Birthday Gift List

Ultimate List of Birthday Gifts

Here is an amazing birthday gift list for boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, guys, kids and all your loved ones. UpnNext.com provides you with top 20 birthday gifts ideas for upcoming birthdays in your circle.

Described below is a list of best birthday presents which you could present to impress your loved or best friends.

1. Gift vouchers

gifts voucher as birthday gift


Gift vouchers seem to be highly trending these days. The one who receives the voucher is free to purchase whatever he/she like from a chosen store. Gift vouchers are a great time and energy saving option for the people who hunt from gifts.

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2. Flower bouquets

flower bouqet gift for birthday


Flowers resemble love. Flower bouquets are mostly being exchanged among lovers and married couples. It carries great sentimental value. The bouquet mostly includes rose flowers and it would be ideal to impress the birthday boy or the birthday girl.

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3. Sweets

sweets as birthday gifts
Different people prefer different things when it comes to birthday gifts. No one will ever say “no” to a bundle of candy. There are many kinds of sweets of available in the market including a great variety of chocolates to gift your loved ones.



4. Dinner outings

dinner outing as birthday gift


No. 4 in the birthday gift list is about taking the birthday boy or girl to a dinner feast. Dinner outings may sound quite odd for a birthday gift. But it should be noted that people tend to treat their loved ones with special dinner on their birthdays. For a couple, a romantic candles light dinner would be perfect. You can make it a happy family moment inviting few of your close family members.

5. Printed mugs

printed mugs for birthday gifts



Gifting printed mugs is a popular trend among teenagers. Teenagers tend to form of circles of best friends and they gift mugs printed with their names and pictures on their best friend’s birthday. This is more of a collective effort than a financial cost.



6. Jewelry

jewelry as birthday gift

Jewelry is one great way to impress people, especially women. Women love jewelry than any other thing. People tend to gift jewelry for women on their special day to resemble the love that they have towards them.



7. Holiday tickets

Holiday Tickets as Birthday Gifts

This is quite an awkward birthday gift too. But it should be noted that this a highly trending gifting pattern among most of the rich families today. The lucky birthday boy or the girl gets to travel to one of their favorite destination as a birthday from their loved ones.

8. Cakes

birthday gifts ideas


One may get several cakes on his/her birthday. It has become a very common mode of gifts. You can gift the birthday boy/girl with their favorite flavor of cakes and don’t forget to rub a bit of icing on their faces.


9. Perfumes

best birthday gifts for girlfriend


Who wouldn’t love perfumes as a birthday gift? You can gift him/her their favorite perfume as a birthday gift. There are a plenty of perfumes available in the market to pick. You can choose a perfume which fulfills their desires and your budget.

By the way, perfume is one the best birthday gifts for girlfriend.


10. Clothes

best birthday gifts for her


“Clothes, one of the best birthday gifts for her”;

clothes can make anyone happy. This is one of the most traditional modes of gifting. Though it’s quite an old mode of gifting people still go with it because of the convenience and the cost effectiveness.

11. Watches

Watch - good birthday gifts for guys



11th item in our birthday gift list is a watch. Fancy wrist watches could highlight your purchasing power. Watches are considered to be quite a prestigious category of gifts. People gift watches to resemble the love they have towards the birthday boy/girl. Watches are mostly being exchanged among young lovers and newly married couples. It is a symbol of mature gifting.

12. Cash

cash gift for birthday


This is the easiest gift out of all. You don’t have to select anything except for the notes from your wallet. Matured people tend to gift cash envelopes to the younger generation. The most common example is your grandma. You will be eagerly waiting to collect her cash gift on your birthday.

13. Books

books gift as birthday

Books hold great value and it could be considered a great gifting option too. There are some things which carry value excessive of the genuine price tags. Books belong to that category. You got to make sure that you gift a book which fulfills the reader’s desires.


14. Mobile phones

mobile phones to gift on birthday


Who wouldn’t love a mobile phone as their birthday gift? It may sound a bit costly but the benefit is forever. It should be noted that most of the unmarried couples exchange mobile phones as gifts.


15. Movie CD’s

movie dvd for birthday gift



This is a cost-effective yet a unique way of impressing your loved ones on their birthday. Let them celebrate their birthday while watching their favorite movie with their favorite bunch of people. A simple CD could bring in great happiness to their minds.


16. Show tickets

show tickets as birthday gifts

No one knows best about a certain person than his/her best friends or lover. He/she might like a certain band group or a solo musician. You could purchase show tickets to one of their concerts and gift it to them on their special day. It will never fade way from their minds.


17. Portable music devices

portable music devices for birthday gift


Number 17 in this birthday gift list is a music device which can be kept in a pant pocket. These types of gifts could entertain teenagers. Teenagers love listening to music and buying an I-pod is one of their prime dreams. You can help them fulfill their dreams by gifting an I-pod or any other portable music device on their special day.


18. Toys birthday gift for 2-5 years kids

toys birthday gifts



Toys are the most traditional method of gifting kids. But people still do it because kids still love toys and they will love toys forever. Gift some useful toys like a sudokube which will help them sharpen their thinking ability and assist in the brain development process.
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19. Fancy furniture

fancy furniture as birthday gift



Now there are a plenty of fancy furniture options available in the market. They are really attractive and could be chosen as a perfect gift for a birthday girl especially. It could be helpful to decorate their rooms with colorful furniture.



20. Pizza

pizza gift for birthday

Some people go crazy over pizza. They will really like a few slices of pizza on their special day. You could make them at home or buy it from a popular pizza restaurant where they sell high-quality pizza.


Birthday is a great milestone in anyone’s life. People try to impress their loved ones and best friends with a memorable gift on their birthday. Some gifts could carry a low price tag but they have great sentimental value. Certain people have been following long-held traditions when selecting and offering gifts to their loved ones. Memorable gifts never fade from people’s mind and they collect it as great monuments.

Hopefully, you had found what you were looking for. We tried our best to provide you birthday gifts ideas that carry great variety and variation. What do you think about this birthday gift list? Share your opinions.

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