Flower Places That Deliver

Flower Places That Deliver in USA
[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]Wanna look up ‘flower places that deliver’ or ‘flower delivery near you’?

Here at UpnNext.com we have listed down a list of flower shops in 40 cities of USA. If you are instantly looking for a holiday florist in your city, just choose your city and find it out. In addition, see a list of Mother’s Day notes to write on a flower bouquet to your mom or grandma.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]

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Flower Places in New York City

Scotts Flowers NYC


B/t Avenue of the Americas & 5th Ave
Midtown West, New York, NY 10018
Contact Number: (646) 586-9231
Website: www.scottsflowersnyc.com

According to the reviews provided for Scotts Flowers NYC, they seem to be moderately priced, open from Monday to Saturday from 8:30 AM until 6:00 PM. Home delivery can be provided by visiting their pet-friendly, accessible store which accepts credit cards as well. Choose from ‘Upper East Side’ a timeless arrangement of white roses and baby’s breath; ‘Tulip Time’ wild, colorful tulips, or ‘Red Hook’ – a contemporary arrangement of red roses within a globular glass bowl. Your order for flowers can be for just about any occasion, and Scotts Flowers’ range of over ninety floral arrangements are ideal for just about anyone.


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Flower Places in Austin

Freytag’s Florist

Location Freytag’s Florist:

Freytag’s Florist
2211 W Anderson Ln
Austin, TX 78757
Contact Number:
(800) 252-9145 (toll-free)
(512) 371-5640
Website: www.freytagsflorist.com


Established in 1973, Freytag’s has stood the test of time. Its owner Ken Freytag was formally recognized for as one of America’s leading one hundred florists in the year 1984 and is presently ranked within the top fifty. Their extensive range of flowers and plants include roses, daisies, orchids, lilies, and blooming plants.

Their floral consultant and store opening hours are from Monday to Friday, from 7:30 AM until 6:00 PM; Saturday, from 8:00 AM until 1:00 PM. Home delivery options are available within Austin on same day basis.

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Flower Places in Washington D.C

Little Shop of Flowers


2421, 18th Street Northwest,
Washington, DC 20009
Contact Number: 202-387-7255
Website: www.littleshopofflowersdc.com


A quintessential flower shop located in central Adam Morgan, Little Shop of Flowers has a rich history spanning over 25 years. This florist’s expertise is in many areas such as banquets, wedding receptions, events, conferences, or just simple floral arrangements for special occasions.

Their classic ‘Dozen Roses in a Vase’ retails at US$ 125 with 12 stunning long stems beautifully decorated in a glass vase accented by Queen Anne’s delicate lace.

The ‘Wonderful White’ is perfect for special moments like Mother’s Day or as a simple arrangement to express gratitude retailing between US$ 100 – 150. Unlike many florists in the USA, they are open on Sunday until 5:00 PM, and on all other days, their business hours are from 9:00 AM until 7:00 PM. Home deliveries are provided.

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Flower Places in Seattle

Ballard Blossom Inc.


1766, Nw Market St,
Seattle, WA 98107
Contact Number:
888-782-4213 (Toll-Free)
Website: www.ballardblossom.com


A proud florist in Seattle that does deliveries within Seattle and many cities within the United States retails a wide and fresh assortment of seasonal flowers to complement life’s many gift-giving occasions. They are a part of the prestigious network ‘FTD Florists’ and are one of the flower places that deliver when you cannot be there in person.

They are a holiday florist that has special arrangements for Easter, Women’s Day, Mother’s Day and in addition have customizable corsages as well.

Their same day delivery service extends to the floral arrangements that are within Seattle; their domestic delivery rates within the United States start from an affordable US$ 17.50 and extend to US$ 24.95 for international ones.

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Flower Places in Boston

Central Square Florist


653, Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge, MA 02139
Contact Number: 617-354-7553
Website: www.centralsquareflorist.com


If you are to look up ‘flower place near me’ in Boston, Central Square Florist might be on the top of your list.

