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Being a Father Meme

Hi, I know you are looking for funny Father’s days memes for the upcoming one in 2018. We have got designed 12 dad memes in funny style which your father would love to receive from you. Most of these memes are funny however some are serious too with a bit of lessons in it.

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Father’s Day Memes Funny 2018

Father’s Day 2018 is falling on Sunday June 17th which is just around the corner. There are multiple ways to celebrate the day i.e. take your father to a fishing trip. You can also choose a gift for him either buy one or make a gift for dad yourself. In addition, you can also send him a Father’s day card through on his social media profiles. You can also dedicate your dad a poem or send him a Father’s Day background on the 3rd Sunday of June 2018.


What is Meme?

A meme in my opinion is a piece of graphic with a text message on it. Meme can be funny, instructive and having a moral lesson. Memes are generated as a general graphic for any kind of occasions. However when there is an event like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Women’s Day, Black Friday or New Year, memes are specially designed. Those memes are then shared via social media such as Facebook, Instagram or sent through Whatsapp to the person of the day.

Here on Father’s Day 2018, we have designed different dad memes with funny, morally instructive, good dad memes. There are many kinds of memes which highlight the importance of the dad. Now it’s up to you how you dedicate the day to your dad. Either send him a meme or a Father’s Day poem or wish him with a superb Father’s Day sayings.

If you chose to wish him with a meme, I trust that you found your desired funny happy father’s day memes here. Pick one of the good dad memes and make your father smile this day. Also engage yourself with other Father’s Day stuff such as short dad poems and Fathers Day Gift Ideas from a Daughter.


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