts for fathers on this day,

How happy your children are, that you decided to stay.


Short Dad Poems #8

A Father’s day wish from the bottom of my heart,

Moms get so much credit, but you do your part.

Working hard from morning to night,

Sometimes later when you’re out of sight.

But you still found time to laugh and play,

So I wish you the Happiest Father’s Day.


Poem #9

A wish for Dads far and wide,

From the big cities, to the quite countryside.

What makes you all so very unique,

Is how you spend your busy week.

Some work in an office or on the assembly line,

But every dad is greater when he gives his time.

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