Established in the early 1920s, they are a trusted household name in the industry. They provide home delivery in Boston and to its neighboring cities on one-day service. A holiday florist in the industry, they also have a wide-range of assorted flower arrangements for the arrival of a new baby, corporate gifts, and anniversaries/birthdays.

Their ‘Bright & Stunning’ – a colorful myriad of flowers retails at an affordable rate of US$ 49.99; ‘Burst of Happiness’ truly lives up to its name with an eclectic range of flowers for US$ 99.99.

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Flower Places in San Fransisco

Farmgirl Flowers


901, 16th Street off of Mississippi
Contact Number: (855)-202-381
Website: www.farmgirlflowers.com


Amongst the flower places you find, one of the unique features of Farmgirl Flowers is that their flowers are grown and harvested ethically. This designer flower atelier has mastered in wrapping each flower arrangement in a unique way using recycled burlap bags that are also trademarked.

The flowers used at Farmgirl Flowers are grown in farms that do not use toxic chemicals to grow their flowers; they have also partnered with those who provide fair and honest employment. They provide home delivery within San Francisco.

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Flower Shops in Los Angeles

The French Florist


8658 W. Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90035
Contact Numbers:
888.897.8777 (toll-free)
Website: www.frenchflorist.com


Amongst flower places that deliver in Los Angeles, The French Florist provides reliable and efficient same-day delivery service for all floral needs. Their renown is established amongst celebrities and the entertainment industry since the late 70s.

The French Florist will ensure that your flowers for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays bring in the note of love and cherish that you wish to convey to the recipient. Their exceptional range includes the ‘Purple Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant’ – a lush bloom of Cymbidium orchids that retail between US$ 65.95 and US$ 165.

Their floral consultant and stores opening hours take place from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 AM until 7:00 PM, and on Sunday, from 9:00 AM until 7:00 PM.

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Flower Vendor in Atlanta

Peachtree Petals


1450 W Peachtree St NW, Atlanta, GA 30309
Contact Number: 678.336.1195
Website: www.peachtreepetals.com


If you’re a resident in Atlanta looking for flower places that won’t disappoint, you are in for a treat with Peachtree Petals. Their founding philosophy is to have stunning professionally-crafted floral arrangement orders delivered on the same day. Based in Atlanta, they provide home delivery in the same area and also to neighboring cities. They operate from Monday to Friday from 7:30 AM until 5:30 PM and on Saturdays, until 12 noon.

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Flower Shop in Denver

Lehre’s Flowers


2100, W Mississippi Avenue, Denver, CO 80223
Contact Information:
(303) 455-1234
(800) 537-1308
Website: www.thinkflowers.com


A holiday florist often makes it their personal mission to delight every customer with even the smallest detail, Lehre’s Flowers is no exception to that rule. Based in Denver, they are known to be one of the largest florists in the area who claim to offer the best prices on fresh floral arrangements. Their expertise covers arrangements to welcome a new co-worker, a new baby, expressing sympathy and even weddings.

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Flower Places in Chicago, Illinois

The Bouqs Co. –  www.bouqs.com

Established in 2012 with the intention of bringing back nuances of delight and romance in the exchange of flowers, this florist sources fresh flowers straight from the farmer.  Their name is synonymous with simplicity, elegance, and responsibility.

Their website bouqs.com provides in-depth information on the types of flowers that are sourced with descriptive photographs so that you know exactly what you are paying for. Home delivery is provided with charges for the same day being US$ 60, next day at US$ 50, and non-rush at US$ 40. Send your message of love, congratulation, or even a simple hello with stunning floral arrangements like ‘Ballerina’ – fresh cut tulips for US$ 40 or ‘White Knight’ a delightful treat of Lisianthus at US$ 50, if you’re bold enough, the ‘Lavendaria De Cali’ – soft lavender roses.

The Bouqs Co. is Primarily an online order based florist in California.

