Teen Birthday Ideas

Teen Birthday Ideas

Want some teen birthday ideas? Here are 35 awesome teenage party ideas for 13th, 14th and 15th birthdays mainly.

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1. Ice Cream Party 2. Starry-Eyed Surprise
3. Scavenger Hunt Party 4. Decorate-Own-Cupcake Party
5. White Themed Party 6. Hawaiian Luau Party


13th birthday:

Birthday Party Ideas for 13 Year Olds:

1. Instagram-Themed Teen Parties:

Instagram Themed Birthday Party Ideas

A spectacular glam-themed Instagram party will be an absolute hit. Think of all the ideas you can explore with Do-It-Yourself Polaroid posters and banners, backdrop ideas, and garlands. Incorporate hashtag cookies, invitations with different ‘filter’ themes, insta-cake, and even Panini bread rolls that resemble the Instagram logo. The main objective is to have an atmosphere for ‘selfies’ and with teens, you don’t need too much encouragement as long as you have a few backdrops and stands. Don’t forget to include budget-friendly food options like camera-lens brownies, doughnuts with hashtag toppings, and a scavenger hunt based on the Insta-theme.

2. Make-Your-Own-Pizza Party:

Make Your Own PIzza Birthday Party

Have the teenagers put their culinary skills to the test while they make their own pizza. Let them have a fun time, mixing pizza toppings as they bring out their inner chef. It’s bound to be a little messy, but the memories they take away will be explosive. Talk about great photo ops too. Combine two of the favorite things teens like to do, eating pizza and partying, and you’ve got yourself a fun-filled party!

3. Ice Cream Buffet Party:

ice cream buffet party for teen birthdays

What summer party is complete without an ice cream party? Treat your 13 year teen to a party laden with a delicious ice cream buffet on a warm summer evening. Don’t just stop with the chocolate and vanilla – but be adventurous in mixing your own flavors and naming them accordingly. For instance, add portions of blueberry and strawberry ice cream and theme it ‘unicorn slush’ or even exotic coconut flavors to even having an ice cream ‘tepan’ where your guests can add their personal favorites like M&Ms, Mars, cookie crumble, and nuts to make their own flavor.

4. Starry-Eyed Surprise:

starry eyed birthday party

Leave your teen and his friends spell-bound with an outdoor stargazing party. Print out facts about astrology and the main star systems. Soft music and light snacks will complement their intent star-gazing. Decor elements can be stars, planets, and cosmic elements are perfect in soft hues.

5. Scavenger Hunt Parties:

scavenger hunt birthday party

No doubt that ‘scavenger hunts’ are a major throwback to anyone’s childhood, but you will be surprised just how well it works with teenagers as well. You need to use elements that are more exciting, and even incorporate an ‘Amazing Race’ touch to it. It’s ideal to use even at parties where guests don’t all know each other – an ideal ice breaker and perfect teen party idea.

6. Beach to the Backyard:

beach themed birthday party ideas

One theme party that never goes out of style is a beach-themed party. It’s not just kids who love it – teens, adults and even seniors appreciate the fun elements and exotic vibes the ‘beach’ brings. Teens, especially, will love an outdoor themed party in the backyard. Many event planners have all the accessories for the theme, so organizing this will be a breeze. Bring in sand, prop a few surfboards, and have a barbecue for a fun teen birthday.

7. Decorate-Your-Own-Cupcake Party:

decorate own cupcake birthday party
If your daughter has just entered her teens and shows a penchant for baking, why not throw her the ideal party for her friends to decorate their own cupcakes. It’s a low-cost party idea where your main theme would revolve around cupcakes. Throw in a few types of buttercream frosting, and you can be assured of the girls having a splendid time on their own. Don’t forget to extend the theme in terms of decor etc.

8. Mall-Themed Parties:

This might prove to be a time-consuming idea – you will need to include a few labels and brands and dress your venue like a shopping mall. The guests can all be treated to a complimentary bag of goodies to take away from the party!

