How Did Jessica Jones Get Her Powers?

Jessica Jones is a powerfully gripping show that took us on a drama-filled ride of suspense from the very first season. However, the viewers were introduced to Jessica when she had already discovered her powers.


The dynamic woman had survived the manipulative treatment of Kilgrave, lived the life of a hero, and learned the trade of a private investigator. It appears that the first season was not about her origin story, and to find out exactly about Jessica’s powers, we need to stay tuned for the upcoming second season.

So, how actually Jessica Jones got her super powers?

There are countless fan theories circulating on social media, but they all seem to lacking some major points.


Jessica Jones Season 2 Trailer


How Did Jessica Jones Get Her Powers in the Show?

It appears that Jessica’s powers of unreal and incredible strength were bequeathed to her as a teenager, after she and her family met a car crash. Jessica was the only survivor, and after she got her treatment at the hospital, she discovered that she was capable of exhibiting incredible strength.

In season 1, Trish and Jessica find out that IGH had paid all of Jessica’s hospital bills, the very same mysterious organization that gave Will Simpson the pills that led to his abilities of super-strength.

Naturally, we can all safely assume that IGH had a key role to play in Jessica’s newfound powers, but we also know that there are several other mysterious elements to this story.

If you’ve seen the trailer for season 2, you know that it is filled with clues. It appears that Jessica will begin investigation into the accident, which will give her a great deal of insight into the events that took place 17 years ago. We Jessica admitting that she was a subject of some “horrible experiments” but she exactly clarify much in the trailer, which did show glimpses of an individual atop a hospital gurney.

The trailer is loaded with suspense and mystery, and Jessica herself said that she has “17 years’ worth of questions”. Given that she was dealing with a lot of trauma after the accident, it is fair to conclude that she couldn’t comprehend everything she was going through at that time.

The season has introduced a new character, a woman, who seems to provide a great deal of concrete information.

She tells Jessica that she had been resurrected and that her powers were just a side-effect of coming back from the dead. We are also extremely confused about the exact motives of the IGH, because while they seem to be increasing the powers of Will Simpson, they don’t seem to be offering any kind of enhancement to Jessica.

season 2 car crash jessica jones family killed
Season 2 includes footage of car crash in which Jessica Jone’s family was killed


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Jessica Jones Powers Names

In the comics, the story of Jessica was a little different, which is why they don’t offer a great deal of insight as to what we should look forward to in the show. However, some details have been kept the same as in the comics, for instance, Jessica meets an accident and while her family gets killed, she is the only survivor. The only difference is, in the comics, their car collides with a military convoy containing radioactive chemicals.

PopSugar reveals that Jessica develops the powers of flight, super strength and invulnerability, and the origin story by Matt Murdock reveals that she meets a random traumatic accident that leaves her changed forever.

So, how did Jessica Jones get her powers in the Netflix series?

Jessica Jones reveals her powers for the first time when she was a teenage girl
Jessica Jones reveals her powers for the first time when she was a teenage girl

It develops that Jessica Jones is creating a story where Jessica gets her powers from a much more malevolent and insidious source, and since they are pinning all the blame of the mysterious IGH, we can finally begin to trace out a pattern. It is possible for the show to develop some of the storyline built by the comics, and according to them, the Jones family car was hit by a mysterious truck and the lethal combination of toxic chemicals it carried made Jessica the super-human she is.

Jessica gets some clues about her family's killing in season 2 of Jessica Jones
Jessica gets some clues about her family’s killing in season 2 of Jessica Jones

Now, exactly how did Jessica Jones get her super powers is a topic that is still up to debate, and by the looks of the trailer, we can tell that season 2 will be all about more mysteries and some answers. We’re all hooked on watching all the big reveals that this season has to offer about the origin story on Jessica Jones powers.


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