Fathers Day Weekend Trips

Fathers Day Weekend Trips Ideas USA

Explore wonderful Father’s day weekend trip ideas around USA and take your dad to one of these awesome places.


1. Father’s Day Trips California

Looking for Father’s Day weekend trip ideas in California?

Then it will be good to know that the state of California has many things to offer to your loved father:

  • Universal Studios: You can take him to the Universal Studios to show him the unseen sides of movie making.
  • Disneyland: Your father is never too old to visit the Disneyland which is located in the state of California.
  • Knott’s berry farm: You can also pay a visit to the Knott’s berry farm with your father, to experience the goodness of an old-school theme park.
  • Yosemite National Park: If your father is a nature lover, take him to the Yosemite National Park to witness some of the greatest masterpiece of the nature including the Yosemite Falls.


2. Father’s Day Trips NJ

New Jersey is the ideal place for a coastal getaway especially for Father’s Day weekends.

  • Jersey Shore: Isn’t it great to have a nice little sun bath along with your father at the beautiful Jersey shore? It is all possible if you take you father to New Jersey during the father’s day weekend.
  • Liberty State Park: You can also pay a visit to the Liberty State park to witness the amazing Liberty Statue from distance.
  • Passaic River Great Falls: You could also experience the beauty of the Passaic River great falls if you visit the state of New Jersey.


3. Father’s Day Trips Texas

Texas is full of beautiful spots to visit. Texas carries the southern legacy of United States.

You can visit many places to make your father’s day weekend trips meaningful.

  • San Antonio River Walk: The San Antonio River walk is the ideal hangout spot for the elderly people and you can witness the beauty of nature while listening to the rhythm of the cool waters.
  • Padre Island: You can pay a visit to the Padre Island to experience some amazing beach activities along with your father.

These activities include fishing sessions, Jet Ski rides, and sea turtle watching.


4. Father’s Day Weekend Trips in Chicago City

Chicago is among the largest cities within the U.S and it is full of great architectural structures which are built to display the U.S famed bold architectural techniques.

  • The Navy Pier in Chicago Illinois: This tourist location serves the atmosphere of a carnival and your father can have a nice chilled out time in the Navy pier.
  • The Shedd Aquarium: This is an amazing aquarium with great diversity. You would notice the fact that they have managed to display all kinds’ aquatic creatures from around the world.
  • Lake of Michigan: Let your father seek for some independence while enjoying the cold Chicago breeze blowing across the lake of Michigan.


5. Father’s Day Weekend Trip Alaska

Never forget to entertain your father with some amazing fun-filled and thrilling activities. The ideal spot to have a thrilling experience within the U.S is Alaska.

  • Father’s Day Activities in Alaska: You can engage in a lot of thrilling activities along with your father. These activities include skiing, mountain biking, and kayaking. Let him prove that he is fit enough to take up the challenges set by the nature and his own child.
  • The Anchorage Museum: this place is a must visit if you are planning to visit Alaska for the father’s day weekend.


6. Father’s Day Trip Ideas for Kentucky US

Kentucky is a super cool destination to plan a trip for the father’s day weekend. Kentucky is full of amazing sights and sceneries.

  • Mammoth Cave National Park: The iconic Mammoth cave National Park along with the cedar sink and park trails will provide you and your father an unforgettable experience.
  • Churchill Downs: You can also pay a visit to the legendary horse racing track the “Churchill Downs”, which will surely help your father time travel to the good old days.


7. Father’s Day Trip Ohio

Let’s explore Fathers Day weekend trips in Ohio state.

Ohio is a beautiful state surrounded by the Ohio River and the Appalachian mountains.

  • Lake Erie: It is a perfect place to have nice little chat with your father. The Lake Erie is ideal for fishing related activities too.
  • Cedar Point: Make your father feel young, by offering him a roller coaster ride at the Cedar point.
  • Columbus Zoo: You should definitely take your father to the Columbus zoo and aquarium if he is a wildlife freak.

Make every bit of your father’s day weekend count and give him a memorable experience to remember a lifetime.


8. Father’s Day Trips in Virginia

Here are some wonderful ideas for Father’s day weekend trips for Virginia.