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Flower Place in Detroit

Grace Harper Florist

Address of Grace Harper Florist:

4135, Woodward Ave. Detroit, MI 48201
Contact Information:
(313) 831-1164
(800) 886-1784
Website: www.graceharperflorist.com


To choose a ‘florist near your location‘ may be a simple task until you are inundated with several vendors. You would need to select a florist who specializes in plants, roses, and tulips and Grace Harper Florist is one who can spread a smile across your face with their elegant floral arrangements.

Choose from their beautiful arrangements online or via their app in a few simple steps and make secure payments online. They provide home deliveries; delivery rates within Detroit range between US$ 10 – 13.95.

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Flower Sellers in Philadelphia

Ten Pennies Florist


1921 South Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19148

Contact Information:
(215) 336-3557
Website: www.tenpenniesfloral.com


Amongst flower places in Philadelphia, one such florist that has gained much repute for the finesse and efficiency is Ten Pennies Florist. The wide range of fresh flowers is decorated in baskets for various occasions and even includes nuts, indulgent treats, and fresh fruits. Their arrangements range from US$ 50 to over US$ 80.

Ten Pennies Florist’s home delivery service can be channeled via their website where you can determine the price range of the floral arrangements so that you will not be left in shock when you receive their final price.

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Flower Places in Baltimore

Fleur De Lis Florist


226 N Liberty St
Baltimore, MD. 21201

Contact Information:
(410) 727-3184
(800) 731-4232 (toll-free)
Website: www.fleurdelisfloristbaltimore.com


Fleur De Lis Florist is known to amongst flower places that deliver exceptional arrangement for reasonable rates in Baltimore. They are open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM  until 5:00 PM and on Saturday, until 2:00 PM. Deliveries are accepted within Baltimore on same day service for special holidays such as Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, International Women’s Day and even Christmas. Their supreme range also extends to vocalizing sympathy during difficult times. For more information, you can also find them on Facebook and Instagram.

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Flower Seller in Houston

Ace Flowers Weddings & Events


1903 Dairy Ashford Houston, TX 77077

Contact Information:
800-990-1949 (Toll-Free)
Website: www.aceflowershouston.com


For flowers that impress and communicate your thoughts of best wishes, love, affection and even sympathy, reliable services are provided by Ace Flowers – a family owned floral establishment. They operate between Mondays to Saturday from 8:00 AM until 8:00 PM, on Sunday you can visit their store from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Their budget range of floral arrangement retail for US$ 45 to US$ 55, and going into their premium range that retail for over US$ 100. Home delivery services can be provided for a free and on same day service in Houston.

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Flower Places in Dallas

Mockingbird Florist


5606 E Mockingbird Ln, Dallas, TX 75206
Contact Information:
800-527-3118 (toll-free)
Website: www.mockingbirdflorist.com


This florist in Dallas is known for their stunning arrangements and exquisite fresh flowers; however, one florist takes the lead in the industry with the careful incorporation of fresh fruits as well. They provide a carefully handcrafted range of flowers for special occasions such as Mother’s Day, Valentine’s, and even Teacher’s Day. Home deliveries can be made within the day within Dallas provided that the orders are placed between 2:00 PM.

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Flower Vendors in Phoenix

Phoenix Flower Shop


Phoenix – 50th St & Thomas Rd: 5012 E Thomas Rd Phoenix
AZ 85018
Phoenix – 7th St & Bethany Home: 6041 N 7th St Phoenix, AZ 85014
Phoenix – Cave Creek & Greenway: 15215 N Cave Creek Rd Phoenix, AZ 85032

Contact Information:

Website: www.phoenixflowershops.com


Connoisseurs in floral arrangements in Phoenix, this florist specializes in having the best fresh cut flowers in the area at an affordable price that can be ordered via their customer-friendly website. They provide delivery services on the same day and have varied pricing structures for budget friendly, mid-range, and even a luxury collection.

