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Happy Birthday Mom Poems (from Son or Daughter)

Hey, is it your mother’s birthday coming up? Here are 5 special happy birthday mom poems that you can present to her. Each poem consists of 10 lines, written heartily for a mother. No matter you’re a son or daughter, these poems will work for you.


5 Birthday Poems for Mom from Son or Daughter

Poem #1

To the greatest mom ever,
This Birthday card is really quite clever.
It makes you feel all warm inside,
To know your child is full of pride.

To care enough to honor you,
And wish you blessings and happiness too.
You’ll never know how much you mean to me,
I’m so glad to be a branch of your family tree.

Here’s a fact that is not obscure,
I’m your greatest fan, and that’s for sure.
Happy Birthday Mom!


Poem #2

If there was a contest for the “World’s Greatest Mother,”
You’d win for sure, ‘cause you’re like no other.
You know the right words to calm my fears,
And love me even when I cause you tears.

When I am sad, you hold my hand through it,
And when I have a dream, you help me pursue it.
When I’m tempted to get mad, you remind me not to blow it.
By being the best example, you don’t just say; you actually show it.

On this day we show our love and wish to honor you,
Happy Birthday Mom, with blessings for the whole year through.


Poem #3

Happy Birthday Mom, let’s give out a shout!
To the woman who carried me, till it was time to come out.
And there’s something more amazing than that,
You still carry me; that’s an absolute fact.

I may not be with you, or see you each day,
But you lift me up each time that you pray.
So I wish to lift you higher than others,
And thank you mom, for being my mother.

Celebrate today and know you’ll get through,
It’s one day of the year, others should wait upon you.


Poem #4

I don’t know how you do all that you do,
Sometimes I bet you feel like a keeper of the zoo.
The house, the kids, and all those other chores,
Not much sleep at night, since Dad really snores.

Yet every year, you seem to get stronger and stronger,
Even when your days get longer and longer.
So take a break and put up your feet,
It’s your birthday today, you deserve the treat.

Let others give you, what eludes you most days,
Gratitude and attention and tons of praise.


#5 (Funny Poem for Mom’s Birthday)

A funny thing happened when I went to get your gift,
The dog ate the package, so I was quite miffed.
I grabbed some paper and my trusty pen,
And started this project all over again.

So here’s your card; I hope you like it.
At least it’s not eaten and I know it will fit.
I could never lie to you; I made up the dog story,
But if “it’s the thought that counts,” I thought about calling him Rory.

And this is the second card I made, the kids colored the first one.
Ok, I don’t have kids, but you knew that ‘cause I’m your son..
Happy Birthday to you MOM!!!



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