Happy Birthday Cousin Text Messages and Wishes

Here are lovely happy birthday cousin messages for male and female cousins. Find awesome collection of cousin birthday texts and wish him a lovely birthday.To a special cousin, birthday wishes just for you..


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Cousin Sister Birthday Message
Cousin Brother Birthday Msgs

happy birthday cousin sister messages

Happy Birthday Cousin Female Messages

  1. Best Birthday Cousin, I am so happy I’m related to YOU.. You are definitely a fantastic cousin and I am forever grateful to have you in my life.
    Thank you for being a great friend, a companion to me as well. An may you have really fabulous birthday celebrations.
  2. Happy Birthday My Cousin,
    May all your hopes and dreams come true.
    You’re sincerely a gift us!
    We are glad consistently to have you as our cousin.
    Happy birthday to you and never forget that we’ll always pray for a joyous and prosperous life for you.
  3. My Dear Cousin Sister,
    I hope you have a wonderful birthday celebration and I want you to know that I really love YOU.
  4. Hey cousin, may you have a fun filled birthday celebration and I wish you more birthdays to come.
  5. To my sister cousin, having you in my life is certainly a source of joy and happiness.
    Happy birthday and may all your wishes come true.
  6. My cousin, You are truly a blessing to us!
    We are happy everyday to have you as our cousin.
    Happy birthday and always remember that we love you forever.
  7. So what can I wish for such a special person in my life?
    I wish you lots of happiness, joys, blessings, good health and ever lasting joys in your life, my respected cousin.
  8. Happy Birthday to You My Wonderful Cousin Sis!
    It’s a great day for us to delight up and celebrate together.
    We wish you a bright future to anticipate.
  9. To my dear cousin,
    Every birthday would mark an end of one year and connotes beginning of one more year.
    So commend the endowment of life and chance to be with your loved ones.
  10. Have a blessed and the best birthday cousin sister!
    Since you were conceived, you have been a lovely gift to our family.
    I wish you a longer healthier life.
    Keep up being a gift to everybody.


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Happy Birthday Cousin Messages Male

Happy Birthday Cousin Messages Male

Cousin brothers or male cousins are always our closest confidants, the perfect blend of siblings and friends, someone we can always rely on. Cousins make all our adventures and occasions special with their presence and standing there always for us.

Here are some special happy birthday messages for cousin boy.

  1. Dear Cousin, Blessed is the day that you were born. Today is definitely the time to rejoice and celebrate for another year as it’s added into your life. Have a lovely birthday!
  2. You and me are cousins forever!
    My cousin is very special and loved a whole lot too!
    Because my cousin is YOU,
    because my cousin is wonderful!
    Friends are forever, cousins are for life!
    Happy birthday my dear cousin!
  3. Since you were born, you have been such a blessing to our family.
    I wish that you will live even longer and continue to be a blessing to everyone. You are unquestionably a fantastic cousin of mine.
    Happy birthday to you!
  4. I am perpetually thankful to have you in my life.
    Much obliged to you for being an incredible companion to me and may you have a marvelous birthday celebration.
  5. To My Dear Cousin,
    Remember that each birthday mark an end of one year and signifies a beginning of another year.
    So celebrate the gift of life as well as the opportunity to be with the people you love.
  6. My dear cousin, now on your birthday, I wish you continue to grow wiser.
    I would like to let you know that I am really glad for all the success you have achieved in life.
  7. For you my cousin! Happy birthday to someone who is utterly fabulous!
  8. To my beloved cousin, remember that each and every birthday signifies a new chapter in your life.
    I wish that you continue to do good things and fill this new chapter with more wisdom and great deeds.
  9. A cousin like you is one of the best gifts I have received in my entire life.
    Thank you for being an inspiration.
    May you have a fantastic birthday celebration and may you continue to inspire more people.
  10. So what would I be able to wish for such an exceptional individual in my life?
    I am wishing you bunches of bliss, healthy well being and more accomplishments in your life, my beloved cousin.
  11. Dear cousin, blessed is the day that you were born on.
    Today is definitely the best time to rejoice and celebrate for another year that is added into your life.
  12. My friend, my cousin, I hope you have a wonderful birthday celebration and I want you to know that I really love you!
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We all have cousins. From this uncle’s son to that aunt’s daughter, there are many faces we’ve got in form of cousins. They become much like friends. We meet them, play with them, hang out and partner with them in many activities.

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Happy Birthday Cousin Images Quotes


Every single one of us has cousins that we hold incredibly close to our heart, treating them like our best siblings, far more important than our own siblings. We share every big and little detail of our lives with them. Turning to them when we are troubled, and rejoicing their company when we have a good news to share.

Sometimes we also get into fights that boil over petty little misunderstandings, but on their special day, we dig up all the amazing happy birthday cousin quotes to remind them of how much we love, value and appreciate them.

Throughout our lives, we regard our cousins as our closest relations, much more valued and loved than some of our closest blood relations, and even our dearest of friends. Only those who have amazing cousins can relate to the plight of those who have no cousins. Therefore, on your cousin’s special day, you need to surprise your cousin with special birthday text messages that will delight them beyond belief, and make them realize their true worth.


Happy Birthday Cousin Messages – Your Thoughts

Share your feedback about the collection of cousin brother birthday messages and also about the msgs we presented for cousin sisters.

Needless to say, cousins who love us, care for us and help us through the journey of life are an indeed one of the greatest blessings we have. And on their special day, we must remind them how much we value and adore them with simple little words that would mean the world to them.

If you like them to smile on their special day, send them a happy birthday cousin funny meme and celebrate the day differently.

Use the comments box below to tell us about our message collection.


Some Cousins are Special

Some cousins are very special. They are very close to us and actually they are like our true best friends.
So whenever there is birthday of such a friend, we must wish them saying “happy birthday to my beautiful cousin, and why we won’t?

They too wish us excitedly!

Therefore, when they are the birthday boys or girls, we would wish them and celebrate the way they deserve.
Here we brought some beautiful birthday wishes for cousin male or female; did you pick your favorite from happy birthday cousin messages offered here?

Ok, that’s great!

Now it’s been a long talk, keep your eyes on the clock as it rings 12:00 am and you’d send the text to your cousin 🙂


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