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27 Short Dad Poems (Father’s Day | Birthday | Death | in Heaven)

Welcome to this special blog featuring 27 short dad poems. The topics include funny, Father’s day, happy birthday, dad in heaven and even more. Get ready to express your gratitude with these brief yet meaningful verses.



Little Happy Birthday Dad Poems

These are 3 selected poems to wish your dad’s birthday.

If you are a daughter reading it here, find even bigger collection of happy birthday poems for dad from her daughter.

Small happy birthday dad poems

Poem #1

Let’s rejoice on this special day, filled with cheer,
A birthday celebration for you, Dad, my dear,
A cake adorned with candles, their glow so bright,
Laughter and fun soaring to new heights,
Here’s to you, our hero, both wise and strong,
May this day overflow with love, joy, and moments that belong.


Poem #2

In celebration, we embark on a birthday spree,
Dad, your presence fills our hearts with endless glee,
Together we’ve shared countless joys and fun,
But today, emotions run deep like the setting sun,
With tears in our eyes, we express our love anew,
For you, dear Dad, our gratitude forever true.


Poem #3

As we celebrate your special day, dear Dad,
Prepare yourself for a poem that’s oh-so-bad,
You’re getting older, that’s a fact, no doubt,
But hey, at least you’re not completely sold out,
Wrinkles and gray hair may be here to stay,
But your dad jokes still make us laugh, come what may!


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Short Dad Poems on his Death / Funeral

little dad poems funeral

Poem #4

On this somber day, my words may falter,
But my love for you, Dad, will never alter,
You were my compass, my unwavering support,
In your presence, I found solace and comfort,
Now tears cascade down my face, bittersweet,
Your memory etched in my heart, forever to keep.


Poem #5

In this moment of sorrow, my voice quivers,
For you, Dad, a soul that forever lingers,
Your presence, a beacon through life’s stormy sea,
Now you soar on wings of eternity,
Though tears may fall, memories bring solace and peace,
Your love, eternally cherished, will never cease.


Poem #6

In the realm of shadows, my heart stands still,
As I face the void, my spirit feels the chill,
Your absence looms, a star extinguished too soon,
Yet memories ignite, like flowers in bloom,
Though tears may fall, your spirit still resides,
In every breath I take, love never subsides.



Short Poems for Dad in Heaven

Poems for dad in heaven

Poem #7

In heavenly realms, where angels reside,
My thoughts of you, Dad, forever abide,
A gentle whisper, a touch in the breeze,
Your love, a flame that never will cease,
Though we’re apart, our souls interweave,
In eternal embrace, forever you’ll receive.


Poem #8

Through ethereal skies, your spirit soars,
In realms unknown, where serenity pours,
With every sunrise, your essence I see,
In gentle whispers of the wind, you speak to me,
Our bond transcends, beyond earthly strife,
In realms unseen, you’re forever my guiding light.


Poem #9

Among celestial stars, you’ve found your place,
A radiant soul, shining with grace,
In the depths of my heart, your love takes flight,
In dreams and memories, you’re forever in sight,
Though tears may fall, your spirit I embrace,
In heaven’s embrace, we’ll reunite, in eternal space.



Short Poems for Step Dads

short poems for step father

Here are some nice little poems for stepdad.

Poem #10

In the journey of life, fate brought us together,
A stepdad like you, a gem to treasure,
You embraced us with love, a role so dear,
Guiding and supporting, always being near,
Our bond, unbreakable, woven with care,
Stepdad, your presence, a gift beyond compare.


Poem #11

As fate led us down intertwining paths,
Your stepdad’s love, like a calming bath,
Through thick and thin, you stood right by our side,
Facing challenges together, we couldn’t hide,
In our hearts, forever you’ll hold a space,
Stepdad, your love, our eternal embrace.


Poem #12

Blended together, a family anew,
Stepdad, your love, like morning dew,
You’ve filled our lives with joy and cheer,
With every step, you’ve drawn us near,
A connection formed, unbreakable and strong,
Stepdad, in our hearts, you forever belong.

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Short Funny Father’s Day Poems

Funny Fathers Day Poems

Let’s share the joy as we bring you a handpicked selection of witty and entertaining couplets that celebrate the unique and humorous side of fatherhood.

Poem #13

To the greatest dad

Happy Father’s Day to the greatest Dad,

Who always loved me even when I was bad.

I want to thank you for always being there,

It showed me that you really cared.

So, on this day I honor you,

And hope to see you very soon.


Poem #14

Good dads and bad dads

There are “good” Dads and “bad” Dads, but deep down they all care.

Some shine in a tux, others sitting in their underwear.

Whatever the occasion or event they come to,

Makes others happy and especially you.

So don’t be too hard on any dad at all,

Especially when they volunteer to chaperon the Ball.


Poem #15

Your wonderful surprises

Happy Father’s Day I hope you enjoy,

The greetings you’ll get from each girl and boy.

