Mothers Day Treats

Mothers Day Treats Ideas 2017

Mother’s day is just around the corner and this may be triggering up little children’s brains in thinking so much what actually would be the best gift for mother’s day. It is not an unusual act of kids being acting all suspicious when these days come close. Kids too love to give something unique to that one great person who they love and adore the most. It is true that these little kids can’t be getting you a luxury watch or a handbag but there are many cute things too which can really make up a perfect mother’s day treat.

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What can kids of age 7 -8 offer?

This is a very notorious age of kids and they are indeed probably capable of doing anything to get what they want. Kids are brilliant chefs but messy and clumsy too. But it should be accepted that that’s how they learn.

  1. Brownies

Kids this age can bake lovely brownies for their mom when she’s asleep for a perfect mother’s day treat. Presenting it well and attractive could also add up a further impression towards it.

  1. Her Favorite Cake

The siblings all getting together to prepare that favorite cake which mom loves the most is also another spectacular treat which kids can give their mom as a cake is indeed a unique symbol of love and affection.

  1. Delicious Pasta or Cheese Dinner

It’s always better to find out the prior day of this special day about what your mom really would enjoy for dinner. If you already know it, then it’s perfect. But if you don’t it’s best to find out as moods of moms do change when it comes to food. Preparing the perfect dinner for her like pasta with cheese and making her that queen in the dining table made all especially for her would indeed be an unforgettable moment for her like never before

  1. Cookies

Cookies are also said to be a great treat of love, but it says more when only prepared at home by your own hands. So kids can give this a try since the recipe is not that complicating and it is quick and easy. They would also enjoy the experience of actually getting to prepare some cookies with any shape they like, such as hearts, smiles and much more.

  1. Stuffed Pastries

This is something that I tried but kids this age could do it too, by baking pastries by stuffing it with the favorite meat your mom loves. Now for the meat part, you could probably get some help from your dad, neighbor, cousin or even friend in order to get thing edible. You don’t want to present a great treat for your mom to fall ill the next day. So kids, better to be cautious over this fact too.

  1. Spicy Pizza for Spice Lover Mom

Speaking of treats on a special day like mother’s day it is also important to note down that, not all mothers like sweet treats. You do get those spicy living moms who enjoy it much as a sweet tooth enjoying a cake. So getting your mom a pizza with preferable toppings of what she loves would be a perfect mother’s day treat.

What can sons treat their moms with between (7 – 8) years?

  1. Mini Chocolate Fudge

Sons are the most living individual of a mom’s entire life. So probably anything given by a son would be appreciated and loved with utmost appreciation. Some sons may be clueless of getting their selves busy in the kitchen to actually prepare something for their mom. These kinds of kids can actually place a mini order by ordering her a perfect mini chocolate fudge which many moms would love.

  1. Mini Cake

Since cakes come in different sizes, your little son can actually order the mini one. This would be a fast and convenient method of treating your mom.

  1. Flowers Bouquet

Sons this age are very playful but indeed very affectionate too. They would always try to do the best for their mom forgetting their age. A son could actually prepare a small card with some fresh flowers arranged in a tiny bouquet form and present it to her with dear love.

  1. Fruit Tart

Moms too love to keep in shape and encouraging them is a son’s duty too. So let’s keep it fruity tooty and treat your mom with a fruit tart. It is not that hard to make but if you feel you would ruin the whole day you better not. It is better to order a fruit tart and treat her with an evening bliss.

  1. Chicken Pie

Many moms are also meat lovers. So they would always look forward to something being filled with meat for enjoyment. A chicken pie with any roasted style meat of her desire would be a great deal for mother’s day.

  1. Custom Made Mug

A custom made mug which your mom could keep near her bedside is another unique and beautiful gift a son can ever give. This would last forever and be an unforgettable memory for her.

  1. A Box of Chocolates

A goody box of chocolates can be prepared by finding out what her favorite types of chocolates are. Packing it all well in an attractive box and presenting it would show your affection and appreciation immediately.

  1. Prepare a Meal for Your Mom

It is alright if you want to inform your mom that you would be doing something special for mother’s day. In order to find out what she would like to have specially made for her on that day. Make her the customers and you be the cook. By preparing the dinner meal with some help gained can actually bring a lot of bonding between you too. It could be a meal of macaroni or even boiled vegetables, let it be anything as such. It would be appreciated.

What could a daughter treat her mom with age (7 – 8) years

  1. Red Velvet Cake

Daughters would always want to treat their mum with something different like a red velvet cake. This would be one astonishing cake which your mum would be fascinated with.

  1. Her Favorite Fruit Juice

Going on a strict diet can also help you to treat your mum with a spectacular fruit juice specially made for her. It may be a very small treat but indeed it goes a long way.

  1. Her Favorite Salads

Making a card for your mum with a small dish of salad which she loves could make her happy and impressed as you show that you care about her diet too.

  1. Pizza Treat

If she loves spicy food then you could get her a pizza ordered. Preparing this at home by yourself won’t be that advisable but you could probably try it by getting some help.

  1. Macaroni with Cheese

That macaroni with cheese dish is admired by almost every mum. Daughters could prepare this if they have been taught to by themselves with a little bit of help.

  1. Warm Bowl of Soup

A daughter this age could even try to make a cup of warm soup for her mum if she is a big fan of soup. It will be a warm and lovely treat.

  1. Lava Cake

Lava cake would be another great treat for a special day like this. If you know how to bake a lave cake, that’s perfect. But what if you don’t? then you could get it done with some help from your cousins or friends.


Speaking about gifts it is made to mention that, it doesn’t have to be something she can keep. A great gift can also come by a great serving of food. Kids too would love preparing it for their moms since it is all made from scratch with every essence of love.

Did you like these 21 Mother’s Day treats from kids, son, and daughter? Would you like to share the treat you chose on Mom’s Day this year?


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