People who worked in the Armed Forces command respect from people of their respective countries. In the USA too, there are many days dedicated to honoring the veterans who served in the US military. Veterans Day is one of them. It is a federal holiday Celebrated in the US on 11th November every year. This is the same day which is observed as Armistice Day and Remembrance Day in other countries such as Germany. In 2019, Veterans Day falls on Monday, Nov 11.


What is Veterans Day?

Veterans Day is a day of celebration in the USA, because it is a federal holiday in the country. On this day, Americans all over the world devote some time in their lives to thank the military personnel (living and the ones martyred) for serving their nation and safeguarding them. Most of the government offices, schools and other businesses are off on this day, so that people can pay their homage to the military personnel.

When Veterans Day falls on a Sunday, the US citizens get to celebrate this day the succeeding Monday or preceding Friday, according to their rules. If for unavoidable reasons, you have to work on Veterans Day, you will get additional payment along with your regular wages.


Significance of the date: Nov 11

Have you ever wondered why Veterans Day is observed on November 11th in the USA? It is because it was on the 11th hour of 11.11 that the hostilities between the countries that participated in World War 1 ended. The Armistice with Germany was implemented at 11 AM on 11.11. In the year 1954, this Armistice Day came to be observed as Veterans Day in the USA.

The First Armistice Day was celebrated on 11th November 1919. It was during this time that the then US President Woodrow Wilson issued a message to his citizens on the significance of this day.


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Why Veterans Day is celebrated – A brief history

In the year 1938, November 11th was declared a legal holiday in the USA. It was agreed that on this day people would only think about world peace and gratitude for the people who were working in the US military forces. Till 1954, Veterans Day was celebrated as Armistice Day. It was only when the Congress party made the necessary amendment to the bill in 1954 that Armistice was replaced with Veterans. For proposing this change and fighting for the Veterans Day to be declared as a federal holiday in the USA, Congressman Rees from Kansas was bestowed with the first National Veterans Award in 1954.


Celebrations & events

Veterans Day Parades are very common on 11.11 every year in the USA. Special services are conducted in churches to honor the living military personnel on this day. In some important places, you will see that the American flag is hung at half-mast as a token of respect to the ones who are currently employed with the military.

In churches, offices and other institutions that are open on 11.11, special assemblies are conducted at exactly 11 AM and the people observe two minutes of silence during this time to respect the military personnel.