  • Virginia Coastline: The state of Virginia boasts of a long beautiful coast line. The coast line is the center of attraction for anyone who is visiting Virginia.
  • The Mount Vernon is a must visit if you are planning to visit Virginia.
  • Virginia is a state which is filled with natural beauty. You could experience the beauty of the state by visiting places like Williamsburg, Richmond, Virginia beach and Norfolk along with your father.


9. Colorado

Here are some awesome Father’s day trip ideas for Colorado state. Colorado is a state with great diverse landscape. It is the best state within the U.S, to witness the different levels of the nature.

  • The Rocky mountain range provides a great view and it will surely drive your father crazy. He will surely want to spend the rest of his life in this beautiful city.
  • The Pikes Peak is the ideal place for adventure. You can do some hiking, mountain climbing and running with your father to wipe away the stress and anxiety.
  • You shouldn’t forget to visit the “Garden of the Gods” which pictures an attractive rock formation.


10. Maryland

Get amazing ideas for Father’s day weekend trips in Maryland state.

  • Chesapeake Bay and The Atlantic Ocean: Maryland is a beautiful state surrounded by the coastlines on the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Let your father enjoy the calmness of the sea breeze to forget all his problems for a moment. It will make him feel good and that is exactly you have to do to make them happy.
  • The National Aquarium in Maryland is a great spot to witness the rarest and the most beautiful aquatic creatures.
  • The B&O Railroad Museum is a great place to witness the revolution of trains and your father will surely like it.


11. Oklahoma Trip Ideas

Oklahoma is a state filled with the beautiful creations of the nature including hills, lakes, forests and plains.

  • Lake Texoma: You can plan your father’s day weekend trip to the Lake Texoma to engage in some fun filled activities along with your father. You can go fishing and marine camping with the experts based around this beautiful lake. It should be noted that Oklahoma is the home to the national cowboy.
  • The Western Heritage Museum displays the pioneer history of the state of Oklahoma.


12. Arizona

Here are the best places to go with your dad in Arizona state:

Arizona is the home state for some of the most beautiful natural creations within the U.S.A.

  • The Grand Canyon is a must visit and it should be noted that Grand Canyon village is ideal for hiking and some other adventurous activities. This state gives the feeling of living in a dessert.
  • Meteor Crater: This could be a once in a lifetime experience for your father and you can make his father’s day weekend extra special by taking him to the Meteor Crater which is a great historical site.


13. Father’s Day Trip South Carolina:

South Carolina is well known for its tropical beaches and the set of Sea Islands filled with rare aquatic creatures. This should surely be included in the bucket list to entertain your father on this special weekend.

  • Riverbanks Zoo: Take him to the riverbanks zoo to witness some of the rarest wild and farm animals in places similar to their natural habitats.
  • The Magnolia Plantations and Gardens is the best spot to witness lush grounds carrying great diversity.


14. Oregon:

Father’s Day trips in Oregon state:

Oregon is a state which sets the platform many fun filled activities. It should be noted that the state of Oregon is very popular for a range of diverse landscape including mountains, beaches, farms and forests.

  • The Cascade Range is the perfect location to witness it all. It provides a perfect view of the mountains and volcanoes.
  • The Washington Park: You can also visit the Washington Park with your father to witness some amazing creatures and plantations.

The state of Oregon never disappoints its visitors. You can surely have a good time there in Oregon with your beloved father.


15. Louisiana

Find some exclusive Father’s day trip ideas for Louisiana state:

The state of Louisiana is located in the Gulf of Mexico. It should be noted that Louisiana is a historically important city for the United States.

  • The National World War II Museum will be a perfect place to visit along with your father. The latest addition to this war museum is the 4-D theater which helps people recalls the memories of the World War II.
  • Aquarium of Americas: You can also visit the aquarium of the Americas to experience the diversity related to gulf marine life.


Our fathers are the backbone of our lives. It is the ultimate duty of the child or children to take care of their father and make them happy whenever possible. United States is a country full of natural wonders and sceneries. Make your father feel special with these amazing father’s day trip ideas around the US.

So, these were the top 15 Father’s Day trip ideas for you guys. Now you could spend some quality time with your father on June 18, 2017 around the US. I’m sure you have found amazing ideas for Father’s day weekend trips. Mark the places to go with your dad and enjoy the upcoming Father’s day in a lush manner.

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