Father’s Day Fishing Trips

Fathers Day Fishing Trips Ideas

With our list of recommendations for Father’s Day fishing trips, you are able to choose the best option for a fishing excursion that will fit your budget.


  1. Father’s Day Fishing Trip in Maryland

The ideal locale that you can treat your father to this Father’s Day where he gets to indulge in the activities he loves the most. Start the afternoon with succulent steamed crabs whacking them with a mallet while enjoying a few cold ones. Then head out for fishing in the evening where your father can head over to directly to Old Bay in Maryland.


  1. Father’s Day Fishing Montana

If you want to deviate from traditional gifts for dad on Father’s day 2017, you can make it worthwhile during a fishing trip in Montana. Book a cottage like Montana River Lodge and explore the wilderness around it. You can find plenty of budget friendly cottages by the river. Most cottages can accommodate a family, moreover they also provide a relaxing fishing excursion. You can catch a few trout and enjoy having it cooked at the same time.


  1. Fishing Trip in Cape Cod

Book a charter for up to six persons and take your father on a fishing trip he won’t forget. Each trip will amount to US$ 1,495 for a group, which amounts to US$ 250 per person. Speak to a professional at Big Fish Charters who can guide you on the hotspots for fishing for a day out at Stellwagen Bank.

You won’t regret your decision when you indulge in fresh bluefish tuna. These professionals have up to three decades of experience with a consistent success rate that boasts over 25 years.


  1. Father’s Day Fishing Ideas Fort Lauderdale, FL

Explore twenty-three miles of golden sunshine and sand as you venture out into the deep blue-green waters on Father’s Day. Charter a catamaran, and even opt to dive in the best spots to explore the best of marine life. Enjoy the whole day out at Fort Lauderdale and take home wonderful memories of your time together with the dad.


  1. Father’s Day 2017 Fishing in Outer Banks, North Carolina

Take dad on a Father’s day fishing trip and celebrate a day dedicated to your hero, your childhood idol, and your mentor. This fishing expedition would allow you exploring two hundred miles of the coastal region of North Carolina. Charter a fishing trip that you are going to remember for many years to come.

You would then love to celebrate some time off with your father every year on an annual fishing trip to North Carolina. With a simple fifteen-mile board ride, you will have access to some of the best sailfish and white marlin in these seas.


  1. Charleston, South Carolina

Another Father’s Day fishing idea is to head to the Charleston, South Carolina early morning on June 18, 2017.

As the second largest and oldest city, Charleston has its charm and fishing opportunities that are present all year round. Spend the day with father in the harbors weighing your catch of mackerel, sharks, channel bass, and a range of speckled trout. You can even include your children, the third generation to the party, and bond over these times as you celebrate your hero.


  1. Father’s Day Fishing Ideas for Miami, Florida

Miami is strongly influenced by a Latin feel that’s present in every club or restaurant. It’s also the ideal angler’s paradise with a myriad of options. With a strong current, warm water and a diverse marine life, Miami becomes the obvious choice for Fathers day fishing. Miami provides with fish ideal for a quick Father’s Day break perfect for the whole family.


  1. Father’s Day Fishing Trip New Jersey

Dusk Bay fishing in New Jersey will treat you to a variety of fish including snapper blue, sharks, and fluke waiting to be caught. Enjoy this unique experience if you are a resident of New Jersey from 5:00 PM onward.

This experience is just the same during the day, except you will be treated to beautiful seascapes by night. All equipment will be provided on board and you just need to bring your refreshments. You can beat the heat, and enjoy a chilled Father’s day with your Dad with a fishing trip in New Jersey.


  1. Galveston, TX

How about a celebration in Galveston which boasts of thirty miles of pristine sandy beaches? Make Father’s Day extra special with the ideal backdrop for your fishing adventures. Catch Kingfisher, snapper, and other abundant marine life, enjoy it then and there with your beloved dad. If you’re adventurous to venture to the deep sea, you will even be lucky with tuna and grouper.


  1. San Diego, CA

San Diego is known for its beautiful weather, blue skies, and balmy breeze. It’s the perfect combination for a Dad’s day out for him. Let him take a mini-break for a few hours indulging into the things he loves the most. You can treat him for fishing in this laid back city where yellowfin, albacore, and marlin are found ubiquitously.


  1. Father’s Day Fishing Trip Long Island

Book up to four hours of fun and relaxation as you treat your father to a fishing trip of his choice. Fishing Trip in Long Island allow you to catch fish in morning, late afternoon, or later in the night. Either way, dad will be happy to spend time with you. Taking dad to a long relaxation day off from his routine events would be the best treat for him.


  1. Montauk, NY

How about Father’s day fishing ideas in New York?

The best options comes with Montauk.

If your father enjoys a classy venture out to The Hamptons, treat him to an idyllic venture to Montauk, New York. You can also take your Dad to the town’s local cafes or restaurants. And if you like a little more adventure, you can add surfing and kayaking to your list.


  1. Seward, AK

Take a trip to Seward, an old and scenic community. It’s three hours away from the seaside village of Anchorage that includes charming nature walks, galleries, and shops. The rugged terrain of mountains around the bay is ideal for exploring or camping after a day of fishing. If you’re lucky, you could take home a prize salmon or halibut.


  1. Outer Banks, NC

In just a matter of few minutes and a fifteen-mile boat ride, you can visit the Hatteras Island for a marvelous fishing excursion. Catch a large pool of blue marlin, sailfish, and white marlin in your Father’s day fishing trip. Your father would cherish the time he has with you and be doing something he enjoys. Go ahead and book this as the best gift you can give him this Father’s Day 2017.


  1. Panama City Beach, Florida

If you are looking for father’s day fishing ideas head over to the Panama City Beach in Florida that is dubbed as the forgotten coast of Florida. The clear waters are home to a variety of fish and are considered to be an angler’s paradise. If a day is insufficient, you can book your excursion for up to 72 hours. Your father will love this day and the memories he makes with you and possibly your children.


Father’s Day Fishing Charters

Not all heroes wear capes; your father would be your idol and your source of strength. You may want to do something special this year and deviate from the boring restaurant visits and obligatory family-dos. Why not treat him to something that he will love – like fishing and spending time with those whom he loves the most?


Fishing Trip Ideas for Father’s Day

He would appreciate this gesture far more than meaningless gifts. He shall love the thought of showing off his skills around a catamaran and an angler’s hook.

Charter a fishing trip in the USA by consulting the a perfect service provider. There are many who offer fishing trips extended to a few hours or a few days depending on your plans.

You can look up a few options that will suit your budget. The most common trips are offered for nominal rates and can be taken in groups as well. If you are also able to include a few family members, this would be opportune a bit more. Most destinations offer other types of attractions and offerings like shops, guides, nature walks that might be enjoyed by other members of the family.

There are destinations around the USA that you can choose you’re offering and style. For example, if you like something laid back you can choose a city like San Diego or something with contemporary luxury, and The Hamptons will be your choice.


Upcoming Father’s Day 2017 – Sunday, June 18th

Father’s Day is just around the corner and if you’re looking for a grand gesture to honor your hero and your role model. Your dad is your source of strength. Treat him with the best thing you can. Salute your Father with a gift that goes beyond just a price tag.

What’s best is that your old man will be able to catch up some quality time with you. We have provided here with ideas for Father’s day fishing trips around the US. So spend the day with dad as you pore over details of your childhood, relive memories, and make new memories.


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