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In this section, we share greetings, wishes, poems, gift ideas, memes and all resources you would need to celebrate the new year eve. UpnNext.com designs and offers new year stuff for every user persona, such as poems from mothers to son and vice versa. Similarly, wishes from son to mom and vice versa.



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How Do We Describe the New Year?

This is the first day of another year dated January 1st. The year counter increases by one, as this time we are getting ready to celebrate the arrival of the year 2021.

As there are 365 days in the year, the last day falls on December 31st; after that we observe the first day, January 1st of the next year.

The calendar we follow in the US is Georgian calendar which is by far the mostly followed calendar system throughout the world. There have been various calendars prevailing in the world in different times, some of which are still observed in rare areas. Some contrasting calendars include Chinese, Roman and Julian.



From the farthest east point, where the new year’s sun is seen the first, the celebrations and fireworks goes on to the farthest west. The New Year celebrations start from New Zealand where the newest sun of the year starts rising, then it comes to Australia, Far East Asia, South Asia, Middle East, Europe, and then enters USA.

New Year Celebrations start with fireworks, get together parties, cutting cakes, sending wishes, gifts and enjoying the time with friends and family. In many cultures, January 1st is observed as a national holiday as well.



In USA, the most remarkable tradition for the coming year is Dropping of the Giant Ball. The activity takes place at the Times Square in the New York city. There a huge crowd reaches the place at midnight to watch the ball dropping activity. This tradition has a long history, in fact, since 1907. The ball weights around 12,000 pounds, and it has a 12 feet diameter. Many American cities have adopted the ritual and accordingly similar events are organized in different locales. Other than the ball, in the local events, different other items are dropped such as pickles, possums etc. as the clock strikes the 00:00 on the New Year’s Eve.



The most primitive New Year Celebrations are found 4,000 years back in the era of ancient Babylon. According to Babylonians, the new year started on the day when there was an equal amount of sunlight and darkness. That day that time usually fell in the late March. Babylonians observed the new year with a religious festival known as Akitu. The celebrations incorporated different activities prolonged to 11 days.