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Flower Places in Miami

Trias Flowers

Location of Trias Flowers:

6520 SW 40th St
Miami, FL 33155

Contact Information:
305-749-0316 (toll-free)

Website: www.triasflowers.com


If you are looking for a holiday florist in Miami and around, who provides fast and efficient home delivery on the same day, look no further than Trias Flowers.

Their store opens daily; on Monday to Friday, they open from 8:00 AM until 7:00 PM, on Saturdays until 6:00 PM, while on Sunday until 4:00 PM.

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Flower Shop in Nashville

Joy’s Flowers


2412 West End Ave. Nashville, TN 37203

Contact Information:

Website: www.joysflowers.com


As a resident of Nashville, your best option for the best home delivery service for flowers is Joy’s Flowers. They can be visited for just about every occasion.

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Flower Places in San Jose

Bloomsters Flowers San Jose

Location of Bloomsters:

5945 Almaden Expy
San Jose, California 95120

Contact Information: 408-268-5518

Website: www.bloomsters.com


Visit Bloomsters in San Jose for a florist that has a spectacular range of fresh cut flowers that can be delivered home for reasonable rates. Be it a birthday, anniversaries, or a house-warming, flowers from this florist are best to create a statement. Their deliveries start from a reasonable US$ 14.95.

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Flower Shops in San Antonio

Oak Hills Florist


1729 Babcock Rd, San Antonio TX 78229

Contact Information: (210) 349-6549

Website: www.oakhillsflorist.com


For any occasions from weddings, corporate events and galas to birthdays, your trusted floral atelier in San Antonio are Oak Hills Florist.  Their speedy and efficient services for delivery take place daily for reasonable rates.

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Flower Places in Columbus

Noweta’s Green Thumb


1325 Main Street Columbus, MS 39701

Contact Information:
(662) 328-6181
(800) 458-1455

Website: www.nowetasgreenthumb.com


Save money, time, and the hassle of ordering floral arrangements online by working with a holiday florist like Noweta’s Green Thumb. Their special floral arrangements are statements themselves and incorporate seasonal fresh cut flowers in contemporary designs and arrangements.

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Flower Places in Honolulu

Watanabe Floral


1618 N. Nimitz Hwy Honolulu, HI 96817

Contact Information:
1-(888)-832-9360 (toll-free)

Website: www.watanabefloral.com


Find contemporary designs and beautiful floral arrangements in Honolulu at Watanabe Floral. Home deliveries are provided on same day service. You can log into their website for a holistic view of all their stunning creations that are suitable for birthdays, anniversaries and even christenings. They are Hawaii’s premier floral atelier and have renown for professional service.

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Flower Seller in Portland

Broadway Floral, Home & Garden


1638 NE Broadway,
Portland, OR 97232-1426

Contact Information:
(503) 288-5537
(800) 659-1958 (toll-free)

Website: www.broadwayfloral.com


If you’re in Portland looking for flower places that deliver on time for a reason within the area, consult the friendly and efficient services of Broadway Floral, Home & Garden. Their comprehensive delivery plans also include home delivery around Portland.

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Flower Shop in Orlando

Anna’s Florist & Gifts


869 Park Villa Circle
Orlando, FL, US 32824

Contact Information:
(407) 518-9101

Website: www.annasfloristorlando.com


To deliver floral arrangements within Orlando, consult Anna’s Florist & Gifts, who have made their mark for elegant floral arrangements. The arrangements that can say ‘thank you’, ‘congratulations’, and ‘I love you’ with a statement. With special deals on special occasions, they provide home delivery as well.

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Flower Place in Indianapolis

Gillespie Florists


9255 W 10Th St
Indianapolis IN 46234

Contact Information:
(317) 273-1100
(800) 889-4633

Website: www.gillespieflorists.com


Choose a florist whose work resonates with your thoughts and style – Gillespie Florists. Their work is an exception in the industry; the fresh flowers are known to last long periods of time and each arrangement can be customized according to your personal style. Home delivery can be provided with same day service as well.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section add_icon=”true” title=”Sacramento” tab_id=”1495381822142-49ebea4d-7125″][vc_column_text]

Flower Shop in Sacramento

Joy Flower Shop


7630 Fair Oaks Blvd Ste B
Carmichael, Sacramento

Contact Information: 916-944-3466

Website: myjoyflowershop.com


Is your occasion a wedding? A birthday? Or a funeral? The professional and courteous services provided by most flower places can be put to shame by Joy Flower Shop.

