Mother’s Day Notes for Cards, Flowers, Grandma, Mom and for Wife

Explore big collection of notes and Mothers Day messages for cards, flowers, friends, mom and grandma for the year 2018. We have jotted of notes for the day, celebrated for moms.

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Mother’s Day Notes to Mom

Mother’s day messages and notes are a beautiful reminder of gratitude and love to your mom. It is a heartfelt way to return the favor for the endless nights she sat up for you, cuddling your body and shielding you against fevers, nightmares and the monsters underneath your bed. Mom is the only person who believed in me, even at times when I didn’t, she always rooted for my success.

  • I am really thankful to you mom for the hardships, endurance and sufferance you undertook for me. You have done a lot for me which I could never pay back. I can’t really tell how much I love you. I’m proud of you mom.

    I wish you a heartiest Mother’s Day.

    Please make a promise this day that you would always stay happy.
    Keep smiling Mom!

  • For the queen of every family, the one that makes everything better.

  • Mother is the essence of the universe, the core of our existence and our greatest love.

  • I know it’s your day, but it’s my present to have you and to feel your warm embrace.

  • Being proud of your mother is the biggest gift a child could ever have and you have made me proud my entire life!

  • The love you have given to me from the day I was born has helped shape the person I am today!


Mother's Day Notes to Mom


Mother’s Day Notes for Card

Jotting down mother’s day messages for cards is always a special memory that allows our mothers to feel special. And why not? These are the real-life superwomen who run our worlds and keep us safe against all harms and threats. On this Mother’s day, we want to tell you how special and important you are to our sanity.

  • The first and purest love is the love for a mother and we are blessed to have that love with us.
  • Your motherly love transcends generations and blesses the family with wisdom and care.
  • For a mother that makes us better people day by day and gives us the love that makes us stronger.
  • Mother is the name we give to the person that takes care of us and teaches us the meaning of love!
  • My love for you is greater than you could possibly imagine because you have always made me feel loved and safe!


Mother’s Day Notes to Grandma

Grandma is the most important person in the family for she is the woman who brought your mom into this world, and if you’re writing down a good notes to mom, you better write one for grandma too.

Happy Mothers day notes to grandma are all about the love and kindness, and those endless hours of baking to cook up all your favorite treats.

  • For the one that knows best, the one that has been there for all of us.
  • For the one that started it all, the strongest and wisest member of the family.
  • The wisdom of your motherly love is our greatest gift and we cherish it as our greatest treasure.
  • For a mother that has seen her family grow with the impeccable example of her warmth and care!
  • You are the main pillar that will always strengthen the core of this family!

Mother's Day Notes for Grandma


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Mother’s Day Notes to Wife

Looking for Mothers day notes to wife?

Yeah, you’ve got it!

Writing a heartfelt note to your wife is extremely essential to make sure your children learn to appreciate their mommy from your example. And she deserves all the adoration and appreciation she can get, for the mother of your children is the most powerful force in your world, making sure you are comfortable and happy every second of the day.

  • My joy is to watch you spread your motherly love to our entire family every single day.
  • You are the heart of this home and the solid structure that holds this family together.
  • For the woman, the friend, the guide, the mother, the partner and the one that makes us better people.
  • You are a perfect example of a dedicated wife, but you are the ultimate example of an outstanding mother.
  • I’m proud to be with a loving, caring, selfless woman who excels as a mother and inspires me to be a better man.


Mother’s Day Notes for Flowers

Mom notes for flower arrangements need to be delicate and crisp, little tokens of appreciation for the most important woman in your life. Without mom, nothing would be as simple as she makes it seem. She deals with all the petty and big problems before they reach you, she is our one true savior, and on this day, we need to show her the love we never find time to show.

  • These flowers symbolize our admiration for you and gratitude for the love that you have shared to nurture our souls.
  • The ultimate gift for our lives is your presence and your endless supply of love and warmth.
  • For the true center of our hearts and the light that guides this family forward with love and care.
  • For a woman who inspires those around her with her honesty, her commitment and her motherly love.
  • A million flowers are not enough to explain how much admiration and love we have for you!


Mother’s Day Notes to a Friend

Here are some decent happy Mothers Day messages for friends; let’s choose one for your friend and share the love.

  • For a mother that always makes time for her friends, but never forgets the value and importance of keeping her children happy!
  • You are an amazing friend, but you are a truly outstanding and admirable mother!
  • Being a mother is something that you do very well and being a great friend is a reflection of that!
  • A good friend and a perfect example of dedication and commitment as a mother!
  • For a friend, who is also a mom, and is incredibly good at being both of those things!


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