Father’s Day Gifts by Preschoolers

Mug Painting Father's Day Gift

Below are some cool and interesting father’s day gift ideas for pre-schoolers to make.



1.      A card

Fathers Day Cards by Preschoolers to MakeLet’s not forget some traditional gifts as well. Kids this age find it very interesting to make their own card which makes them feel confident and special too. Therefore give your pre schooler that freedom to make the designs what he or she prefers in order to show of their skills specially made for their daddy.



easy father's day gifts booklet

2.      A mini booklet all about Dad

You could help your little one make a cute booklet and allowing him to draw and write few words about Dad and what he likes best about Dad. This will be an unforgettable gift to a father as it is a touchy gift where your little child expresses his or her feelings from their own heart. It will indeed be a very cute gift to cherish for so many years later. The booklet doesn’t have to be of so many pages and accurate grammar and punctuations, a few pages and simple grammar allowing mistakes would be an interesting memory to look up when your child grows older.


bookmarks for daddy by kids

3.      A book mark

A book mark is a very simple but also very useful item which could be used. Therefore helping your pre schoolers to make one of these would be very interesting for him or her. Give your child colourful pens and pencils along with some stickers to decorate it and allow them the freedom to decorate it as to their own wish. Daddy will be able to use the bookmark and keep it as an unforgettable memory.


father's day craft gift ideas

4.      Getting a plain pen holder decorated

Try to get a plain coloured boring pen holder which could be decorated by your pre schoolers for father’s day. Your little one could also write daddy’s name on it and decorate it with sequins and stickers to make it look attractive and cute. A pen holder is something useful for a father as it is indeed a frequently used item.





Letter to Dad on Father's Day

5.      A letter to daddy

A letter from a pre schoolers doesn’t have to be of Shakespeare English. Allow mistakes to happen she when your pre schoolers is writing it by themselves. You could help them a bit with spellings but let it be their own handwriting and let them express anything they actually want to say about their daddy.




fathers day gift ideas for preschoolers to make

6.      A sound clip of a song

Find a small and cute song about Dad and help your pre schoolers to learn a few words or even just the chorus. Make him sing it and record it to make dad listen to it on father’s day. This could be a sweet memory for dad.




Tie Gift for Dad by Preschoolers

7.      A paper tie

You could help your pre schooler to make a paper tie by showing him how to fold it in a step by step method. Doing it with them could be a better way to get things right. Later get your little one to draw daddy and write what he or she wish.




8.      Happy father’s day slash

It may sound a bit odd, but dad’s too like to feel special once in a way. Getting a plain slash and helping your pre schooler to decorate it will be a perfect gift which dads will never forget. He would also be surprised by this gift.




A List of Love for Father

9.      A list of love

Helping a pre schooler to write and draw a list of “why I love my dad” could be a touchy gift for all fathers. Pre schoolers may struggle with spellings but you have to keep in mind that they are get learning. You could help them, but allowing them to enjoy writing is also a process of helping them to learn.




last minute father's day gifts

10.  A paper plate craft

This is a fun and exciting job for any pre schooler as it invoked, cutting, painting, drawing and writing. Giving that freedom to a pre schooler is a way of helping them to be creative. A paper plate craft could be kept as an ornamental gift for dad. Father’s day gift ideas pre school children make would be an unforgettable experience for them.




father's day crafts pinterest

11.  Popsicle stick photo frame

You can introduce the process of pasting to your pre schooler by showing him or her how to connect four sticks and make a square in order to make a photo frame. By including a picture of your little one and dad will be a lovely gift to remember.




father's day card ideas for toddlers

12.  Sea shell craft on a mould

It is very easy to make a dough out of flour or even clay and ask your pre schooler to stick sea shells like a heart shape or even as the letter of DAD. It could be stocked according to any design your child prefers. As this mould would dry after a while it can also be painted or just left as an ornament to present to dad.




homemade father's day gift ideas

13.  T-shirt painting

You could get your pre schooler a plain coloured t-shirt of dad’s size and allow him or her to do a free flow painting on it. Dad’s may feel extra special about it and would also even consider wearing it proudly.




Preschoolers foot print gifts for dad

14.  Foot print

This would be something different. Letting your pre schooler to keep his feet on a clay mould will get him happy and excited too. It would be a treasurable gift for dad.




Abstract Painting in Canvas for Father

15.  Abstract in canvas

An abstract painting of a pre schooler could help him or her to design according to their freedom of expressing love to their dad.




