Mother’s Day Poems (from Son or Daughter)

Mother’s day is the only day in a calendar year that is dedicated to mothers around the world. Here are 9 beautiful Mothers Day poems that can be presented from a son or daughter. Let’s pick a nice heart-touching poem for your beloved mom.


Poem # 1

One day for mothers, is that all you get?

You’ve given so much more, I’ll never forget.

For giving me life, then all those life lessons,

Always being there for me has been quite a blessing,

So go ahead Mom and take two days off,

But don’t go too far, I think I may have a cough.

Poem # 2

When I was young you cared for me,

Changing my diapers, till I learned to go pee.

Now that I’m older you still care every day,

So here are a couple things I just have to say,

“Happy Mother’s Day; don’t know what I’d do without you?”

 You’ve stayed with me in good and bad, and your love has proven true!

Poem # 3

A mother’s heart, a mother’s prayer,

Is to love her children and always care.

You’ve shown that to me time and again,

I guess that has always been part of your plan.

Happy Mother’s Day, to the best mom around,

I hope at least this day has more smiles than frowns.


Poem # 4

Recently, I started thinking what to get you for Mother’s Day,

Something meaningful? Something practical? Something to play?

Then I decided that words last longer than chocolates and flowers,

And won’t have vanished in just a few hours.

So here’s what I came up, the words I would say,

Have a playful, meaningful and practical, “Happy Mother’s Day.”

Poem #5

Here’s a “Smart” “Mother’s Day Card,”

It’s user-friendly and not terribly hard.

The part that says “Happy Mother’s Day,”

Can easily be changed to say “Hip Hip Hooray!”

Then you can use it over and over and over again,

For any occasion, It’s a Win Win Win Win!

Poem # 6

I know you wanted more on this Mother’s Day,

Then a dumb card I bought upon the way.

So I went out and bought some chocolates and removed just a few,

Then wrapped the rest up to give them to you.

But forgot which was which on the way home,

And I ate them both and wrote you this poem.

Mother’s Day Poem # 7

There’s no way to tell you what you mean to me,

Mom, you know you are the perfect mother for me.

Strict when I needed rules, supportive when I went to school.

Kind when I made mistakes and loving when my heart would break.

Most of all, you gave me life and taught me so much more,

So here’s to you, the best mom, anyone could ever have asked for.

Mothers Day Poem from Son or Daughter

Poem # 8

I could work all my life, trying to repay the debt I owe,

From all you’ve done for me and the love you show.

Mom, I know you gave me more than just this life,

You gave me purpose to rise above my strife.

So this Mother’s Day I want to give a little back to you,

Mom, you’re the greatest and I’ll always love you.

 Short Mothers Day Poems 2017

Kid’s Mother’s Day Poem # 9

I tried to make your favorite pie, to share this Mother’s Day,

But I’m no baker and I had to throw it away.

Then I tried to paint a portrait of your beautiful face,

But again, I am no artist and it was a huge mistake..

So I ended up remembering when you made your biggest smile,

Was the time I simply sat with you and talked awhile.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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