Mother’s Day Letters from Son

It’s a good idea to write any of the letters on a beautiful postcard for mothers. If you are a son and want to write some great lines to your mother, find the best Happy Mother’s Day letters to mom from a son in 2023. Read all the letters and choose the perfect one to send to your mom. Moreover, you can also send these letters through email (if she uses one).


Sample Mother’s Day Letters from Sons

Letter #1

Dear Mom,

There’s so much that I could say, but I don’t feel like it’s enough. You’ve always been there to cheer me on even when I said I didn’t want you to and even when I told you that it was embarrassing. I guess you knew that I would always need you in my corner. And you’ve always been in my corner. Whether I was playing sports, or whether I was struggling with homework, and even when I struggled with girls.

As I grow older, I realize just how much you did for me and just how little appreciation that I showed you. So I want to apologize for that, but also to let you know that I really do love you, and I really do thank you for everything that you did for me. You helped me grow up into the man that I am right now, and you taught me what type of woman that I want to pursue.

I hope that you enjoy your day and know you are truly loved as a mother and as a friend.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom,


Your son


Letter #2

Dear Mom,

If adulthood has taught me anything, it’s taught me that life and always be planned. You taught me that. You taught me that part of growing up was working hard and being the best that I could be.

I saw you work hard for our family. I saw all the sacrifices that you made, and I realized all the times that we were ungrateful for them. So today, I want to change that. Today, I want to thank you for not only being my mom, but for also being my hero. I’m grown up now, and I realize that I’m never going to stop needing you.

You’re always going to have lessons to teach me, and I’m always going to be your baby boy who just needs to call his mom. But even though I realize that I will still always need you, I also realize that you need me. You need me to remind you just how amazing you are and how much I love you.

So happy Mother’s Day today Mom. You are amazing and I love you.


Your son


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Letter #3

Dear Mom,

Now that I’m all grown up, and I have a wife, I’m constantly amazed that everything that she does for our children. Because of that, I’m constantly amazed at remembering everything that you did for me.

As a boy, I took for granted the Band-Aids that you provided for scraped knees, the tissues that you provided for tears, and all the sacrifices that you made to make sure that I was fed , clothed, and safe at night. So, as a husband and a father now, I want to let you know that I remember everything that you did, and I love you for it. Not only that, but I love you for the fact that you taught me to look for a woman to be my wife who has same characteristics that you do.

My children always ask me to tell them stories about when I grew up, and those stories always seem to have a lesson in them that you taught me. Thank you for being an awesome mom. I hope that you know that I always love you, and I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day.


Your son


Letter #4

Dear mom,

You’ve always been a great mom, but even more than that, you’ve always been there when I didn’t know what to do.  Whenever I was upset, you encouraged me and it was your support that made me what I am today.

On this Mother’s Day I want to express my gratitude, love and thankfulness to you. I miss you a lot! Though, I am not a little kid today but for you mom, I would always remain a little dupe kid. I always need your support. I seek your tap on my back in my everyday life. I want the confidence you gave me and the strength I obtained from your care and love.

You knew exactly what I needed to do, and you guided me through. You always know when I need you even when I don’t.

So, I want to thank you.  I know you say it’s women’s intuition, but I know it’s just your love.

Happy Mother’s Day,

Your Son.


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Letter #5

Dear mom,

You are the best. You care for me even when you don’t have time to care for yourself. You not only take care of our family, but you always go above and beyond. I have a Mother’s Day present for you. Remember when I played baseball. You would come to all my games and cheer so loud until I told you that I was embarrassed and asked you to stop cheering. You did, and I know that it was hard for you. But then there was the game—the big game. We were all there, but coach had an emergency. We had to have a coach, or the team would have to forfeit. You stepped up even though the only things about baseball you knew from watching us play. You came through and even tried to talk like the coach, give us tips, and cheer for us. We won that game, and I don’t think I said it before, but it was because of you.

So, I brought you a trophy. Not for being a coach, but for being an awesome mom who always steps up to the plate in my life.

Happy Mother’s Day,

Your son.


Bottom line

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