Father’s Day Brunch Los Angeles

Father's Day Brunch in Los Angeles

Living in Los Angeles? Then never miss the top Father’s Day brunch places in Los Angeles as well as 10 things to do on Fathers Day in LA.


Top 10 Brunch Spots in Los Angeles California


  1. Baltaire

This is an amazing spot to take your dad out for a brunch on this perfect day. The menu available for an unforgettable enjoyment is just there. All dad’s love this spot.


  1. Viviane

Viviane at Avalon hotel in Beverley Street is a great place for you and your father to relax and enjoy the moment while dining in class. The lobster tail is indeed the customer catching dish which cannot be slipped by any customer.


  1. Crossroads

Situated in Melrose Avenue, is a restaurant which cares about the nutritional intake of their customers. So if you want your dad to be in a controlled diet but also make him enjoy the day, crossroads is the best place for it.


  1. Hache LA

Which dad doesn’t love grill. Grilled food is a male thing. And taking your dad out on father’s day to enjoy the best grill in town will be the unforgettable day of the year.


  1. Demitasse

Amuse your dad with a perfect Father’s day brunch within Los Angeles city by taking him to Demitasse. It make him extra happy. This is the ideal place as Demitasse is there to satisfy your sweet tooth in providing you with the best sweet potato pancakes ever.


  1. Sol Cocina

You would probably love to have that Mexican touch once in a way. And enjoying Mexican food on father’s day would be ideal.


  1. The Raymond 1886

At the Raymond, your dad has the opportunity to make his own platter by including his mouth watering ingredients of any kind. This would indeed be a gift for him on father’s day.


  1. The Royce / Woodfired stakehouse

Your dad would indeed feel so special like a king, if you bring him over here for a treat. They include the exact or perfect menu needed for a brunch. Which would include Blood Mary’s, lovely pastries, mimosas and so much more.


  1. L & E oyster bar

Give your dad a treat with freshly prepared oysters specially made for him by an excellent chef who loves keeping his promise by serving customers with best quality food.


  1. The Hungry cat

At Vine Street, you would get The Hungry cat waiting to serve you right. If your dad is a sea food lover, then you should not miss out taking him over here as this place is the best in town.


Father’s Day Los Angeles 2017


10 Things to Do for father’s day in Los Angeles

Father’s day is all about making your father feel proud about himself by making him feel appreciated and special. It is one time of the year apart from his birthday where you could spend quality time making him feel like a king who is the best. Yes, indeed, your dad is the best for you. Showing him how much you appreciate his effort is what father’s day celebration is all about. Below are some awesome things do for father’s day in Los Angeles.


  1. Taking him out for a meal at Los Angeles

Spending some quality time with your dad by taking him out to his favourite restaurant at Los Angeles could be something which would make him really happy as this time, it is you who’s going to pay the bill. Make sure your dad really enjoys his time with you at the restaurant. You can try Mari Los Angeles, Orchid Bar Kitchen, Lakeview Bistro, Tom George and many more.


  1. Out for a movie at Los Angeles

There are surely a lot of interesting movies being screened at the cinemas at Los Angeles such as wonder woman, it comes at night, cars 3, the mummy, guardian of the Galaxy, all eyez on me and many more. Your dad too would be probably be interested in watching a movie which he wanted to. So surprising him by taking him over for a movie could be a cool thing to do on father’s day.


  1. Going fishing at Los Angeles

If your dad loves fishing, spending time in a calm environment fishing with him would be a great way to increase the bond between your dads too. Your father would also feel special that someone is actually joining him on what he loved doing. You can go to Santa Monica, Dockweiler, Alondra Park Los Angeles, LA river etc.


  1. Collecting memories to an album

Pulling out all those memories which you and your dad have enjoyed the best and arranging them to an album with your dad would indeed be a touching moment and also a unique way of spending more time and interest with your dad.


  1. Hold a surprise party at your house

Getting your dad’s friends to come over for a big surprise party at night would be a wonderful father’s day celebration which would be unforgettable.


  1. Help your dad

If you know the type of work your dad surely is in need of help. Then you could offer a helping hand if you are capable of helping him. This would be a big relief and a great support to hear such a thing from you on father’s day.


  1. Travel across Los Angeles city

If there has been any amazing destination your dad craves to visit, why not surprise him by taking him there on father’s day. It would be a fun filled day for your dad to enjoy to the fullest.


  1. Write a song to your dad

If you are the talented musical guy, then why not try to write a song for your dad and have it sung with him on father’s day. Your father would be really proud of your talents.


  1. Prepare a slide show

You surely do have many pictures of you and dad just saved in your phone. Why not prepare a slide show and get your dad to help you with it in order to make the perfect father’s day by wrapping up memory lane.


  1. Cook together and serve him the best dish from your efforts

Prepare the favourite meal for your dad and if he wish to help you, let him join you to make his favourite dish.


Father’s day is just around the corner and you surely should know your plans on that or even start to prepare right now about where you would be taking your dad to celebrate his special day.

Don’t forget that father’s day is all about your dad. So making him the star and making him feel extra special is what your duty is all about. Try to take your dad out for a brunch to a perfect place where he would actually enjoy his day. Make it memorable and emotional.

There are wonderful spots to enjoy Father’s Day brunch in Los Angeles as we have listed the top 10 here. Select the best one and give ana amazing treat to your wonderful daddy. We have also described the top 10 things to do for Father’s Day in Los Angeles CA.


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