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Happy Birthday Mom Wishes (from Son or Daughter)

For anyone, mother’s birthday is the most special day, certainly. Here are 20 very special birthday wishes for mom from both son and daughter. So pick the most perfect message and wish your mom. These wishes contain funny, warm and heart-touching texts. Let’s read on.


Happy Birthday Mom Wishes from Son

  1. Happy Birthday Mom, you are one of a kind! I hope this day is as special as you are.
  2. Three cheers for “Good Old Mom.” Except, you’re not old and you are more great than good. So, if you’re not my mother there is very little to cheer about. Oh well, “Happy Birthday” whoever you are!
  3. Mommy had a beautiful smile; her teeth were white as ever. She had the dentist “Cap” them all, which was so very clever. Happy Birthday Mom.
  4. Mom, you taught me if I want to find happiness and laughter, make sure money and fame aren’t the only things I seek after. Happy Birthday!
  5. It’s your birthday Mom, I hope you’re happy. I got you the same thing that I got Pappy. It was easy to wrap and just your size. That’s right mom, I’m still the “Apple of your Eyes.”
  6. To my wonderful mother who is like no other. Let this meal be my treat to you. Have anything on the menu you’d like. I will treat you just like you did when I was growing up. “Waiter, please bring us two children’s menus.
  7. Last year I got you a card for your birthday and I hope you brought it with you. Because this year I got you something even better. I brought a pen so we can fill it out together. Next year, I may even get an envelope, as long as you bring the stamp!
  8. You are sweet and kind and I hope your birthday is kind of sweet, just like you, Mom.
  9. I went out of my way to get you the perfect gift for your birthday. I could have picked it up on the way, but I left my wallet in my other pants. Happy Birthday, Mom.
  10. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday, dear Mom, Happy Birthday to you. Since there is no longer a copy write on this song, I could finally afford to sing it to you!


Happy Birthday Mom Messages From Daughter

  1. Happy Birthday Mom. I bought you a cake, because I never learned to bake. If I made you a dress, it would be a mess. I’m really not sure what you taught me when I was young? But I did buy this card; See how smart I’ve become!
  2. I have three wishes for your birthday, Mom. I wish you health, happiness, and honesty. That last one comes from me wishing I honestly become like you some day.
  3. It’s your birthday mom, stay out of the kitchen, and just relax. I’ll do all the work; now where is the phone number for the Pizza Guy?
  4. When I was little I wanted to grow up to be just like you. Mom. The problem is, you keep getting better with age, and I keep getting older as I get better.
  5. Mom, they say it is never right to ask a woman her age? So, I won’t ask and simply assume you are old enough to be my mother. I am so glad I am just a teenager for the rest of my life.
  6. This birthday, let’s try something different. I think I will knit you a sweater. Except, I don’t have any yarn and I don’t know how to knit. So I guess I will just get you a gift card again, but this time there will be actual money on the card.
  7. I want to make a toast for you on your birthday, Mom. But I could not remember if you prefer white or wheat?
  8. There have been many great speeches for many special occasions. And your birthday should be no exception. But, without a speechwriter, all I could come up with was this,” I love you Mom, Happy Birthday.
  9. Here is a birthday thought that will give you nightmares. You have probably already had more birthdays than you will ever have in the future. Happy Birthday Mom! Whoops, I just used up another one.
  10. Some day we will look back on this day and both laugh. You will laugh when you realize I got you the exact same birthday card as last year. And, I will laugh because I bought the cards in bulk hoping you would never notice!


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