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15 Short Poems for Your Dad’s Birthday

I love my dad and I know you do too. So here are some nice short birthday poems to wish your dad on his upcoming special day. We have created funny, emotional, loving and caring, and some remembrance poems for your dad, from either a daughter or a son.

Hopefully, you will find the perfect poem you’re looking for.

Let’s carry on to read.



Short Birthday Poems for Dad from Daughter

Octaves (Eight line poems)

#1 – In celebration of your bright day

short birthday poem for father from a daughter

In celebration of your bright day,
Dad, my guiding star, I must say.
Your wisdom grows with every sun,
In your love, my heart’s always won.

On this special day, near and dear,
Our love for you, forever clear.
In your embrace, troubles fade away,
Happy Birthday, Dad, forever we’ll sway.



#2 – On this day, your special occasion, we celebrate

On this day, your special occasion, we celebrate

In your warm presence, I found my guiding light,
Dad, your love has brought me through every night.
On this day, your special occasion, we celebrate,
The man whose love is constant, strong, and great.

Through every challenge, you’ve been by my side,
Your wisdom and strength, in you, I take pride.
Dad, your day shines with radiant, brilliant might,
Happy birthday, my hero, my north star, so bright.



#3 – I offer love and wishes, hand in hand

I offer love and wishes, hand in hand

In your loving embrace, I find my way,
A daughter’s love, I proudly display.
With each passing year, your insights gleam,
In your warm presence, life’s sweetest dream.

Dad, on this special day that you were born,
My heart with gratitude is deeply torn.
For you, my hero, on this day so grand,
I offer love and wishes, hand in hand.


#4 – Dad, your love I’ll forever adore

On this day dear father we celebrate your light


On this day, dear father, we celebrate your light,
A man of strength and wisdom, forever shining bright.
Through years that swiftly passed, you’ve been a steady guide,
With every step, your love and grace by our side.

Now grown, I cherish memories, the lessons you have taught,
Your words, like hidden gems, in my heart they’re deeply wrought.
In your embrace, I found the strength to spread my wings and soar,
Dad, on this wondrous day, your love I’ll forever adore.



#5 – Dad, our affection for you forever grew

Dad Our Affection for You Forever Grew

On this special day, we fondly convey,
Happy Birthday, Dad, in every way.
You’ve been our shining light so keen,
Filling our lives with joy, it seems.

Your grace, your might, and love so dear,
Make you a father beyond compare.
Today, we celebrate you, it’s true,
Dad, our affection for you forever grew.


Sestains (Six line poems)

#6 – Today, your day shines so bright

In life’s intricate design, you stand so tall,
A guardian, my compass, never to fall.
In your love’s grand mosaic, colors rare,
Guiding light, a bond beyond compare.

Dad, today, your day shines so bright,
With heartfelt joy, and love’s pure light.



#7 – May your days be painted in love and gold

May your days be painted in love and gold

In celebration of your special day, dear Dad,
I write these lines, with love that’s never clad.
You’ve been my guide, my hero, through and through,
With every year, my admiration grew.
On this birthday, I wish you joy untold,
May your days be painted in love and gold.



#8 – In your arms, I’ve found my endless flight

In your arms, I've found my endless flight

On this day, dear Dad, with love profound,
I celebrate the man who’s always around.
Your strength and wisdom, like a guiding light,
Have warmed my heart through each day and night.

As candles glow, your smile shines bright,
In your arms, I’ve found my endless flight.



Short Birthday Poems for Dad from a Son

#9 – From a son whose dad is his superhero

Father, you’re the best, let’s celebrate today,
With cake and laughter in every way.
You are the hero in my life’s play,
In your love, I always stay.

With every year that comes our way,
You shine brighter, Happy Birthday!


#10 – From a loving son who seeks his father’s guidance

On Dad’s big day, I want to speak
In your wisdom, I trust and seek
You’re my guiding star, strong and meek
With you by my side, I find what I seek
Your smile, Dad, like sunshine’s warm streak
On your birthday, joy’s what we’ll reap


#11 – From a fifth grade son

Dad, on this special day so bright,
In every unique and heartfelt insight,

Though I’m in fifth grade, just begun this flight,
Your love is my guiding light.

In school, I learn with all my might,
But from you, I learn day and night.
Happy Birthday, Dad, my shining knight!


#12 – From a loving son whose dad is his ideal

In a world so bright, full of grace’s embrace,
I honor you, dear Dad, in this cherished space.
Through life’s winding roads, you’ve led my way,
Your insight, love, and guidance, a constant array.

With a heart filled with thanks, I stand tall,
Your wisdom lifted me, I never did fall.
On this day that’s yours, I want to convey,
Happy Birthday, dear Dad, in every single way!


#13 – From a college student son

In a world of endless space, you shine so far,
My North, my constant, like the northern star.
You’ve supported my dreams, my heart’s pure crush,
With your insight and fondness, my dreams take a hush.

Through every life chapter, you’ve been my steer,
Your strength and your care, forever by my side.
In your footsteps, I aim to tread,
Happy Birthday, Dad, with love widespread!


#14 – From a successful businessman son

In life’s vast portrait, as time unwinds,
A son reflects on what dear Dad defines.
Success achieved, yet carelessly I roam,
For you, dear father, have built me a home.

In boardrooms, I navigate the corporate sea,
Yet your wisdom guides me, keeps me carefree.
On this day, your birthday, I’m filled with pride,
To call you my dad, my anchor and guide.


#15 – Thankful to dad for financial and moral support

Dad, your birthday, a moment so grand,
With gratitude, I’d like to stand.
For your advice, your financial grace,
And the love that lights up every space.

You’ve been my mentor, strong and true,
In your footsteps, I gladly grew.
Happy Birthday, my guiding light,
In your love, I’ve traveled far and bright.



Hope you liked these poems. If you want more alike, see these short dad poems crafted on many different topics like Father’s Day, birthdays, funny, and more.

You can also find these poems in video form.


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