Each arrangement is a testimony of the love and care, they put for each order; their styles are innovative and contemporary.

You can rest assured that all your floral needs will be met with one simple phone call or order via their comprehensive website. Speak to them about home delivery and same day service within Sacramento as well.

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Flower Vendors in Minneapolis

Bachman’s Floral Minneapolis


010 Lyndale Ave. S
Minneapolis, MN 55419

Contact Information:
1-866-222-4626 (Toll-Free)

Website: www.bachmans.com


Whether your message is to convey love, an apology or congratulations, a florist in Minneapolis that has won the hearts of its clients for many years is Bachman’s.

Have elegant floral arrangements delivered to the recipient’s doorstep by a few simple clicks on their website – don’t forget to include a personalized message as well.

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Flower Shops in Milwaukee

Abbey’s Flower Nook


2131 W. Capitol Dr.
Milwaukee, WI, US 53206

Contact Information:
(414) 873-7200

Website: www.flowersatabbeys.com


Abbey’s Flower Nook has been serving its long-standing clients since 1978. Their exceptional quality, freshness, and service have paved the way to their success in this lucrative industry. If you are looking for flower places in Milwaukee with same-day home delivery, you have come to the right place; however remember to place your order before 11:00 AM, and rest assured that your floral arrangement will be delivered on time.

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Flower Places That Deliver in Charlotte

Gallery of Flowers


9009-5 J M KEYNES DR

Contact Information: (704) 547-9156

Website: www.galleryofflowerscharlotte.com


A local florist in Charlotte that is bound to pop up on your search of ‘flower place near me’ is Gallery of Flowers.

The flowers you choose from them resonate style, elegance and superior class. Their exceptional service has made them a clear favorite amongst the locals, especially for their timely same-day home delivery services.

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Flower Places That Deliver in Louisville

Schmitt’s Florist


5050 Poplar Road
Louisville, Kentucky

Contact Information:

Website: www.schmittsflorist.com

For beautiful, contemporary floral arrangement for reasonable prices, speak to the friendly and efficient team at Schmitt’s Florist.

For years, their floral creations have stood the test of time for long lasting flowers, fresh floral cuts, and stunning masterpieces no matter what occasion. You can consult them for same day home delivery services with a simple click on their website of calling their store.

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Flower Shops in Kansas

From You Flowers


143 Mill Rock Road East
Old Saybrook, CT 06475

Contact Information: 1-855-372-7386

Website: www.fromyouflowers.com/region/kansas

If you are in need of sending flowers within Kansas on the same day, do drop by From You Flowers.

Their eclectic collection of flowers and arrangement will leave you spoilt for choice. If you are sending flowers to someone special, do enclose a personalized note that comes complimentary with their service.

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Flower Shop in Cincinnati

Greene’s Flower Shoppe, Premier Cincinnati Florists


5230 Montgomery Road
Cincinnati OH 45212
Contact Information: (513) 531-4011
Website: www.greenesflowershoppe.hanafloral.com

Urgent flowers for a birthday you forgot? Did you forget your anniversary yet again? If you’re looking for a reliable service for flower delivery in Cincinnati, solve your problem with the fast and efficient delivery services of Greene’s Flower Shoppe.

Shop for stunning long-stem red roses or beautiful tulips with the holiday florist who can express your thoughts with flowers. You can also consult them for same day home deliveries at the point of making your purchase.

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Flower Shops in Oklahoma City

Array of Flowers & Gifts


6066 S. Western Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73139

Contact Information:

Website: www.arrayofflowers.com

Don’t look for florists in Oklahoma City any further – you’ve come to the right address that delivers flowers on the same day to your doorstep.