A Poster of Memories for Father and Mother by Preschoolers

16.  A poster of memories

Collecting pictures of your child and dad having an awesome time together and sticking them on a big board all around could be kept as a wall hanger of memories.




homemade father's day gift ideas

17.  Customized golf balls

If dad loves playing golf, getting him a set of golf balls and allowing your pre schooler to paint it the way they wish could be an exciting gift for dad.




Mug Painting Father's Day Gift

18.  Mug painting

Giving your pre schooler a set of paint and brushes along with a plain white mug would be an exciting process of making the perfect father’s day gift. It would be colourful and attractive too.




popsicle stick treasure box for father's day

19.  Treasure box

Making a Popsicle stick mini treasure box will be a gift which dad can use and treasure life long as an unforgettable gift.




Icing on Cake for Dad Gift by Preschoolers

20.  Applying icing on a cake

If you thought of baking a cake for your daddy, give your pre-schooler a chance to make the last touch ups. Tell him to apply icing with a nozzle with sheer love and respect. Dad would be super excited over his or her contribution to complete the cake.




Lego Structure Gifts for Dads

21.  A Lego structure

If your pre schooler has a set of Lego, asking him to build a special structure for daddy could be really exciting for him or her as it would require their creative talents and patience too.




fathers day gift ideas for preschoolers to make

22.  A small piece of music

Teaching your pre schooler to play a small piece for daddy of any song he or she has learnt could be a very heart touching gift. As it was specially learned and prepared for daddy. An organ would be the easiest instrument to teach a pre schooler.




fathers day video clip

23.  A video clip

Preparing a short and cute video clip by asking your pre schooler to speak a few words on why he or she loves daddy so much will be an extraordinary gift for daddy which could be even saved on daddy’s phone.




fathers day gift ideas for preschoolers to make

24.  String art

This would need adult supervision as the board has to be nailed to the shape of the particular design your little one would be about to do. A heart shaped strong art would be a memorable one.




fathers day gift ideas for preschoolers to make at home

25.  Wristlet

Teaching your pre schooler how to insert the beads on to the thread to make a wristlet could be a challenging but exciting task for a pre schooler to make. Dad would love this gift and consider wearing it too.




dream catcher gift for father

26.  A dream catcher

Allowing your pre schooler to make a dream catcher with a paper plate, strings and plastic feathers would be a very interesting process and a gift which dad could hang in his room.




easy father's day crafts

27.  Moulds and shapes with natural clay

Giving a tub of natural clay and paint and allowing a pre schooler to prepare anything he or she would wish to gift daddy will allow freedom of creativity and happiness too. It will be a gift made personally by them.




28.  Designing a flag

Making a flag for father’s day and putting it up outside your home could be a exciting gift from a pre schooler and also make daddy feel extra special. Giving a child to paint and draw daddy on a fairly large cloth would be good enough to make a flag.




29.  Palm print wall hanger

Getting your pre schooler to dip their palms on paint and fit it on a canvas according to a design or shape will be a gift which dad could keep in his room wall.




Paper Pulp Cup Gift for Dad by Preschoolers

30.  Paper pulp cup

Helping a pre-schooler to make paper pulp cups would be interesting. And getting them to paint it once dried would be a colourful gift dad could have. It could be used as a pen holder at dad’s office.


31.  Envelop keeper

Making an envelope keeper with bristle board or any form or of hard board could be fun for your pre schooler. Help him or her to make mini pockets and past in on the hard board and paint it. It will indeed be a useful gift for daddy.


Father’s Day Gift Crafts for Preschoolers:

We all know already the fact the Father’s Day is just around the corner. Many kids are already made aware about it in pre-schools and teachers are preparing them with making cool stuff. But not only limiting your child to make something special for daddy at school, children could also be taught to make something special at home with a little help to surprise their dad’s.

Not many fathers expect anything from their children on this special day of theirs, but after all teaching a child to show a mean of appreciation and love is a duty of a responsible adult.


Homemade Father’s Day Gift Ideas:

Pre-schoolers can make the best gifts for dads. Their love is pure, naughty and cute. So we at UpnNext.com decided to prepare a list of 31 Father’s Day gift ideas for pre-schoolers to make at home and shared it here. Guide your tots to make one of the gifts ideas listed in this article. When their cute hand would hand it over to the dad, what a moment it would be!


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