9. Amazing Race Party:

If your guests are a mix of male and female teens, this is one of the very interesting teenage birthday party games to build conversation and interaction between each other. Gather a few friends who can help you execute the ideas and clues and keep track of the kids throughout the evening. Your teen will love the uber cool idea and will be the talk of the town and their guests will be guaranteed the time of their lives. Food and beverage will be the last thing on their minds, so you don’t have to worry about a full spread of food. Do, however, include an Amazing Race themed cake and backdrop for the winners to take pictures throughout the night.

10. Around-The-World Theme Party:

Here’s a fun idea to debut at a teen’s birthday party – incorporate a ‘global’ theme; this fun theme can have guests dress up according to their favorite nationality. You can have food stations to represent several continents – the decor ideas for this are abundant and will be budget-friendly as it can be sourced from the local department store as well.

11. Glow in the Dark Party:

glow in the dark birthday party idea

While searching for teenage birthday gift ideas, I came up with an idea for a glow-in-the-dark-party. Teenagers would fall in love with the idea of this definite show stopper theme for the evening. Bright, psychedelic colors and flamboyant themes will only spark magic and optical illusions all night long.

12. Fun-do Fondue Parties:

fondue birthday party

Dip yummy snacks into cheese or chocolate or just about any sauce. Try different types of food from fries, mini burgers, sausages, grilled pineapple, mini cupcakes, brandy balls and strawberries. These don’t necessarily have to be expensive food items – but just the array of food will keep teenagers rapt.

Here are some:

Teen’s 14th Birthday Ideas

13. Vintage or Contemporary Book Themes:

If your teen is a reader, select their favorite and create a theme under mystery, romance, or even classics. There is so much room to execute creativity in parties where themes are based on a book.  You can even try out the popular themes of Harry Potter or Games of Thrones – finding costumes and decor will be easier too.

14. A Party on the Road:

This will apply if you have a fewer number of guests where you can pick a hotel and stay a weekend with poolside fun, activities, and endless buffets of food. This way you can have numerous offerings, but don’t have to worry about setting a party at home or having to clean up after.

15. Safari Pool Party:

safari pool birthday party

If you have a pool at your residence or can rent a space with one, don’t just stick to the regular theme, incorporate a twist with ‘safari’ in it and have your teens love the African-touches to it.

16. Emoji-Themed Birthday:

emoji birthday party ideas

By far, this theme would be the easiest to pull off at home. You simply have to use all popular emojis on cakes, cupcakes, deviled eggs, mini sandwiches – have a few suspended from the ceiling and don’t forget a selfie booth too.

17. Ice Cream Shoppe Themed Party:

Have loads of ice cream to select from with different toppings, cones, waffles, and cupcakes. Have an ice-cream-tender who can make sundaes, milkshakes or ice cream floats a la minute for your guests. It will be like a bar, dishing out ice cream instead. This retro theme will blend well in the late afternoon or even with a pool party.

18. Spa-Themed Party:

spa themed birthday party ideas

If it’s an all-girl party, have your party treated to a mini spa session with free massages, pedicures, manicures, and facials – the girls will absolutely love their girly time. You can follow it up with a few types of cupcakes and assortments.

Here are some:

15th Birthday Party Ideas

19. Pancakes and Pyjamas:

Looking for teenage party ideas for 15 years old? How about a fancy sleepover with pizza, movies, and activities? Nothing spells out fun for 15-year teenage girls that a rom-com and nail painting at a sleepover.

20. Lights, Camera, and Birthday!

light theme camera birthday party ideas

If your budget permits you to extend the theme, do opt for a Hollywood glamorous movie party with lights, movie reel, and awards for the best-dressed celebrities in the house. Cupcakes can candy stands with titles of movies, decor can include posters of popular movie characters and selfies with the stars photo booth.

21. Fabulous Pink Glitter and Gold Teen Birthday:

pink and gold glitter birthday party for girls

Gold wild with splashes of glitter and gold to usher in a teen birthday. Glitter can be used on anything – and don’t forget edible glitter that can be used to glitter cupcakes. Let your Diva have a blast with her friends on her birthday with this feminine, yet bold theme.

