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Mother’s Day Gifts for Moms Over 70

Find a beautiful, trendy, and comfortable selection of Mother’s Day gifts for moms over 70.

Mother’s Day is a fabulous occasion, as it allows us the opportunity to shower our mothers with unconditional love and thank them for all the love and care we have received throughout our lives. Shopping for an elderly mom above 70 can be a little tricky because not only is she unamused with fancy gifts, but she also has a knack for appreciating gifts that add value to life.

We’ve picked out a lovely assortment of actually useful and value-adding gifts that are bound to be cherished by your mom, for they are all indicators of thoughtfulness and gestures marked with care.

Here, take a look at:


1. Smart Home Assistant

Smart Home Assistant

Elderly individuals often find it difficult to perform some of the basic tasks, at times they struggle to switch on lights, operate certain appliances and other minor chores that can be automated with the help of technology. If you really want to innovate her life, gift her the technological independence of living in a smart home powered by Apple or even Google Assistant. Amazon has so many options that are user-friendly and easy to use. This is a remarkable gift that will truly add value to her life, especially if she is a single parent and lives alone.

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2. Flower Pots and Garden Planters

Flower Pots and Garden Planters

Helping your elderly mom carve out a harmonious and healthy environment to give her peace and tranquility during the days you’re not around should be your foremost priority. Woman adore nestling and nurturing life, and presenting her with a lovely assortment of planters, pots and flowers will help add beauty to her surroundings, an added advantage is your mother is an avid gardener and enjoys nurturing her garden in her free time. Turns out, Amazon has some amazing deals and offers to scoop up.

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3. Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Mothers over 70 usually tend to suffer from a wide range of chronic health issues, which mainly effect their memory, mood and overall bodily health. Now, you can always book them a one-time massage or aromatherapy session, but gifting them a variety of essential oils will serve to be a long-lasting session of rejuvenation and recuperation that your mom can reach out for whenever the pain of her arthritis or her soaring blood pressure levels begin to bother her. It’s a gift that will truly make a difference. We’ve picked out some of the best aromatherapy sets to grab from Amazon!

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4. A Classy Handbag

Classy Handbags for Women

Even though moms over 70 tend to be extremely frugal while spending money on themselves, a sharply structured and classy handbag is something no woman can resist, regardless of her age.

Naturally, this is a gift she will cherish as it will allow her to step out with a brand new accessory that will garner compliments, something that will remind her of the kind thoughts and love you put into the gift. Think about investing in a good leather bag with a neutral color, and amazon has such a budget-friendly and trendy variety.

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5. Adorable Mother’s Day Tapestries

Mothers Day Tapestry

Shower your elderly mother and the grandmother of your children with a collective dose of family love with a lovely tapestry that carves out a lovely poem or quote about the value of a mother. This will be an object she is bound to cherish, and she can hang it in her surroundings to be reminded of the bond she shares with you and your family.

These tapestries are ready made, ready-to-gift item that you can just get delivered to your beloved elderly mom. If you buy any of these from Amazon, you can get them at an economical price with free shipping to your mother. And, we can realize that Mother’s Day is the best time to express your gratitude and love to the mother.

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6. Bath & Body – Special Mother’s Day Gift Set

Bath and Body Products

It’s incredible how grandmothers tend to be busier individuals than moms, as they are entirely devoted to baking treats and goodies for their cherished grandchildren.

So, here’s an idea to help your elderly mom carve out some me-time with luxurious bath and body products, organic fruit-infused shower gels, body creams, and other foaming products, perhaps even a bath bomb, to allow her some fun in the tub.

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7. Senior Mattresses, Premium Quality, Comfortable

Senior Mattresses

Most elderly women tend to suffer from knee pains, joint pains and even some degenerative muscle ailments, and with such a condition, it can be very difficult to get a good night’s sleep. Buying her an expensive and premium quality mattress specifically designed for the elderly will help get all her beauty sleep to stay energetic and active despite the severity of her symptoms. Amazon has a stellar variety that can specified to cater to her specific ailments.

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8. Electric Massagers

Electric Massagers

Yet another gift that will add value to her life for years to come. Booking a one-time massage is one thing, but providing her with an appliance that she can use for rejuvenation and relaxation anytime she wants is a more long-lasting gift that she will cherish for the benefits it will provide her.

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9. Decorative Ceramic Jars

Decorative Ceramic Jars

Surprise her with an antique-style treat jar where she can stock up all her baking pride that she stocks up for her grandchildren and kids. She will always cherish the addition of another cookie jar or ceramic jar to add beauty to her counter. It is not only a gift to your mom but also a symbol of perfect love from her offspring.

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10. Beads Mala

Beads Mala

A spiritual and thoughtful gift that will add beauty to her persona, along with allowing her to recuperate her strengths from the healing powers of the precious gems and stones. Be sure to do some research on the significance of the beads you pick out, and select a combo that bests suits the needs of her life journey.

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2 years ago

what bullshit.
Wold you like any of the above forementioned clutter thrown your way when your kids arrived?

PLEASE, the best gift is your presence more than once a year.


Son of a forgotten mother…