You do so much every day of the year,

But on this special day we all give you a cheer.

Dad’s all come in many shapes and sizes,

And we kids always look forward to your wonderful surprises.


Poem #16

A thought on Father’s Day

Here’s a thought on Father’s Day,

Thank you dad, for teaching me to pray.

Sometimes you were on your knees late at night,

Wondering when I’d be safe and back in your sight,

Now with my own children coming soon,

Is there room beside you in that prayer room?



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Poem #17

Father, how did you do it?

Father, Father how did you do it?

All those times when I surly blew it.

You kept your temper when I lost mine,

You somehow got me back in line.

I’m so happy that you cared so much,

To show amazing, unconditional love.


Poem #18

I still say I love you

A fun father is called a dad,

And you’re the best the best I ever had.

You may say, “I’m the only dad you ever knew,”

And although that statement might be true,

You made me happy when I was blue,

So that’s why I still say, “I Love You.”


Poem #19

A father’s wish

A Father’s wish for every child,

Is health and success and to live in style.

To have a better life then they had known,

And that their kids have a warm safe home.

My thoughts for fathers on this day,

How happy your children are, that you decided to stay.


Poem #20

Moms get so much credit, but you do your part

A Father’s day wish from the bottom of my heart,

Moms get so much credit, but you do your part.

Working hard from morning to night,

Sometimes later when you’re out of sight.

But you still found time to laugh and play,

So I wish you the Happiest Father’s Day.


Poem #21

A wish for Dads far and wide,

From the big cities, to the quite countryside.

What makes you all so very unique,

Is how you spend your busy week.

Some work in an office or on the assembly line,

But every dad is greater when he gives his time.


Poem #22

When you bust a move, it’s like a giraffe

Dad, you’re my hero, strong and bold,
But your dance moves, they’re a sight to behold.
You try to be cool, but oh, what a laugh,
When you bust a move, it’s like a giraffe.

With socks and sandals, your signature style,
You rock the dad jokes that make us smile.
You’re the king of barbecues, a grill master supreme,
But when it comes to dancing, Dad, it’s quite the meme.


Poem #23

You funny dad, you’re a hit

Dad, you’re the master of jokes,
With puns and one-liners that evoke,
Laughs and eye-rolls, a mixed emotion,
But we wouldn’t have it any other way, no commotion.

On this special day, we honor your wit,
Happy Father’s Day, you funny dad, you’re a hit!


Poem #24

Forever grateful for the joy

To the raddest dad, both cool and kind,
On this epic day, you’re always on my mind.
Your jokes and pranks, always a laugh,
A master of fun, with a playful craft.

Through ups and downs, you’ve been my guide,
With you, I can surf any wild tide.
Happy Father’s Day, to the ultimate dad I know,
Forever grateful for the joy you continue to bestow.


Poem #25

Dad, my mighty knight

Dad, you’re a superhero, my mighty knight,
Your love and support, a beacon of delight.
With a belly laugh that shakes the ground,
You turn every frown into laughter profound.

Your bear hugs squish me, but I don’t mind,
In your embrace, warmth and love I find.
Happy Father’s Day, to the world’s funniest dad,
You bring joy and laughter, making us glad!


Poem #26

Daddy, my giggly guru

Daddy, you’re my giggly guru, so sky-high,
You rescue me when I trip, reaching for the sky.
Your goofy bear hugs and witty jests make me beam,
With you, every tick-tock brings a whimsical dream.

Happy Father’s Day, to the raddest dad in town,
I’m forever grateful, our bond is tightly wound.


Poem #27

You snore like a champion

Dad, your fashion sense is quite a scene,
Those high socks and sandals, so pristine.
Your jokes are cheesy, yet you never cease,
To make us groan and laugh in disbelief.

You snore like a champion, loud and clear,
Shaking the windows, causing quite the fear.
But despite it all, we love you so,
Dad, you’re the best, even with your quirks in tow!


Frequently asked questions

What is a good dad quote?

"The quality of a father can be seen in the goals, dreams, and aspirations he sets not only for himself but for his family." - Reed Markham

What is a short rhyme for Fathers Day?

On Father's Day, we celebrate, A dad who's simply first-rate. With love and gratitude we say, Happy Father's Day, today and every day!

What is a cool message for fathers day?

To the coolest dad around, You bring the fun, never a frown. On this special day, we celebrate you, For all the love and laughter you continue to imbue. Happy Father's Day to the one who's so cool, You're the best, no one can duel!

What are some catchy lines for father's day?

Following are some catchy lines you can say to your dad on the upcoming Father's Day.
  1. "Dad: my first hero, my forever guide."
  2. "Thanks for being the anchor in my stormy sea, Dad."
  3. "Dad, your love shapes my world in the most incredible ways."
  4. "The greatest gift I have is a father like you."


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