22. Boho-Chic Theme Party:

boho chic themed birthday party

The party doesn’t necessarily need to have elaborate themes – with Boho chic themes, you need to have plenty of wildflowers and strands of paper ribbon for minimalist decor. It’s a quick and easy theme, and many elements you can experiment with for the ideal teenage birthday party.

23. Outdoor Movie Party:

outdoor movie birthday party

Have your teen’s party outdoors with a few movies – throw in some custom pillows, popcorn, and savory chicken drumsticks with a soda machine your party will be in full swing. An outdoor picnic with a screen and projector are what you will really need to spend on. As for decor elements, instead of unveiling the names of the movies to be shown you can have cards or posters that provide hints to it. You can include a few activities in between the games as well.

24. Polaroid Party:

Host a spectacular retro gig with a Polaroid theme. Include everything from Polaroid invitations to menus to by in sync with the theme.

16th Teen Birthday Ideas:

25. White Theme Party:

white theme birthday party

Sparkle with everything in white – if it’s during winter, a snow theme would be more versatile. An all-white party is easy to decorate and adds a touch of elegance for your teen’s party.

26. Ranch Themed Birthday Party:

ranch themed birthday party

Have everything with a touch of western, with cowboy hats, shirts, and drinks. If you are are having wait staff, you can provide them with the costumes for more fun. Your backdrops can include a desert and surround it with cacti.

27. Tribal Aztec Themed Party:

This theme adds a touch of class with its abstract themes and designs. Your teen may love earthy colors that work well with tribal designs on invitations, decor, which can also be extended to food items as well.

28. Pretty in Pink (for Teen Girls):

pink themed birthday party

Create Instagram-worthy moments at your teen’s party with everything in pretty shades of pink. As feminine and soft as the theme is, you can explore with candy stands, ice cream dishing out pink ice cream, and even serve pink drinks.

29. Mini Pizza Party:

If your teen prefers basic food – a mini pizza party is ideal. If you like, you can also include a make-your-own pizza stand where picky eaters can opt for their favorite toppings.

17th Teen Birthday Ideas:

30. Hawaiian Luau Birthday Party:

Hawaiian Luau Birthday Party

Go wild and sway to the best Hawaii brings about. This may be considered cliche by many party-goers, but it doesn’t stop the hours of fun and entertainment it provides.

31. Cake-decorating Party:

cake decorating birthday party

Easy-going fun to keep teenagers entertained for hours. Complement it with a hi-tea where the teenagers can share their work with others as well.

32. Deep Red Party:

red themed birthday party

Teenage years signal fun and exhilaration – top it with an all-red theme from attire, to food, to the decor.

33. Hippies & Hipsters:

hippies & hipster themed birthday party

Everyone seems to be a hipster nowadays and it’s an interesting theme to experiment with organic food, lazy dress codes, and vibrant colors.

34. Candyland Themed Party for Teens:

candyland themed teens birthday party

Candyland never lets a party down – include everything from gummy bears to Maltesers and watch your teens enjoy their evening.

35. Mexican Birthday Celebration:

mexican themed birthday party

Explore with vibrant food and beverage options of a Mexican theme with fiery burritos and quesadillas.


It seems easier when your kids are younger to delight them with the perfect party idea; it’s a different story when they reach their teenage years. Everything will be a ‘no’ or ‘I don’t know’ – so here’s a super useful guide for teen birthday ideas. We’ve compiled thirty-five themes that are best for teenage girls and boys, some who’ve just entered their teens and for some who are just exiting. All you have to do is pick one and let your event planner do the rest for you or even do a little research on homemade decor ideas for an amazing party.

So these were 33+ teen birthday ideas particularly for 13th, 14th, and 15th-year teen boys and girls. I am sure this teenage birthday guide has helped you effectively choose an awesome party idea. Keep choosing, keep celebrating happiness :).


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