Mother’s Day Quotes from Son and Daughter

Mothers Day Verses for Cards 2017

Please your mom with best Mother’s Day quotes from son or daughter for 2020. We are sharing 20 beautiful sayings and wishes for your lovely mother.

  • Mothers Day Quote 1: Not Just Candy
  • Mothers Day Quote 2: A Mother's Desire
  • Mothers Day Quote 3: The Greatest Gift
  • Mothers Day Sms 4: A Mother's Heart Breaks
  • Mother's Day Quote 5: Some Children Never Understand
  • Mother's Day Wish 6: Here is a Thought
  • Mother's Day Wish 7: If you fail to show love
  • Mother's Day Msg 8: Never Take Your Mother For Granted
  • Mother's Day Wish 9: I Love You Mom
  • Mother's Day Message 10: Treating Your Mother
  • Mother's Day Msg 11: Everyday Should Be Mothers Day
  • Mother's Day Msg 12: There is Nothing in the World
  • Mother's Day Msg 13: Inspired by a Mothers Love
  • Mother's Day Msg 14: Mothers are Worth So Much More
  • Mother's Day Msg 15: People Say
  • Mother's Day Msg 16: Greatness is Cultivated
  • Mother's Day Quote 17: A Nation's Greatest Treasure
  • Mother's Day Msg 18: Mom Forgive Me
  • Mother's Day Msg 19: Treat Your Mother
  • Mother's Day Msg 20: A Mother's Labor


  1. Happy Mother’s Day; Not just candy and not just flowers, here’s to my mom, the woman of the hour!
  2. A Mother’s desire is not that her children grow up to be just like her; rather her dream is for them to be better than she could ever be.
  3. The greatest gift children can give to their moms on Mother’s day, is to give their heart to her. Just like she has always given to them.
  4. A mother’s heart breaks when a child disappoints. A mother’s heart leaps when a child wants to be just like her.
  5. Some children never understand their parents, until they become parents themselves.
  6. Here is a thought, you only have one mother; treat her with respect, she is the only one you will ever get.
  7. If you fail to show love to your own mother, what kind of example is that to your own children.
  8. Never take your mother for granted, there are millions of people who no longer have one.
  9. I love you mom, forgive me if there is ever a day I forget to tell you.
  10. Try treating your mother like a queen; you might just get the “Royal Treatment” yourself.
  11. Everyday should be Mother’s Day, because mothers give so much every day.
  12. There is nothing in the world that I could give my mother, which would come close to the world my mother gave me.
  13. Inspired by a mother’s love, held up by a mother’s prayer. I am challenged to be and do more than I can in my own strength.
  14. Mothers are worth so much more than candy and flowers. Let them know that, every day of their lives.
  15. People say, “Time heals all wounds,” but a mother’s kiss takes the hurt away.
  16. Greatness is cultivated by mother’s who have a green thumb.
  17. A nation’s greatest treasure is not silver and gold. A nation’s greatest treasures are mothers that are bold.
  18. Mom, forgive me when I fail to live up to your expectations. Inspire me to go beyond my own expectations. Then, maybe we will not be surprised, when I do something no one thought possible.
  19. Treat your mother to the very best day possible, and then possibly she will have her very best day ever.
  20. A mother’s labor during childbirth is only the beginning of her “Labor of Love.”


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