Choose from single flowers to even statement masterpieces that these clever floral ateliers bring to life.

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Holiday Florists in Oakland

Apple Blossom Florist



Contact Information: (510)663-3335

Website: www.floristinoaklandca.com


In the city of Oakland amongst the trusted flower places, Apple Blossom Florist has created a niche for itself with its long-standing customers. The secret to their success is the breath-taking arrangements that last long, and their speedy delivery services straight to the recipient’s home.

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Floral Places in Tucson

Roses & More


5501 E. Speedway Blvd. Tucson, AZ 85712

Contact Information: (520) 751-4000

Website: www.rosesandmore.com

Flower arrangements of Roses & More are so elegant that it looks like part of a dream. Roses & More only uses the best flowers that are known to last long giving out their incredible scent. They provide efficient home deliveries always. Clients can place their orders by dropping either into their stores or online.

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Florist Shops That Deliver in St. Louis

Lesher’s Flowers


4617 Hampton Avenue
St. Louis, Missouri 63109

Contact Information:

Website: www.leshersflowers.com

In St. Louis your top pick for a holiday florist would be the trusted family-owned enterprise Lesher’s Flowers, who have gained repute for their easy ordering and speedy delivery. You can simply log-in to their website to place your order for same day home delivery. In addition, you can walk into their store situated in St. Louis as well.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section add_icon=”true” title=”Las Vegas” tab_id=”1495383366309-9029d7dc-d265″][vc_column_text]

Flower Places That Deliver in Las Vegas

Avas Flowers Florists


300, Corporate Drive, Mahwah, NJ 07430
Contact Information: 201-882-4852
Website: www.avasflowers.net/nevada

What’s the occasion you are celebrating? A gala corporate event? A wedding or honeymoon? Whatever your reasons are, Avas Flowers Florists has got you covered. Their expansive network of collection points will ensure the recipient receives their flowers fresh, charming, and with a smile.

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Flower Places in Hawaii

Mililani Town Florist


95-1840 Meheula Pkwy #8
Mililani Town HI 96789-1779

Contact Information:
(808) 625-2445
(800) 625-2320

Website: www.mililanitownflorist.com

Choose Mililani Town Florist for express, same day home deliveries in Hawaii. The collection of flowers will leave you spell-bound and their contemporary styles will be an instant hit with the recipient. Amongst the frequented flower places in Hawaii, you can trust this professional team to say it with flowers.

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Holiday Florists in Jacksonville

The Flower Shoppe


321 Western Blvd

Contact Information: (910) 353-4646

Website: www.flowershoppenc.com

Choose Jacksonville’s bespoke flower atelier who simply adds style and elegance to every floral creation that comes to life. You can choose The Flower Shoppe’s special same day service however if you have a couple of days, you can go for their standard service too.

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Flower Places in Fort Worth Texas

Bice’s Florist


650 W Bedford Euless Road Fort Worth, TX 76053

Contact Information:

Website: www.bicesflorist.com

If you are looking for flower places that deliver with the same day and right to your doorstep choose Bice’s Florist for any special occasion.

Their conventional and contemporary ranges can appease any style and preference amongst their discerning clientele.

[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][/vc_tta_tour][vc_column_text]A flower atelier can say ‘Thank You’, ‘I love you’, or just about any customized message that you have in mind.

An expert florist in your city will extend their creativity to floral bowls, vases, baskets, bouquets, or a container of your choice. Each composition will be a delightful combination of foliages, ornamental grasses, freshly cut flowers, herbs, and other types of plan materials.

Browse through delicately handcrafted Ikebanas, English Gardens, or have Dutch or European influences heighten your floral message. Most often, one must remember that the gifting of flowers does not require a time or occasion and simple research into ‘flower place near me’ can do wonders to uplift the recipient’s mood in a few moments.

Surely, you had found a holiday florist around the United States with one simple click. We prepared this comprehensive guide with a list of major flower places that deliver in your city along with their contact details.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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