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Happy Birthday Dad Poems

Here are 5 special and heart-touching birthday poems for dad from a son or daughter. Let’s find the perfect poem for your father and dedicate a wonderful one on your number 1’s birthday.


5 Birthday Poems for Dad from Son or Daughter

Dad Birthday Poem #1

It’s your birthday dad, what do you want to do?
Go to the movies and dinner or maybe the zoo?
How about something special like a big football game?
Or maybe a concert to see good old what’s his name?

Maybe we could try that new restaurant, the one down the block?
I heard their stew is made from the very best stock?
I know, you could find a flashy new suit and tie?
Or some other garment that might catch you eye?

What’s that? You say you have everything a man could ever need?
Well then dear Father, could I borrow some please?


Dad Birthday Poem #2

Happy Birthday Dad, I  almost got you the perfect thing,
An all-in-one programmable remote control for everything.
You could have sat in your chair and turned on the TV,
The Blu-ray, the radio, even the player for your MP3s.

Then I got to the check-out and thought of how freeing it would be,
And bought you this card and kept the controller for me.
I’m not really selfish and I hope you don’t mind,
I would only have borrowed it later, because you’re so kind.

So by saving that long step in our usual routine,
I can take you to dinner (as long as you pay), if you know what I mean.


Dad Birthday Poem #3

Dad, it’s your birthday, and I am going to be sincere,
So listen carefully, but don’t shed any tears.
You are the greatest dad I have ever known,
Except for Billie’s, Jonny’s, Mary’s, Oh, and of course Joan’s.

But that puts you in the top five, and that’s not too bad,
As far as Dad’s go, you’re the best that I’ve had.
When other kids say how great their dads are,
I usually tell them, “My dad has a car.”
(And we both know you don’t)

That might not make you sound like you’re in the top three,
But I still love you dad, because you’re perfect for me.


Dad Birthday Poem #4

“You’re incredible.” “I agree.” “How do you do it?”
I may not have said those exact words, since the day I was three,
But I say them today so your birthday’s happy.
Once in a while, we need to let our love show,
So Dad, you’re amazing and I want the whole world to know.

When I was younger, I learned everything from you,
My numbers, the alphabet, even how to tie shoes.
Now that I’m older, you still teach me so much,
How to love, how to listen, how to stay in touch.

So, no matter how long or far away I may be,
I’ll never forget to say “Happy Birthday to thee.”


Dad Birthday Poem #5

It’s about time I got this off of my chest.
“Dad, I think you are simply the best.”
I know it’s your birthday and we’re supposed to say things like that,
But this time I mean it, and that’s not idle chat.

I don’t know where I would go, or what I would be,
If it weren’t for your love and example to me.
When I was little, I always looked up to you,
Even though I’m a foot taller, I still find that true.

You’ve been more than a father; you are truly my dad,
My hero, my motivator, the best anyone could have.


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